Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Under The Great Honor

Hans could not speak a word, it was too hot. He pointed at the rice wine and nodded his head desperately.

Li Du was not in a rush; he grinned and put some ice into the glass that was just washed. Then, he carried the wine bottle over and poured the rice soup-like wine into it.

It had been filtered by gauze, so the rice wine wasnt thick. While pouring it into the glass cup, it flowed down the cup wall; as smooth as silk, as clear as crystal.

He first poured a glass of rice wine for Bedes and Nicole, the siblings. Bedes lifted the glass and shook it slightly. Cracking sounds were made when the ice hit the glass. He looked just like a sommelier.

When it came to Hans, he took a long swig from his glass of rice wine. He burped. "How awesome is that!"

"Cant you savor the rice wine?" Li Du smiled.

Hans spread his hands, "Bro, I was too thirsty. I have been out searching for a whole day. Luckily I didnt die from dehydration in this dessert. I am blessed by my parents in Heaven. "

He slowed down after drinking three glasses in a row.

Nicole looked like a tomboy but she drank like a lady, sipping and thinking.

Li Du poured a glass for himself and passed the bottle to Godzilla.

The bulky Mexican man scratched his head, embarrassed. He took the bottle drank contents down.

Li Du sipped his wine; it tasted sweet and sour. The aroma was a little spicy, but the texture was good. It looked as smooth as silk, and drank smooth as silk as well.

"This kind of wine can be served as a beverage, but cannot be mixed as cocktails," Nicole replied after two glasses. There was a big bottle of rice wine in the fridge.

Li Du replied, "Yes, it can only be served as beverages. So how does it taste?"

Hans said, "Hoo! Buddies, I am feeling good! I cant live without this stuff anymore. You should continue making this wine; I will be your regular customer."

At dusk, even with the setting sun, it was still hot outside. What an enjoyment it was to drink sweet, chilled rice wine at that moment.

After enjoying more wine, Hans told them the information they inquired about.

"A numbers of storage units will be sold in an auction tomorrow at the Phoenix Bureau of Land Management. Rick met up with some officials today, so he might have gotten insider news. He will surely participate tomorrow."

"Bureau of Land Management? Isnt that a government department?"

"It is a government department, indeed. It provides information about land and tourism for the State Forestry Administration, the National Forest Administration, the Ministry of Land And Resources, and so on.

"These departments always find something lost or thrown away by tourists. Then, they will keep them in official storage. This time, the official storage is the one being auctioned."

The Bureau of Land Management had an official storage area. But, this kind of storage was known as garbage storage, as it was used to store garbage.

The storage was actually used to keep the lost property that hadnt been found by the owners, kind of a lost and found. The treasure hunters would fight over these lost items aggressively at every storage auction.

After learning this, Bureau of Land Management started to throw garbage into the unitswhich was very inconsiderateand let the treasure hunters bid for them and clean them out.

After knowing this information, Li Du went to this storage facility early the following morning. But, it was too late, they couldnt investigate the situation.

He was getting better at controlling the bug. He could control the buy for a long time as long as he didnt use the ability of time absorption.

The storage facility owned by the Bureau of Land Management was located in a suburban, desert region of Phoenix. There was no other building in sight besides the crudely made storage facility.

Looking at the huge storage facility, Li Du was astonished. "State storages are classy!"

The common storage units they got involved with were small-sized and mini-sized ones. Here, the units were very large: easily 300-square-feet.

"How does such a small storage unit store so much garbage?" Hans asked scornfully.

As the Bureau of Land Management was notorious, the number of treasure hunters who participated in this auction was large. There were a few people under the burning sun already, and more than ten trucks stopped at the roadside.

Early in the morning, it was burning hot, and there was no place for them to fine shade. Li Du and his friends had to sit in the Iron Knight.

He went to storage units to check them out with the bug.

In the first two units he explored he could only see some piles of garbage. With the hot weather, and the depressing result, he went back to the car.

But the car was like a sauna room; the air-conditioner had to be switched on.

"D*mmit! Is Phoenix going to explode? I feel like Im in a volcano." Once the door of the car was opened, they came out and started to complain. It was nine oclock, the auction would start soon.

"Roy, if I get nothing this time, I will give you hell. It wastes tons of gasoline leaving the air-conditioner on. "

"D*mmit, me too. I have a bad feeling."

"Shut up! Look who it is! Father and son Dog Ears. There must be something valuable.They have insider information! "

"Look over there! Here comes the Chinese Li and Big Fox. There must be something worthy."

After seeing Hans and Li Du, Rick stood stunned for awhile and sneered, "Thats why I cant sleep well recentlyIve been spied on by these two dogs."

Lil Rick walked arrogantly toward them, pointed at them. "What does it feel like following behind us?"

Godzilla jumped from the car and walked toward them gloomily.

Seeing this, Lil Rick freaked out. He remembered the day he was pointed at with a machine gun by this bulky guy. He swallowed his words, running away with his tail between his legs.

"Why did you get down from the car as well?" Li Du asked.

"Too hot," Godzilla panted.

"Today is freaking hotlets straight to the point," The old auctioneer shouted. "There are 12 big storage units in total, with a starting price of 100 dollars. Wish you luck!" The old auctioneer shouted, taking a piece of paper out.

The weather was indeed hot. The Father and Son of Dog Ears knew nothing was valuable enough; they didnt even bother to participate in the auction.

The first storage unit was opened, but Li Du had already seen it. There was mostly garbage; things that could be worth a little money included t-shirts, tents, picnic clothes, and so on. But still, those didnt make much money.

Rick glimpsed both of them. He knew what Li Du was thinking. Thus, he started to bid during the first storage unit.

Li Du roughly estimated the value of the storage. Although there was mostly garbage, after sorting it out, they could make about 1,000 dollars.

"Five hundred dollars." Rick raised his hand after hearing his bid.

Rick and Li Du were the biggest names among the treasure hunters. When they started to bid, it raised the interest of others.

"Five hundred fifty dollars!"

"Six hundred dollars!"

"Eight hundred dollars!"

"Dont expect to get something from here, because I will be here." Li Du took the cigarette butt from Hans and walked toward them. Rick shook his head angrily.

"Fu*k!" Lil Rick cursed.

Once he opened his mouth, Li Du immediately used his time deceleration ability; he quickly threw the cigarette butt.

Bulls eye! The cigarette butt successfully landed in Lil Rick mouth.