Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 Needle

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Li Du had been exposed to big events before, but the scene at the auction still made him feel disbelief.

The crowd rushed in like crazy. Every treasure hunter wore a madly enthusiastic expression. It was as though they were not there to attend an auction but to snatch something like a horde of plunderers.

After joining the crowd, Li Du could not help himself. He had to rush forward along with everybody else. Otherwise, he would be knocked down by the people around him. In such a situation, there would not be a serious repercussion from falling to the ground, but there would still be some harm done.

Logan was very crafty. He knew that such a rush would occur, so he had arranged for someone to stay at the door to block Li Du’s way.

As Li Du walked along, someone appeared before him. It was Abel, who had fallen under Li Du’s hand previously.

Abel blocked his way with an evil grin. Li Du moved left but as he did so, Abel moved right, purposely trying to agitate him.

They knew that as part of the warehouse auction trade rules, treasure hunters were not allowed to fight. Once they did, they would be asked to leave immediately.

Abel was not a treasure hunter and had no intention to attend the auction. His goal was to bug Li Du, and it would be even better if he were able to create trouble.

As a result, Li Du was unable to proceed and the people behind him were blocked as well. The treasure hunters had a bad temper. They had been excitedly anticipating the opportunity to get in earlier to find some good stuff. Hence, they felt very anxious. Once they were unhappy, they started shouting, “F*ck, get out of the way!”

Li Du could not swallow this. He looked at Abel and said, “Get out of the way!”

Abel shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t you have a lot of bodyguards and underlings? Get them to deal with me, come on. Otherwise, tough luck. I have a lot of time to play with you.”

Dickens and the rest who were behind him were furious. “We will make him get lost!”

Li Du had no time to waste there and no wish for his men to get in trouble. He said coldly, “No need.”

With Time Deceleration, he pulled out a needle from the Black Hole and quickly dug it into Abel’s arm, injecting him with a certain substance.

Abel’s vision went blurry as he felt a piercing pain in his arm.

As his eyes widened in shock, he said, “What are you doing?”

He did not expect this. When they drew up their plan, they presumed that they would infuriate Li Du, and that was their motive. They had thought that Li Du would get his men to take action, and maybe do some rash things himself. Otherwise, he might lodge a complaint. However, none of them had expected that Li Du would poke a needle into a person!

Under normal circumstances, who would bring a syringe around everywhere he went?

Li Du apparently did. Ever since he had acquired snake venom, he would bring along a syringe of anti-toxic serum. The purpose was to inject the serum in time to save people after engaging in self-defense with snake venom.

The syringe he had just used contained anti-toxic serum. The substance was not dangerous to normal people, but it was good for scaring bullies.

Abel was frightened. He looked at the spot of blood on his arm and screamed, “What are you doing? F*ck, you son of a b*tch, what do you have in your hand?”

Li Du looked at him with an evil smile and pressed on the syringe again. The substance squirted out from the hollow needle. He said, “Want a guess?”

Abel pointed at him and shouted, “Security, security, call the cops! There are terrorists here!”

The two men had stopped there, blocking the people behind them. That had already caught the attention of security.

Even if Abel had not said anything, there were already security officers walking over. With a frown, one of the guards pulled them aside and asked, “What’s going on, gents?”

Abel said in fear, “He gave me an injection with a needle. Look here, look here, he injected something into my body! God, this son of a b*tch, hurry, get me an ambulance…”

The security officer looked at Li Du, who opened his arms with an innocent expression. Li Du said, “That’s slander, sir! Who would bring a syringe with them? I’m here to join the auction, not to push drugs.”

Abel pointed at him and shouted, “Don’t deny it, China dude! You know you did it! Hurry, call the ambulance, hurry, I need to go for a check-up. You son of a b*tch, what was inside that needle?”

Li Du ignored him and said to the security officer, “I’m a member of the Million Dollar Club in Arizona. I’m here to work. This man is starting something out of nothing, with a motive to stop me from joining the auction.”

The security officer stared at them, looking troubled. He felt that he did not have the ability to handle the case. Besides, he was only an ordinary guard. He was good at maintaining order but unable to make a judgment in such situations.

Hence, he said, “You gentlemen work it out among yourselves. I suggest that you guys call the cops, I can’t do anything.”

Saying that, he turned around gallantly and walked off. Li Du smiled at Abel and waved. “Have a nice ride to the hospital. Or maybe you prefer to go to the cops. My lawyer will be waiting for them.”

Abel wanted to stop him, but Brother Wolf came forward and pushed him away. Abel involuntarily made some steps away from them.

That caused Abel to become fearful, anxious and angry. Looking at the spot of blood on his arm, he was on the verge of crying. He did not know what to do and could only shout at Li Du, “What did you inject into me? Tell me!”

Without turning around, Li Du waved and said, “Didn’t you say you have a lot of time to bug me? Save that time and go to the hospital for a full body checkup.”

He had expected that Abel would eventually call the cops. However, he was unafraid. Abel did not have any evidence and it was hard to say if the police would even take up the case. Even if they did, Li Du had lawyers to deal with the police. It would not have an impact on him.

After entering the auction grounds, Li Du rounded up the treasure hunters and started to look around the warehouses.

This time around, he tried to stay low profile. He wore a cap and shades. Other than the Flagstaff treasure hunters who knew him well, there were only a few who could recognize him. That definitely saved him some hassle.

If it were not for that, the many treasure hunters from Arizona who were attending the auction would certainly follow behind Li Du and that would make it difficult for him to develop a plan.

There were many people and many warehouses. The territory of the entire place was huge. As the treasure hunters went their ways, other than some popular warehouses, most of the warehouses did not have a huge crowd milling in front of them. Everyone was able to view their chosen warehouses in peace.

Li Du tried to get a good look at the warehouses himself. This morning, he decided to do nothing but observe carefully. He would discuss his conclusions with Hans and the rest as he made them.

With the little bug, he managed to display his so-called shocking ‘observation skills’. As long as he set his eyes on a warehouse, he would be able to notice something other people could not.

Hence, the treasure hunters admired him even more.

Taking the opportunity of a brief respite while they had drinks, Hans suddenly said, “This is not your style. Why did you tell them everything you saw? Didn’t you enjoy giving everyone a surprise only after you managed to take down a warehouse?”

Li Du smiled. “You’re still the one who understands me best.”

Seeing his smile, Hans said softly, “What’s going on? Is someone spying on us? Who’s going to be in bad luck?”

Hearing that, Li Du could not help but smile again. “Sh*t, Big Fox, why did you stay in Riverdale Town for so long? You are my best partner!”

Hans was on point. He had managed to guess Li Du’s intentions by observing his actions and expressions. Hans was really his favorite person to work with.