Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 151

Chapter 151: An Album

"Have you met my dad before?" Sophie asked in surprise.

Li Du tried very hard to think about it. "I really feel like hes familiar, but I have no memory at all. What does he mean that we have been together for a long time?"

Sophie frowned in annoyance. "God bless, why is he talking nonsense today?"

The little old man was very energetic. He ran into the kitchen and smiled at the two of them. His eyes curved into crescent moon-like shape, emanating an unspeakable, strange feeling.

Looking into his eyes, Li Du suddenly realized why he felt so familiar!

On the second day after the bugs entered the brain of Ah Meow, he went to the city park to look for stray cats and dogs, intending to carry out an experiment. In the end, he saw Sophie was feeding the animals.

Later, when he was about to leave, he had almost fainted after using up too much energy because of the bug. This little man had helped and ridiculed him.

Mr. Martin looked at him and smiled. "Youve finally thought of it. You have a good memory."

Mr. Li was speechless now.

The dishes were cooked. Soon enough, the table was full of food. Finally, the scallop tofu soup was placed at the center of the table, and all the dishes were there.

Mr. Martin gave Li Du a thumbs-up. He smiled with his eyes. "You are really talented. Seeing all this Chinese food gives people like me an appetite. I like Chinese food. Chinese food is very healthy!"

Lisa Martin nodded in agreement. "Yes, we want to eat more Chinese food in the future. The flavor of Chinese food is quite unique. Unfortunately, there are only a few Chinese restaurants in Flagstaff."

Li Du said unconsciously, "Mrs. Martin, if you like it, I can come and cook for you in the future. I have a lot of free time."

After saying these words, he regretted speaking without due consideration.

But Mrs. Martin felt satisfied and smiled. She said, "Our kitchen is always open for you. You are such a good young man."

Li Du smiled bitterly. He could not understand the current situation. Was this an appointment? Two elders who had hand-picked him as their son-in-law?

Sophie separated the chopsticks and said, "Stop chatting; lets eat. These are chopsticks. Do you guys know how to use them?"

Mrs. Martin laughed again. "You are really attentive to detail. Of course, I know how to use them; I have before. Jenny, and her husband from our church, are Chinese."

The two of them were really good at using chopsticks. On the contrary, Sophie didnt know how to use them. Li Du prepared some forks and knives for her; they could be used on all the dishes.

Mr. Martin laughed and said nothing. He used chopsticks to grab food for Mrs. Martin. Both of them showed affection in front of Sophie and Li. Sophie ignored them and she fed Ah Meow a piece of salmon. Ah Meow enjoyed it with delight.

Later, they started to talk about some daily topics. Mr. Martin began to ask Li Du about his job.

Li Du told him about the storage auction work. He also told them about some of the interesting encounters during his work.

Mrs. Martin listened attentively. Both of them put down their chopsticks when he spoke. From this, Li Du understood that they were well-behaved, educated people.

After a while, Mr. Martin said, "I remember that the child of the Fox family is in the same business too, right? The child who wrote a blood letter and pretended that he was using his own blood when, in fact, it was the blood of pigeon."

Li Du was surprised at first. D*mn, was he referring to Hans?

Sophie answered his question, "Hans Fox is Li's partner. They work well together."

Mr. Martin gasped for air, and looked strange after hearing this.

Li Du reacted quickly. He suddenly understood why Mr. Martin looked strange. As there was a saying that "birds of a feather flock together," the elders must have been thinking that he was a playboy as well as Hans!

This moment, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness, as Hans was his brother and Sophie was his girlfriend. It was difficult to make a choice.

Sophie spoke before him. "In character, Li and Hans are totally different. I know him because of Ah Meow. At that time, Ah Meow was a stray cat. It suffered a near-fatal trauma, and Li spent 2,000 dollars to save it"

Beginning with Ah Meow, she told them things she knew about Li Du.

Not only the volunteering for the welfare house, but she also mentioned the charity auctions, his rescue of her in Bones Community, and the mud monkey he took for her during the charity party. She even told them how he helped solve the traffic jam problem and how he saved a life.

Li Du was embarrassed. Sophie gave a face to him by highly praising his morality and his character.

After Sophie finished her speech, Mr. Martin said immediately, "What happened in Bones Community? Why dont we know about it? "

Sophie stuck out her tongue and said cautiously, "Oh, I was afraid to make both of you worry. Im alright. I was saved by Li."

Mrs. Martin made the sign of the cross on her chest. Then she pulled her daughter into her arms and said: "May God bless you and keep you safe. In the future, whenever you go to Bones Community for a charity event, you must take good care and protect yourself. "

"You must go with Li," Mr. Martin added. "I can see that he is a reliable person."

After Sophie put in a good word for him, the elders had a good impression of Li Du.

Both the guests and the hosts were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Mr. Martin drove Li Du back to his apartment with his old Chevrolet after he realized that he had not driven to Sophies.

The next day, they need to handle all the books they had acquired from the auction.

There were mainly novels; Li Du thought the second-hand books were valuable.

He asked Godzilla to put all the second-hand books together, and then he identified their value. Hans was in charge of the new books; he would classify them and then try his best to sell everything off.

Hans gave Li Du a laptop and said, "The Internet may help you a lot, dude. Judging the value of the old books will be a difficult task."

However, it was not a difficult task for Li Du. He put these books in good order and released the little bug. Then, the bug searched for the valuable books.

Relatively speaking, the older the book, the greater the value of the book.

As expected, the bug did not let him down and quickly flew toward the books located in front of him.

However, it stopped on a photo album, not a book.

Li Du retrieved the bug and took away the album from the stack. Then, he tried to release it again. The bug had no interest in the rest of the books. It flew lazily in the sky and it flew back to his hand again.

He was very interested in this album. The album was thick, as big as the thirty-two-mo size. He opened the album to see some photos of desert landscapes.

The first half of the photos were mainly cacti, gravel, and dry river beds. The rests were sphinxes, pyramids, and various ruined buildings.

When he saw thede, he knew that the photos captured the Egyptian scenery. The photos were black and white with a yellowish tone to them. The material was soft and they were totally different from modern printed photos.

Li Du never studied photography, but he knew that these photos were old, absolutely not contemporary!

There was a total of 65 photos after he counted. He closed the album and shouted, "Big Fox, come over! I think Ive found something interesting."