Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 187

Chapter 187: A Horse Doesn't Get Fat Without Extra Feed

Haris understood his current plight. Once he saw Li Du sitting there, sipping his coffee like an important guest, while Salman who had been in cahoots with himwas stabbed in the thigh and whimpering on the ground, he could immediately tell his position in this matter.

He said truthfully, "Sorry, buddy. I made a mistake this time. It was the Dog Ears that contacted meDog Ears Jeffery Rick. That fella asked me to set you up."

"F*ck!" Hans couldnt hold himself back, "Dog Ears, that b*stard, couldnt win against us fairly, so he played dirty."

Haris said, "Thats right. Li has earned a fair of money bit from storage auctions recentlymore than a million dollars in the past few months. Rick persuaded me to set a trap to scam you out of your money.

"I originally didnt want to mess with you, because I dont understand the accents of Chinese people well. In the end, he got me a helper, which was that Chinese man, Rooney. I didnt want to offend Rick, so I had to cooperate with him."

Rooney was Lin Pings English name; he had always looked up to famous football players. The only other thing that guy liked besides gambling was football. Of course, combining the two into betting on football would have been the best of both worlds for him.

Li Du would have been a fool to believe in Haris. He had pushed all the blame away, making himself seem like a pure-white lily.

However, he had mainly wanted to know the truth behind the incident, and why the other party had specifically chosen to prey on him.

As for what role Haris played in this incident, he didnt care much. To him, Haris was just another tool.

Also, he didnt want to attract too much trouble. Haris and Marlins relationship was definitely complicated; Marlin didnt want to treat this younger relative of his brutally, and this could be seen from the difference in treatment between Salman and Haris.

Then, Marlin said, "The situation is clear now, Li. Sorry that this younger brother of mine has harmed you, but the good thing is that nothing major has happened."

Li Du said, "I understand. From what I can gather, I should leave the casino now, right?"

Marlin said with a slight smile, "Were just a small casinoits too hard to receive a god of gambling like you."

Li Du nodded and said, "I understand. Ill leave immediately, together with my money."

Marlins eyes narrowed, and he said with a laugh, "No problem, you can go and exchange the chips. The money that youve won all belongs to you."

Li Du said nonchalantly, "Of course, Ive won that money fair and squareit naturally belongs to me. What I meant was that the one million dollars that were scammed from me should be returned to me too."

Black Leopard creased his brows and took half a step forward.

Marlin remained smiling. He stretched out his hand to stop his man. "Although that lost money was a ploy by Haris, you did, in fact, lose..."

"Arent you the one who understands how I lost the most?" Li Du smiled.

Marlin stared straight at him with an icy gaze.

Li Du didnt care, and continued, "What belongs to me, Im taking it. Whoever caused you to lose that money should pay it back to you."

Hans understood what he meant, and added, "Thats right. That money was lost by Li, but the root of the problem was Dog Ears Rick, that b*stard, was trying to mess with us. I think that debt should be collected from him."

The atmosphere was cold. Black Leopard and a few others began warming their hands up, while on the other side, Godzilla clenched his fists in preparation.

The playboy didnt make any movements until now, and stood up. "Boss Marlin, we should stick to the rules for such things."

The crowd looked toward him, and he continued, "If you guys won Lis money through unfair tricks, then it should be returned to him. On the other hand, if Li cheated, then he shouldnt be allowed to take back the money he won."

Marlin decided quickly and said, "Alright, Li. You can take that money away, but you have to tell me how you won!"

Li Du said plainly, "My five senses are better than the average persons. When your dealer was shaking the dice, I could roughly observe the trajectory of the dice, and with my hearing, through the sound, I was able to figure it out. Ive played these things before and never lost!"

Haris said in shock, "Thats impossible..."

Li Du said haughtily, "If you dont believe it, then we can always try again!"

Rose nodded and said, "I can testify to thatLis five senses are extraordinary."

Marlin remained suspicious, "Then what about that glass of beer that you spilled?"

It was Li Dus turn to be surprised, and asked, "What? I didnt do that, it was my cat that accidentally knocked over the glasswhats wrong with that?"

Marlin creased his brows, and observed his expression, trying to find some clues from it.

The magnetic platform had only been used once that night before it broke. Then, Li Du coincidentally spilled his drink at the position of the magnetic platform. To say those had no connection whatsoever... he didnt believe it.

But he also could not find any clues from his expression, and could only shake his head reluctantly. "I still dont believe it."

Haris also said, "Me tooId rather believe that your eyes have been modified, and that you have X-ray vision."

Li Du shrugged and said, "Ive already told you guys the truth. Ive fulfilled my side of the deal, so now, I should be taking my money and leaving, right?"

Marlin nodded, and said to one of his men, "Detain Shanpodry and Lil Jace. Count the winnings for Li carefully, and then send them off properly."

Excluding the one million dollars that was scammed, Li Du had won 5,040,000 dollars!

The casino wired the money into his account. An alert sounded from Li Dus phone, and a long stretch of numbers appeared in his bank account.

Seeing the money, Li Du felt emotional. There was a saying: "A horse doesnt get fat without extra feed, and a person doesnt get rich without a second income."

They had worked hard for the past few months at storage auctions, and the money they made was not even one-tenth of what they had just made in half an hour at the casino!

Li Du couldnt help but think that he should perhaps often use the bugs ability in casinos. But soon, he brushed that thought away.

This time, he had only won a few million from the Comanche Casino before the other party was alerted. If he were to go to a bigger casino, who knew what could happen? He might be killed.

Of course, he could have also been more discreet, adding in some losses from time to time to prevent alerting the casino.

But there were no walls that could completely block the wind; he didnt want to live a paranoid lifestyle every day. Thus, he had to stay away from gamblingas far as possible.

Marlin brought his men and personally escorted Li Du and the rest out, before finally asking, "Mr. Li, you wont be coming back anymore, right?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Of course notunless someone tries to set me up again."

He kept silent for a moment, and then a nostalgic look passed across his face. "In fact, the reason for coming to America was because I met with some trouble in the casino back in China. From then on, I swore to never to gamble. This time, I had no choice!"

As he spoke, his expression became more and more despondent, as if reminiscing some terrible tragedy.

Haris couldnt help it and said, "Hey Chinese fella, you should stay in the casinos. Youre a natural gambling gob. Lets work together in Las Vegas"

He had barely spoken when Marlin gave a tight slap to his face, shouting furiously, "Shut up! You idiot!"

Li Du laughed and walked out with his companions. Haris was still unconvinced and said, "Brother, do you understand what that guys abilities do?"

"Yeah, whoever walks too near to him will have an earlier death!" Marlin said in a stricken tone. "Today, because of you, the casino has lost five million dollars. Tell me: who should I place this debt on?"

Haris forced a smile. "Ill try to think of some way to fix it"

"How are you gonna fix it? This Dog Ears Rick that you guys talked about just nowwhats his net worth?"

"Im not too sure, but a few million at least."

Marlin coldly laugh, and said, "Fine, for trying to make use of us Comanches, Im gonna make that son of a b*tch regret it!"