Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Big Brothers Rage

Having promised Li Du, Marlin immediately ordered his men, "Black Leopard, go check the cameras; Dutas, go settle with those two women"

A dark-skinned Native American nodded and left, while the other man didnt move. Instead, he seemed to have something to say, but was reluctant to speak.

"What are you doing?" Marlin asked, creasing his brows.

Dutas cringed his nose and said, "Boss, those two, I know them"


"They are dancers under your cousin, Haris," Dutas said carefully. "Normally, theyll take orders from Mr. Haris, and then theyll set up some idiot blinded by lust."

Marlin creased his brows further. "D*mmit, so the one behind all of this was Haris?"

The video was found. Black Leopard came back and said, "Boss, that guy was indeed with another Chinese man. After betting a million, his Chinese companion snuck out."

Marlin had been dealing with casinos for many years, had seen all kinds of tricks being pulled. When he heard these details, he roughly had the situation figured out.

After clearing his thoughts, he said, "Bring Haris, that b*stard, to me! Salman, bring everyone who was involved here!"

If Haris wanted to set someone up, then the boxman and dealer would definitely be part of things. Marlin didnt care about that; when were casinos ever "clean?" What casino didnt do anything underhanded?

What made him mad was that he hadnt known his own men were cooperating with his cousin to do such things!

People were doing things behind his back, which was something a leader could not accept!

Salman was first brought over. He blanked out for a moment upon seeing Li Du and the others sitting across from him drinking coffee. He soon understood that the situation wasnt good.

Facing Marlin, he nervously gave him a bow and said, "Mr. Marlin, may I know what I can do for you"

Without letting him finish, Marlin slapped him, with a bright and crisp sound. Salman groaned in pain after getting slapped until he lost balance.

After the beating, he realized that things were turning south; he hastily pleaded, "Mr. Marlin, please tell me, what did I do wrong? Please advise me"

"F*ck! What were you and Haris trying to do!? Who else was involved?!" Marlin glared in cold rage, his eyes were bloodshot; he was apparently reaching his breaking point.

Salman shuddered, and said in panic, "Mr. Marlin, I dont really understand what youre trying to say, please"

"Sh*t up! Are you still trying to fool me? You know what we do to traitors in Comanche, dont you? You know, dont you?!"

Marlin waved his hand, and Black Leopard pulled out a Gerber knife. With a flicker of his wrist, the blade flashed out.

Salman was even more frightened now; his body spazzed in fright as if he were having a stroke. "I know, sir, Im aware of itbut please be fair, Ive never betrayed you... Im not a traitor."

Marlin gritted his teeth and said, "From now on, I dont want to hear any nonsense from you. One more word, and Ill let Black Leopard cut you up!"

"At most five cuts," Black Leopard coolly said, "and then hell die."

"Its fine," Marlin said viciously. "If he dies, then continue working on the face of his 20-year-old wife!"

Salman broke down, and said, "Mr. Marlin, I wont say anything useless anymoreIll tell you anything you want to know."

"Speak! How the hell did you start cooperating with that b*stard Haris? And who else is working under him?"

Salman, crying, said, "Since a month agoMr. Haris sought me out, and said that hed help the casino earn more by butchering some "fat cows." The ones he found were all "castrated" fat cows, so there were no problems. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make some money for the casino, so"

Marlin impatiently gave a wave. Black Leopard pushed Salman onto the wall. With a sharp cry of pain from him, the Gerber knife stabbed into his upper thigh.

Seeing such, Li Dus eyebrow twitched. Rose stood up out of instinct, but the playboy held her back and shook his head, saying softly, "Our job is to watch."

"Argh! Help! Please let me go!" Salman whined in pain; in his panic, a warm puddle of urine soaked the floor, his pants immediately turning wet.

Marlin used his hands to violently pry open Salmans mouth, saying demandingly, "Shut up, you idiot! Ive already said no more nonsense! No more bullsh*t!"

Salman cried, "Ahh! It hurts! I understand, sir! I understand!"

"Mr. Haris told me that as long as I made the fat cows he sent over bleed, he would deal with the other things!"

"Fat cows" was slang referring to customers who had a lot of money. "Castrated fat cows" were rich customers who were also easy to fool and handle.

"Besides you, who else?!" Marlin asked ferociously.

"Shanpodry and also Lil Jace," Salman sobbed. "Sir, thats all I know, please let me stop the bleeding."

Marlin punched his abdomen and said furiously, "Shut up, idiot, you wont die!"

His anger couldnt be blamed. The information that Salman had revealed was serious; Shanpodry was an experienced dealer, while Lil Jace was the cashier in charge of the exchange of chips and cash.

The dealer, the boxman, and the cashier: these three could even form together and organize a low-stakes game by themselves.

Li Du couldnt understand it, and said quietly, "Is this a show for us? Isnt he a little too rough to his men? Hes not afraid of getting betrayed by them in the future?"

Hans replied quietly as well, "Of course not: these people are already useless to him, he wont be using them anymore. After this beating, theyll be kicked out."

Soon, another Native American was brought in. He was a sincere-looking, middle-aged man, who looked like a simple farmer from the fields.

Seeing the man, Marlin said angrily, "Haris, you dare to set up my customers behind my back? With my men? What about the rules of the casino?! What about the rules of our tribe?!"

These words seemed decent and righteous, as though he were actually a proper businessman.

Haris had intelligence in spite of his appearance. Seeing Salman, who was hugging his injured leg and sobbing against the wall, he quickly understood the situation.

Without hesitation, he said, "Boss Marlin, Ive never done anything to hurt the profits of the casino. Ive always tried to help the casino, and, of course, earn some spare change for myself"

"So you tried to scam our customers?" Marlin roared. "You b*stard, have you forgotten the rules of our tribe?"

Haris lowered his head and said, "I remember them clear, Boss. Id admit my wrongdoings, and Ill accept the punishment!"

Marlin glared at him viciously, and said, "Ill deal with you later; now, we need to deal with the issue of Mr. Li."

Haris looked at Li Du and revealed a surprised look, but soon, his expression returned to normal, back to the original, sincere face. "Sir, whats the problem?"

Li Du smiled, "I want to know: why did you link up with my classmate to set me up?"