Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Keep Going

The cup was lifted, and the two dices were one and four, with a total smaller than seven. It was small.

The initial 10,000 dollars had turned into 20,000.

None the customers who were watching followed his bet, including the two girls. They were all purely observing; it was also obvious that these people were all in cahoots with the casino.

The dealer shook the dice once again, and looked toward Li Du after placing them down.

Li Du returned his gaze with a slight smile, and then pushed all his chips forward. "Again, small!"

The dealer lifted the cup; two points and four points, he had won again.

Twenty thousand became forty thousand.

The customers who were watching started whispering amongst themselves:

"That guys luck is pretty good!"

"I feel like following his bet for a few rounds. I might make some money."

"His luck is good? He just lost a million!"

The boxman continued staring at Li Du with a smile. Two consecutive wins werent muchrather, it was good bait.

The dealer shook the cup once again, and removed his hands after placing them down. "Please place your bets and refrain from leaning on the table."

Forty thousand dollars went in, and Li Du said plainly, "Again, small!"

With three consecutive smalls, purely looking at the odds, there was little chance of winning.

But once the cup was opened, the two dices were ones, which produced the smallest possible point combination of two!

Forty thousand became eighty thousand.

Although the boxman was still smiling, it started to look a bit forced.

The dealer shook the cup. Li Du placed all 80,000 dollars worth of chips in and said with a smile, "This time, Im going for big! Five times the payout!"

Hans was very nervous, and kept staring at the gambling table. He clenched his fist and chanted in a quiet voice, "Big! Big! Big!"

The Playboy switched to drinking a glass of wine. As he sipped, his expression was curious and pensive.

The dealer opened the cup; a five and a sixbig!

With five times the payout, the original 80,000 dollars turned into 480,000!

Hans slammed his fist on the table and shouted, "F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Nicely done, ooh yeah! God bless!"

The customers who were watching exclaimed in surprise:

"Sh*t, 400,000 from one round!"

"Dont stop me, Im going in with him!"

"Hey, Frank, give me all your chips, quick, quick! Theres money to be made here!"

The dealer looked at Li Du. Li Du patted on the table, saying, "Keep going, I havent had enough."

The boxman nodded, his expression grim. He tried to force out a smile again, but it was a terrible one.

The dealer shook the cup, and said after placing it down, "Please place your bets. Remove your hands after"

Li Du was about to push the chips, when he suddenly noticed that the boxmans hand was fidgeting with a shirt button on his chest.

Although the movements of the boxman were natural and well-hidden, the sight from the flying bug was extremely sensitive, being able to see almost 360 degrees of the whole place. No movement could escape its eyes.

Li Du instinctively felt that something was wrong, and recalled half of the 480,000, and pushed that half into the five-times-payout section. He said, "This time, its small!"

Immediately, someone followed his bet. Now, the ones who were attracted over were not just those in cahoots, but with normal customers blended in. Even those in cahoots placed their bets with Li Du.

In an instant, the five-times-payout section was filled with a large of amount of chips, from red, to green, to blue.

As they placed their bets, some people shouted at the side:


"Itll be small this time!"

"Gotta win it this time!"

The dealer opened the cup, revealing a four and five. This time, it was big!

Following the disappointed groans from the customers, Li Dus eyelid twitched.

In the cup, the bug had seen a two and four, so it should be small. But right before the cup was opened, one of the dice had unnaturally flipped over, and the two had become a five!

The casino was cheating; they could control the dice!

Two hundred forty thousand dollars was taken away. Hans hugged his head with his two arms in disappointment. Li Dus expression remained indifferent.

He controlled the bug and burrowed into the table; from what he knew, tricks that could manipulate dice without touching them shouldnt be possible, so the trick had to do with something within the table.

Someone was moving the dice with some tool in the table.

As expected, once the bug flew in, he saw that there was a hollow area in the table. In it, were a thick series of cables and a plate that seemed like a circuit board.

With his intentions, Li Du controlled the bug to absorb the time energy from some of the cables connected to the circuit board. The wires decayed and soon broke off.

The dealer once again set down the cup, and the boxman said to Li Du with a smile, "Sir, do you still want to bet?"

Li Du returned the smile, and pushed the chips all to the five-times-payout section. "Of coursebig!"

The number of people following his bet was smaller now, but there were still some people who threw their chips onto the five-times-payout section.

The dealer opened the cup, and two fives were revealed!


Two hundred forty thousand instantly became one million four hundred forty thousand!

Hans screamed, "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! I love gambling! I love you!"

That was the fearsome and seductive part about gambling. The money came too quickly. In just a few rounds, someone could earn more money than what he or she could earn in several years.

But it was also very dangerous, as nine out of ten times a gambler would lose. The speed of losing money was even fasterin just a few rounds, someone could lose all the money he or she had earned in their lifetime!

Li Du tapped on the table and said, "Keep going."

The dealer wordlessly glanced toward the boxman, and handed some white chips to Li Du. Hans immediately pounced on them, much like Ah Meow when it saw salmon.

The dice landed. Li Du once again split all the chips into two halves. He kept half, with the other half into the five-times-payout section. He plainly said, "Small!"

The group of people followed suit, and the small area for the five-times-payout section was once again filled with chips.

From the casinos monitoring room, some Native American men wore grim expressions. One of them, in a white suit, was a middle-aged man with bronze skin. "Whats going on?" he asked coldly.

"If we didnt use the magnetic platform, that b*stard would have already won seven consecutive rounds, and hes been betting on the heavy payout rates!"

"Has he showed any signs of cheating?" The middle-aged man asked.

The Native American in charge of the monitoring shook his head and said, "No, hes clean. D*mmit, I dont know how he does it."

"Use the magnetic platform."

A young, white male carefully chose his words and said, "Sorry boss, I dont know what went wrong with the magnetic platform, but it cant be used now."

The middle-aged man slowly nodded, and said, "Tell Salman to hold this round. You guys follow me; were going down to meet this eastern gambling god!"

At the gambling table, Li Du tapped the table and said, "Open itwhat are you guys still waiting for?"

The boxman said with a forced smile, "Sorry sir, according to the casino rules, you need to display equivalent financial ability to show that you can pay for the losses. Which means that you need to prove that you have 3.6 million dollars in cash. Only then can we continue the game."

Li Du raised his eyebrows. Clearly, the casino was trying to hinder him from continuing. This was all within his expectations. He originally wanted to make a killing as fast as possible and leave; it seemed that the casino was not that nave, and wouldnt let him have his way.

At that moment, a check was placed on the table. The person smiled and said, "Here is a 5-million-dollar check from Wells Fargo, please validate it."