Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Come In and See

Everything went smoothly.

Li Du went to the motel. First, he talked with the owner. After letting him see the message Lin Ping had sent, Li Du asked the owner to monitor him, then went to get the documents.

The owner was an easy person to talk to. After accompanying Li Du to take the documents, he also cursed at the Immigration authorities: "Those idiots, they only know how to waste taxpayers money!"

Then, he hailed a cab and rushed to Comanche Casino.

This casino was quite famous in Flagstaff. It was the only Native American casino. There were frequent customers, and many conflicts as well; it was not a good place.

From the name of the casino, Li Du could somewhat guess what kind of person the owner was.

War fanatics would probably know of the Comanche helicopter of the US Army. In fact, the name "Comanche" was the name of a Native American tribe.

This tribe was well-known throughout early American history; they had the best horse-riders of all the Native American tribes, resided in the eastern plains of Los Angeles, and were versed in the art of combat.

Li Du had seen a documentary film introducing the Native American tribes. Comanche was like a star amongst them. They had once chased out the Apache, who were just as valiant as them, out of the southern plains. They also caused many troubles for the early colonists from Texas.

To sum it up, the Comanches were tied to violence and fighting. The owner and backbone of this casino were said to be from the Comanche tribe, which seemed possible.

Upon reaching the casino, a few large, Native American men were standing at the entrance, having a cigarette while chatting. From their hair and clothes, one could tell that these people were earning a decent income.

When Columbus landed on the American continent, the Native Americans unique lifestyles and cultures were heavily impacted by the white colonists.

According to history, the European immigrants had once caused heavy casualties to the Native Americans, decimating the population of the tribes.

Perhaps out of guilt due to the cruel actions toward Native American ancestors, in the modern age the American federal government began compensating the Native Americans. These openly-built casinos were also part of the compensation: Somewhere between the 70s and the 80s, the Supreme Court of the United States made the decision to allow Native Americans to have their own casinos in reserved areas.

Afterwards, the federal government also gave the Native American tribes tax relief, which made the casino business for the Native American tribes develop rapidly, eventually becoming a shortcut to wealth for them.

America had 562 Native American tribes recognized by the federal government. Most of them were spread out in a few states out west, such as California, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

Right outside the casino, Li Du called Lin Ping on the phone. Soon, a skinny youth walked outhis old friend Lin Ping.

Seeing Li Du, Lin Ping fervently waved to him, and spoke in his hometowns dialect: "Oh, hey, yeah, finally herecome, come, follow in with me, yeah?"

Li Du smiled and said, "I wont be going in, all I need to do is to give you your documents. Immigration wont be pestering you anymore. Two days ago, I was investigated by them as well.

Lin Ping didnt mind and said as waved his hands, "What do they think they are? Ive sent them awaycome, come in and have some fun with me. Although these documents have no use anymore, I still really appreciate your help, Brother Li."

Li Du was surprised. "The Immigration authorities were sent away by you?"

"No, actually, it wasnt meit was by the casino owner. Anyway, theres no problem anymore."

Li Du didnt want to enter the casino; he instinctively detested these places.

With the flying bugs ability, he should have gone to casinos and not to the storage auction business.

The flying bug could observe the dealers cards, see what cards were in the deck, and also see the hidden dice rolls. Anyhow, just by relying on the bugs ability, he could make a killing in the casino.

But Li Du knew that casinos were chaotic places: people got offended easily, and you could end up beaten up or dead without even knowing what hit you. Getting beaten or blackmailed... there was at least some way out from those. What he was most afraid of was getting murdered.

There was no doubt about it: this was definitely possible in American casinos.

Although the turnovers were slower with storage auctions, the profits were stable. It was a proper job, so he could make money without having to hurt his conscience.

Even if he offended some peoplefor example, Lucas, Rambis, and the father and son pair of Ricksthe most they could do was shoot their mouths off. They couldnt lift a finger against him. As for the casinos controlled by gangs? Assassinations were just daily occurrences for them!

Seeing the brightly lit casino, Li Du hesitated for a moment, but still refused. "Noas long as youre fine, Im going home."

Lin Ping held him back and said, "Aiya, Brother Li, come in and see. Im not making you play, I just want you to see my grand moments. Today, Im on a winning streak. Lets go! Come in and see!"

He had nothing to do at home. Li Du didnt want to enter the casino, but he held some curiosity in his heart.

So, under Lin Pings continuous persuasion, he nodded and agreed, carrying a backpack that contained Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles.

Comanche Casino wasnt that big. The renovations were grandiose, with matching gold and yellow for the stairs, tables, and stages. Even the carpets were gold.

In a room about 5,300 square feet, many machines and gambling tables were set up. There were slot machines, Texas Poker tables, all sorts of roulette tables, Baccarat, and even a Mahjong table!"

Li Du glanced around curiously. He then said, "Why arent there any windows?"

Lin Ping laughed, "No casinos have windows. Probably to prevent people from noticing the change in time. See? There are no clocks in here."

Li Du looked around and realized it was true. If there were no concept of time here, it was easy for people to lose themselves inside.

As for food and drinks? These were taken care of. There was a small bar in the casino, with sexy-bunny girls constantly serving drinks to the crowd.

Once they went in, a bunny girl came over with some beers on a tray. She asked cutely, "Hey handsome, would you like a drink?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Thanks, but were not drinking anything for now."

Lin Ping rolled his eyes and said, "Why not? These drinks are all free."

As he spoke, he brought two glasses of beer over and passed one to Li Du.

Li Du refused, saying, "You still dare to drink in a casino? With the alcohol taking over your reason, you still think you can leave?"

Lin Ping stood blankly for a moment, and his eyes flashed with sadness. Then, he quickly hid his emotions and said with a smile, "Youre rightwell, normal drinks are fine, right?"

Li Du calmly said that he was not feeling thirsty and didnt want any drinks.

From afar, a Native American observed the scene, his expression turning ugly. He said, "This kid is pretty cautious, but its ok, well see."

Lin Ping briskly walked to the side of a table that was dealing poker cards. He sat down and rolled up his sleeves, saying "Come, comecome over here."

In front of him was a pile of chips, arranged together in all sorts of colors.

Li Du stood behind him and asked, "Whats this? Texas poker?"

"Blackjackits simple, let me teach you."