Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Lets Spoil The Game II

"Buddy, look, we already have three storage units. D*mn, so much trash, our truck cant carry it all!" Hans lamented, and proceeded to lock up the fourth storage unit. He was actually more concerned with Li.

"Dont worry, I know you can solve the problem." Li followed behind.

Hans shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, I do have my way to handle thatbut you need to tell me that you wanted these units because they are worth it, and not purely just to pick a fight with that Dog Ears Rick!"

Now that Li Du secured the unit with the precious watch, he had a relaxed smile on his face. "Ill show you a big surprise later are you done? Lets go back to the auction!"

The fifth storage unit had no value; half of it was filled with books, magazines, and newspapers, which were picked up from places like the national park.

Hence, the fifth storage unit paled in comparison with the previous units. Not to mention that it would require much strength to move them all out as well; paper is heavy when in huge amounts.

Rick did not make a bid this time. But Lil Rick glared at Li Du and said, "One thousand dollars!"

Li Du acted like an aggressive pit bull that flew off the handle. "Two thousand dollars!"

The crowd of treasure hunters was disgruntled:

"Sh*t, not even scraps for us?"

"D*mn, are we just here to a watch a free show or what?"

"Free? Its not free: the petroleum, and our precious time have all gone to waste!"

Some treasure hunters concluded that the bidding battle between Li and Rick would most likely continue, so they decided to leave. There was no point watching them fight under such hot, burning weather.

Lil Rick had a frivolous smile and said, "Ten thousand dollars!"

Li Du had behaved like a dog who had found a bone when he refused to let go of the previous storage units, Lil Rick concluded that he should teach him a lesson by making him pay a high price for the garbage storage unit.

Rick felt his heart missed a beat when he heard his sons bid. He furrowed his eyebrows.

Lil Rick noticed, and explained softly, "Dont worry DadI know this Chinese monkeys character. Hes just like a bull that charges when it sees red! Ill get back at him!"

But, there was no other bid.

Ricks expression darkened, while Lil Rick was flabbergasted, and he felt a chill go down his spine.

Hans gave Li Du a shove. "Come on buddy, dont bid anymore, give it a rest, okay?"

Li Du still seemed angry, and like he wanted to bid, but Hans kept stopping him.

Lil Rick watched with anxiety as the duo pulled and shoved each other, he muttered softly, "D*mn, quick, place your bid, place your bid!"

The auctioneer was also staring intently at Li Du, but he had to follow the protocol. "Ten thousand, ten thousand, now the bid is ten thousand dollars, ten thousand and one hundred dollars anyone?"

The treasure hunters shook their heads and began to move further back, for they feared that if they had accidentally raised their hand, they would need to fork out more than ten thousand dollars for a trash unit.

"Ten thousand dollars once, ten thousand " the auctioneer prattled on.

"Okay, this unit is now yours at ten thousand dollars, young lad!"

Lil Rick was aghast; he went pale, looked at Rick and spoke weakly, "Why didnt he bid?"

Rick walked away with a gloomy expression and did not bother with Lil Rick.

Li Du held up his middle finger and shouted, "Count yourself lucky that you managed to get a unit, next time... next time you wont get any units!" Hans was pulling Li Du away.

Lil Rick felt like he was going to black out when he heard Li Dus words.

Li Du released the little bug to survey the sixth storage unit. Through the little bug, he saw a huge collection of various electronic devices in cardboard boxes.

There were mobile phones, notebook computers, iPad, iPod, mp3 players, sound speakers, flashlights, broken video camcorders, ear pieces, batteries etc.

Determining the value of these items was not an easy task. The little bug did not have the ability to switch on the items to check if they were still in working condition. Even if it had that ability, there was no power supply either.

The value of the items was only good provided that they could be used again. Otherwise, they were electronic waste.

Disposing of large amounts of electronic devices was a hassle in The States. They could only be disposed at professional electronic waste disposal stations, or recycling centers, and that meant some extra expenditure.

The treasure hunters could only stand at the entrance to inspect the unit. Most of the electronic devices were kept inside cardboard boxes. Although a few were exposed, the treasure hunters might not have been able to catch sight of them either.

Li Du had originally wanted to recall the little bug after he had surveyed the unit. But when he saw Rick in the queue for inspection of the sixth unit, he decided to use the little bug for some espionage work.

And so the little bug flew toward Rick and landed on his ear.

From that angle, Li Du could practically see what Rick was looking at. When it was Ricks turn, Li Du saw Rick shine his flashlight directly on the boxes of electronic devices. Li Du appeared to realize something.

With that, he ended the little bugs espionage mission.

The auction for the sixth unit started, and this time, Lil Rick stayed quiet.

Rick made the first bid, shouting, "Five hundred dollars!"

Li Du kept quiet as well. "Once bitten twice shy," the saying wentthe same tactic would not work twice because both father and son were now cautious.

The other treasure hunters seemed interested in this unit as well:

"Six hundred!"

"Six hundred fifty!"

"Seven hundred dollars!"

The other treasure hunters were glad when they saw that Li Du stayed silent. They made their bids as they did not want to go back empty-handed.

Very soon, the price hit 1,000 dollars.

The bidding atmosphere, once again, cooled down when the price hit four digits.

Rick made his bid, "One thousand five hundred dollars."

Li Du did not want to take a risk for this unit, but he didnt want to see Rick getting his hands on this unit that easily either. Tit-for-tat, since the father and son had ruined his and Hanss chance of entering the Hundred Thousand Club, he would ruin their chance of making money.

Li Du was reminded of the time he came to Phoenix for a storage auction, and what Lucas had done. He also recalled what he had done to that mustached Carl as well. He immediately had an idea.

He coughed and said, "Big Fox, come look at this, theres a lot of electronics in this unit."

Hans responded coolly, "Theres just a few outside."

Li Du nodded, "Yes, but according to the information we got, the items in the storage units are organized according to their type."

Rick turned to look at the duo furiously.

Li Du made no heed of Rick and continued, "The first unit contained clothing, tents and other items made of fabric. The second unit, we saw lots of pots and pans. The third unit was full of bicycles. And if this unit contains electronic products, that means the whole unit is full of electronic devices!"

As the treasure hunters were crowded together to bid on the unit, Li Du did not need to raise his voice too much to make sure all of them heard what he said.

Hans knew that they had never gotten such information. But he trusted Lis instincts and played along. Nodding his head, he said, "Youre right, buddy."

"D*mn, our truck is full. Otherwise I would definitely get my hands on this one!" Li Du expressed his feelings of regret.

The treasure hunters crowded around the entrance of the unit once more. Li Dus truck might have been full, but their trucks were still empty!