Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479 Open The Door

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In mid-September, Remonin shared a piece of good news with Li Du. He had the monetary support from Li Du to bribe the national parliament and cabinet and progressed from just keeping his military region to entering the Ministry of National Defense.

That meant to say that he had officially become an important person in the country. He would have the opportunity to accompany the president or defense minister to visit other countries.

That was the good news that he wanted to tell Li Du. However, it had yet to be confirmed. Now that it was official, he told Li Du all about it.

Besides that, he also sent a video to Li Du. The video featured a mine supervisor whipping a bunch of big-sized gangsters who were groaning under the workload.

The Dripping Blood Gang, who held Santa Monica in their grip for so long, had now fallen apart.

Their big boss was in prison. Then, after the next in line rose up in rank, he was thrown behind bars as well when Li Du found out about the drug production near the haunted house. The two of them were now reunited in prison.

Another bunch of leaders, too, were caught. The rest were now mining in Africa. Without a strong member in the gang, it had fallen apart.

After that issue had been sorted out, Li Du could finally attend auctions in peace again. The most eye-catching California customs warehouse auction in the past two years had officially kicked off…

Hans was now almost fully recovered. Then he made the request to be discharged as soon as possible.

Li Du wanted him to stay in the hospital a bit longer, but Hans wouldn’t hear of it. The hospital was boring, and he wanted to attend that auction together with Li Du.

“I’ve stayed in Los Angeles for a few years and have attended the customs auction twice. Altogether, I made around two hundred grand. I can’t miss this auction. I’ve sworn that I have to make big money from that!” Hans said excitedly.

Li Du asked, “What makes you think that you can make big money this time?”

Hans said, “I’m prepared to follow you and continue to be your partner.”

Li Du could not help but flip his middle finger and say, “Good idea!”

To treasure hunters, that auction was a big event. Anyone who was even slightly important came to attend. The treasure hunters from California, Texas, and Arizona would not miss it for the world.

The auction would take place on the third weekend of September and would last for two days. All the warehouses would be opened in those two days. Everyone could view them for as long as they wanted. Then, they could bid on any of those warehouses within two days. The bidding would continue until the auction ended.

That was the most effective way to handle it. There were more than one thousand warehouses and hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters. If the auction were carried out in the usual method, it would go on for at least a month!

On the morning of the auction, there were cars all around the place. The location of the customs warehouse was a wasteland, and the surrounding area had not been sold or developed. It would, however, probably happen one day.

A few thousand cars had stopped there. Li Du felt shocked as he looked for a parking space. It was as though there was a torrent of steel, and when it stopped, there was an ocean of cars!

Although the parking space was huge, as there were many cars, it was not easy to get a parking spot. At least two people would be vying for every square foot available.

Godzilla did not manage to get a parking spot no matter how hard he tried. After Driver managed to park the Rolls-Royce that Li Du rode in, he said, “I’ll go help him.”

There was still a space for a truck beside them. However, all around, there were other trucks eyeing that spot. The drivers were all trying their best to squeeze in.

Iron Knight really became a knight amongst the trucks. It rushed in with a beautiful oblique insertion, and then the front and rear wheels quickly twisted and the big truck turned as deftly as a small car. After several turns, the vehicle stopped right on the spot.

Seeing that, the treasure hunters in other trucks were furious. A bunch of them stuck their heads out of the window and shouted, “Hey, this is our spot, get out of the way!”

“What’s wrong with you, dude? We were here before you!”

“D*mn it, where is this b*stard from? He acts too cocky!”

Driver pushed open the car door and jumped off nonchalantly. Then, Godzilla and Big Quinn got out as well. After that, the voices around them grew a lot softer.

“Those men from Arizona have an air of prestige,” a voice rang out. Then Wolf King Logan appeared with a bunch of men behind him.

Li Du looked at him and said, “On our way here, I saw some men following us. I thought that they were the police. I didn’t think that it was you. How’s the smell of our car exhaust?”

Logan smiled. “Car exhaust? I didn’t smell anything. Our cars have great insulation.”

When the treasure hunters who came with Li Du saw Logan and the house pickers, they were annoyed. Olly exclaimed, “That son of a b*tch! What are you guys doing here?”

Logan continued to smile and said, “Why can’t we be here? Is this your private territory?”

He glanced at Li Du and continued, “Remember what I said to you before? My area of influence is beyond your expectations. Besides, you can guess what I am doing here today, right?”

Li Du shook his head. “Nope, can’t guess. I’m not a fortune teller.”

Logan looked into his eyes and said, “Then let me tell you. I’m here to take away your loot. In the future, when you see me, don’t even dream about making any money. And those idiots around you can forget about making money too.”

Li Du said, “Alright, we’ll see about that. We have plenty of time to figure out who can or cannot make money.”

A house picker said, “What you should be concerned about right now is not making money, but staying alive. I’ve heard that you were beaten up by some people previously. Someone stabbed you, right? Be careful, this is Los Angeles, not the village you guys are used to.”

Li Du said, “Your information is terribly inaccurate. To house pickers, this might be nothing, but to treasure hunters, that’s a big no-no. You should find out how those who tried to stand in my way ended up before s you open your mouth.”

“We heard about it. Didn’t you just create some rumors to scare them? About hitmen from Eastern Europe? Haha, what a joke. Would you really dare to do that?” Another house picker mocked.

Li Du whistled and waved. A few menacing, foreign-looking men stepped down from a pickup truck. Then they stood silently behind the house pickers. Their faces were expressionless, their eyes sinisterly cold.

The house pickers turned around and suddenly saw the Eastern European bodyguards. Shocked, they took a step back.

Li Du laughed and said, “Whether the rumors were true or not, you guys should check on that more thoroughly. Also, you could try to find out what happened to the gangsters who dared to touch me. See if you guys can find information on them.”

This auction was starting earlier than the previous ones. It began at eight-thirty, the time when civil servants start work. The entrance to the warehouse auction area was opened and the auction officially started.

When the door opened, a fast-moving crowd rushed into the auction zone all at once.

Li Du was amongst the crowd as well, and Logan kept an eye on him while toying with his phone. He had a strange smile on his face.