Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Boss Arrives

The one who did that was Akkalou Benidito. This playboy looked at the boxman with a wide grin plastered on his face. His smile was radiantso radiant that the boxman felt chills down his spine.

Seeing this, the players began shouting:

"Quick! Lift it! Lift it, lift it, lift it!"

"Hurry up and lift it, buddy, we want to see the results!"

"D*mmit, Ive put in 10,000 down on thiswhat the hell you trying to do by dragging things out?!"

The boxman looked as if he were about to cry. "Sir, we need to validate the authenticity of the check. Please wait a moment"

A Native American with a cold expression finally arrived. He said, "Boxman, please step down, Ill handle things over here."

The boxman breathed a sigh of relief. He gave him a respectful look and said, "Mr. Marlin, here"

"Leave it to me. Step down." The Native American remained cold and expressionless.

Facing his icy stare, the boxman nervously left the table.

Li Du stared at the Native American and realized that the boss had arrived. He glanced toward Rose.

Rose patted his shoulder without any change in expression and said in a quiet voice, "They wont dare to do anything for now."

The Native American stood at the position where boxman was, and said to the dealer, "Lift it."

The cup lifted, each dice revealing a two!


"Sh*t! Im going crazy!" Hans shouted rabidly. "D*mn d*mn d*mnmy heart is gonna jump out of my chest!"

His antics were rabid, but his eyes were calm. As he shouted, he approached Li Du and jumped at his side. He hugged him and through the opportunity, he whispered, "Lets go, the casino is gonna play underhandedly!"

Li Du rejected this suggestion. Although he had multiplied his base money by many folds, his goal had not been met yet. His purpose was not to win money.

3.6 million dollars worth of chips were pushed in front of Li Du. A total of 35 black chips, the highest valued color, each worth 100,000 dollars.

Once again, he split the chips into two halves and said, "Lets continue."

The Native American smiled slightly and said, "Sir, I think youve played for quite some time, are you feeling tired? How about you come to our VIP lounge and have a rest?"

Li Du had not even said anything when the surrounding customers began shouting:

"D*mmit, whats this supposed to mean? You guys cant afford to lose?"

"These sons of a b*tchesIve lost millions here, why didnt you ask me to go take a break when I was losing?"

"Trying to play underhandedly? So thats how Native American casinos are run?"

"Im never coming back here ever againthis is just a den of scammers!"

Seeing the Native Americans smile, Li Du tapped the table and said, "Indeed, Im feeling a little tired, but Im also feeling very excited nowespecially because I think that some things are becoming clear now."

As he spoke, he stood up. He carried Ah Meow, picked up a glass of beer and walked to the side of the Native American.

After walking over, Li Du took a sip, and then placed the beer on the table.

Ah Meow suddenly jumped out from his embrace, landing on the table and kicking over the glass of beer. With that, the whole glass of beer spilled onto the table.

"Sh*t!" Li Du exclaimed. He hastily tried to grab the cat back and handed it to Hans. He picked up the glass and added, "Sorry sir, Ive made a mess of your table, Ill help you guys wipe it"

He took off his jacket, placed it on the table and began wiping with it. After a few wipes, he pushed the jacket to one side and caressed the table with his hand, his face revealing a smile.

The Native American looked at the spot he was touching and the corner of his lip slightly twitched.

This was the spot where it was hollow below the table top; the location where the bug had found the device controlling the dice.

The Native American didnt know if it was just a coincidence that he found it now or if he had noticed it a long time ago, but he understood what Li Du meant. He realized that their positionswho had the higher groundhad changed.

Once Li Du opened up the gambling table and the customers saw the contraptions inside, his casino would be shut down.

However, he was also a smart man. He grasped the root of the issue and asked, "You said that some things are going to get cleared up; may I ask what those would be? How about we go to the VIP lounge and discuss this?"

Li Du shook his head and said, "Theres no need to go anywhere elsehere is fine. Theres nothing to hide. Ive just been set up: your boxman, dealer, and these two pretty ladies all know whats up."

He pointed to the redhead and blondie who were still watching the commotion. They jumped in fright, packed up their chips, and tried to sneak out through the crowd.

The Native American nodded, and two large men blocked their path, carrying them away like eagles hunting baby chicks for food.

Seeing this, he said, "I think there seems to be a misunderstanding; we should have a talk."

Li Du said, "Alright, well talk, but not nowIm having a great time now. Making me leave now? I dont really want to."

The Native American gave him a vicious smile. "You still want to play?"

Li Du said, "The friend who set me up kept inviting me to play Blackjack. I didnt play it then, but I feel like it now."

"Youre welcome to, then." The Native Americans expression was getting grimmer by the minute.

Seeing this, Li Du smiled and said, "Perhaps I was pushing things too far. Actually, Im a very easy person to talk with; my friends all know."

The Native American gave him a cold stare.

Li Du continued, "Forget itI can be too impulsive. Buddy, we should have properly talked. In fact, were both losers today."

Hearing that, the Native American finally revealed a proper smile and said, "Indeed, we need to talk."

Amongst the booing from the crowd, Li Du, Hans, and company followed the Native American into a grandiose and luxurious suite.

They sat down, and someone brought them coffee. The Native American smiled and said, "I am Marlin, a horseman of the Comanches. How may I address each of you? Oh, Mr. Akkalou Benidito, theres no need to introduce yourself; I know you well."

The playboy, Akkalou Benidito, politely nodded, and said, "Mr. Marlin, nice to meet you."

Hans and the others were also clueless about what exactly had happened to Li Du. Thus, after the introductions, they all listened to Li Dus explanation.

Li Du started from the call for help he got from Lin Ping, describing how he was dragged in by him to play, and how they ended up consecutively winning several rounds. However, at the final round, he disappeared after losing, and left him there.

Marlin calmly said, "Perhaps your friend noticed that he was about to lose, so he snuck off."

Hans said, "If he decided to make such a huge bet, and had been winning consecutively, then Mr. Marlin, you should understand this better than all of us, that without witnessing the results, the customer would never leave!"

Li Du asked, "Then are you the one who helped Lin Ping deal with those from Immigration?"

Marlin quietened down, and then shook his head.

Li Du continued, "Those are still not the important points; whats more important is that I was clearly here with my friend, so why did those customers at the table, and your staff, claim that they hadnt seen my friend?"

Marlin said, "Do you have any medical history of mental illness?"

Li Dus expression turned dark. "I guess my humbleness has been viewed as cowardice. You have no intention to talk, right? Then Ill see you at the tables!"

He had just stood up to leave when Marlin gave a firm slap on the table and said, "You misunderstand, Mr. Li. Please hold on. Ill go check the camera recordings, and if that friend you speak of is there, then Ill give you an explanation!"