Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 160

Chapter 160: I Was Egotistical

Godzilla was a good subordinate and hatchet man.

A good hatchet man was good at hitting, but also good at observing. He had to know how to do the right thing at the right time.

Li Du didnt smoke, but he took away the cigarette end from Hans. He followed the Father and Son of Dog Ears.

The flaming cigarette butt landed in his mouth. Lil Rick was shocked; he spat the cigarette out, but his lips were burnt, and he moaned in pain.

Lil Rick had brought some people to act as his muscle, but, no one saw that it was Li Du who threw the cigarette. They could guess what was going on. Without evidence, however, they could not raise their hands to hit him.

Of course, the main reason was the tower-like, bulky man standing behind Li Du.

Dog Ears Rick was not afraid of Godzilla. He was furious when he saw that his son was being bullied. "You are playing with fire!" He grabbed his collar and snapped at him.

Godzilla pushed him away effortlessly with a fist as if he were swatting a fly.

"Think twice before you raise your hands. Have you seen a fist as big as a casserole? Could you fight against it?" Li Du pointed at Godzillas clenched fist.

Lil Rick spat the ashes from his mouth. He looked at his father aggrievedly. Unfortunately, his father didnt fight with Li Du, he just lashed out. "You are dead meat."

"Watch your words. This time you were fed a cigarette buttnext time it could be something else." Li Du pointed at Lil Rick. He didnt give a d*mn.

Filled with rage, Lil Rick glared and was about to say something.

"I bet, once you open your mouth, I could throw something into it," Li Du raised his hand and said. "You are mentally deficient with your speed and response; you couldnt dodge it."

Lil Rick was outraged. But it was true that he probably wouldnt be able to dodge whatever Li Du threw out himhe had to reluctantly admit it to himself.

Thus, he could only glare at Li Du maliciously.

The bidding ended. The first storage unit was sold at the price of 850 dollars.

With a long face, Rick walked towards the auctioneer and whispered in his ears. Obviously, he told Li Du off.

"I didnt mean to be bossy in such hot weather," Rick shouted when they came to the second unit, staring at Godzilla. "So, all of you, please fricken behave yourselves. I bet you wont ever again get to attend a storage auction put on by the Bureau of Land Management."

Li Du was well-behaved, and he queued quietly; he had no time to argue with Rick. He released the bug to explore inside the unit.

All of the units were stuffed with garbage. It was hard to determine the valuable things by looking from the outside; the treasure hunters could only depend on luck.

In this circumstance, the bug was becoming stronger than ever. It could get the whole picture of the units.

But, he did not have much time. He could only roughly see what was inside the units. He couldnt search them one-by-one.

The first unit had mostly clothes and tents. There were many pots and pans, a couple abandoned stoves, and other such items.

These second-hand goods sold well in the USA. After checking online, he estimated all the goods were worth about 4,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Rick was waiting outside the storage unit. When the auction started, he didnt bid, but observed everyones reactions.

The price grew slowly, stopping at 500 dollars.

Rick signaled to a subordinate, and he shouted, "Six hundred dollars!"

Li Du didnt know Ricks information about unit 2. But, he couldnt let Rick take away the storage with such a low price.

"One thousand dollars!" he shouted, raising his hand.

"One thousand one hundred" Rick said cooly; he knew that he was on Li Dus radar. Lils Rick glared at Li Du fiercely. Rick was not as straightforward as his son; he didnt look at Li Du at all.

"Two thousand dollars!" Li Du looked at him and raised the bid almost jokingly.

The treasure hunters around were surprised:

"These guys are rich! Two thousand dollars for this crap?"

"I guess he might have seen something! Hes impressive!"

"Oh! Saw God I guess? Just forget about it. This is the fight between treasure hunters of Flagstaff. He is stopping Dog Ears from getting it."

"Two thousand one hundred!" He said calmly, although he looked gloomier.

"Three thousand dollars!" Li Du said vigorously.

Seeing this, the auctioneer was happy. He sized them up with an indescribable smile.

When the price reached 3,000 dollars, Rick took a deep breath and shook his head.

"Dad, get it for me!" Lil Rick said a bit reluctantly.

"Get lost if you cant afford to bid! Dont waste our time!" Hans said.

Rick steadily walked toward the next unit with a straight face.

This unit was won by Li Du. It couldnt make much money with items worth 3,000 dollars, but this would make Rick gain nothing. This was much more important than making some money.

In the third storage unit, besides the trash, there were many bikes. Some were rusty after the wind and rain, and some were quite new.

Li Du checked the brands of the bikes: Colnago from Italy, Tyrell from Germany, Look from France, and more.

These brands might not have been familiar but, in fact, they were the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the bicycle industry; the luxury products.

He used the bug to roughly count the bicycles. There were over 100 of them in the unit; it was like a bicycle parking lot in a garbage bag.

Some tires and handles were exposed. He explored for a while, without attracting the attention of treasure hunters.

The values of bicycles that were often abandoned in national parks were not high; if there were only one or two in the unit, it wouldnt be worth it.

But, there were over 100 bicycles, and Li Du remembered something: The Bureau of Land Management sorted all the lost property and garbage.

He remembered there were clothing products in the first unit. The second storage unit mostly contained pots and pans. This storage contained all the bicycles in the entire auction.

"One thousand dollars," Rick said cooly without looking at Li Du. The treasure hunters were queuing to look at the goods. The auction started, and Rick bid first.

Almost all the treasure hunters were shocked by this figure. They were unwilling to risk a figure with four digits.

"Two thousand dollars!" Li Du smiled and raised his hand.

"Two thousand one hundred!" Rick said.

"Five thousand!" Li Du glared at him.

"Five thousand one hundred," Rick took a deep breath and said peacefully.

"Ten thousand!" Li Du whistled.

At the scene, the treasure hunters breathed in awe. Ten thousand dollars was considered a big figure in an auction by the Bureau of Land Management.

Rick looked at him coldly and gave up on the unit.

"Hey, buddy, I told you: you will gain nothing today, not while Im here!" Li Du was ecstatic on his high horse.

He spoke erratically but, in fact, he carefully sent the bug into the fourth storage unit, thinking carefully and calm on the inside.

Once the bug flew inside, it went straight to one of the garbage bags. Something inside was attracting it!