Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Present

The 300,000 dollars that had been borrowed from the Playboy Li Du transferred back to him once they left.

In the lounge, Hans had told him that when he went to borrow the money from the playboy, he had given him the check without asking much.

Without a doubt, Li Du owed the Playboy several favors.

During March, the Playboy had brought him to attend an auction, which led to a new ability for the bug. Then, the ploy that Li Du had set up through the charity auction, the Playboy had also attended, adding fuel to the fire he had made.

In the casino, the Playboy had used his check to back him up. He didnt know the background of this man, but he had helped him multiple times.

When returning the money, Li Du gave him an extra 10,000 dollars. This money was not to return the favor, but to express his appreciation.

The Playboy laughed and said, "I like this kind of business. For just lending some money for one hour, Ive made 10,000 dollars. Thats so much cooler than lending money as a loan shark."

Li Du smiled and said, "Actually, I thought that Hans would go to the loan sharks for money."

Hans said unhappily, "What do you mean by that? Big Fox has a ton of brotherswould I need to find a loan shark for money?"

Li Du gave him a thumbs up and said, "Of course, the friends and relatives of Big Fox are all over the worldwherever you take a dump, there will be someone to provide toilet paper for you."

Hans thought for a moment and then said, "Thats not too far from the truth."

Both parties were about to leave, and Li Du couldnt help but ask, "Akkalou, can you tell me, why have you been so helpful to me?"

This question had bugged him for a long timehe just had to know the answer.

The Playboy smirked and said, "No particular reasonif I really have to say, then its because I find you pleasing."

Li Du didnt quite believe that reason.

The Playboy went closer and said in a quiet voice, "That was the reason in the past. Now, its because I want to have better relations with you, because I also find this friend of yours very pleasing. Help me out next time."

As he spoke, he gave Rose a bright smile, one full of sunshine and innocence.

But Rose just coldly glared back, and then said to Li Du, "Everythings fine now, Ill head back to work."

She had to call a cab to come over, and to go back she had to call one again.

Soon, a red Ferrari drove over. The Playboy opened the door of the passenger seat and said with a smile, "Hi, Miss. Ill send you home?"

Rose plainly said, "Sorry, my skin cant be exposed to windmy allergies will act up in a convertible. Goodbye."

A cab came, and it drove off after she got in, leaving the Playboydisplaying a face plastered with a full smilestaring at Li Du and the others.

Li Du laughed, and Hans did tooa mocking laugh.

This incident had come to an end. Li Du had experienced the first extraordinary windfall of his lifein his account were five million more dollars.

With this money, he had lost interest in the profit that could be made from auctioning the motorcycles.

Still, he was interested in how old goods auctions went. On the weekend, he joyfully went to Hoffmans market with Hans.

The auction started in the evening. The day was the time for browsing the goods. Whatever caught ones eye, one would be able to check it out, and even cars could be test-driven.

Their three motorcycles were the stars of the auction. Hans was right: these bikes were very popular with the locals, even more so than branded motorcycles.

The reason was that the motorcycles they had assembled used fewer parts. If any issues occurred, maintenance would be easier.

Besides motorcycles, there was also a dune buggy and a pickup truck in the auctions, as well as all sorts of secondhand furniture and appliances.

In the crowd, Li Du spotted Kevin, the owner of the junk store. He went over and greeted him; this was one of the important markets for handling his goods.

"Is there anything that caught your eye?" Kevin asked.

Li Du shook his head and said, "Nothing for now. I dont currently have anything I especially need."

Kevin said, "Youre a quiet guynot like Hans. I really dont understand how you two became friends."

Li Du said very seriously, "Not friends, brothers. Big Fox said that were the best of brothers."

Kevin laughed heartily and said, "Ha-ha! It looks like you two match up well."

"Of course, we match up perfectly." Hanss playful voice came from behind.

Li Du asked, "Youre finished fooling around?"

Hans looked sorrowful. "How could you say that I went out to have fun for myself? D*mmit, I went to look for some good stuff for you."

"What did you find?" Li Du was skeptical.

Hans acted mysteriously and winked. "Its a surprise for later."

It was time for sunset. Right before the last gleam of sunlight disappeared, the lights on the auction stage lit up. Several spotlights were on at full power, blanketing the area with white light.

A middle-aged white man walked up with a loudspeaker. He waved his hand like a pop star meeting his fans. "Hi, my dear brothers and sisters, welcome to the weekly Hoffman Auction. Im your old friend, Sayder"

"Hurry up and start, you old coot!"

"Youre Sayder, not Justin Bieber, stop acting cool up there!"

"I cant wait to meet my new closetcut to the chase please."

The audience was making a commotion, with mostly ridicule.

Li Du said, "The atmosphere here is much better than storage auctions, and much more lively."

Hans spoke as he munched on a hot dog: "Of courseeveryone isnt competing with one another here, while everyone is a competitor in storage auctions. To sum it up, money is the root of all evil, my brother!"

Under the mocking of the crowd, the auction quickly lifted its curtains on the show.

The goods that were first to come up gave Li Du a shock: two lambs.

Everyone seemed okay with it, and under the guidance of the auctioneer, someone made an offer: "Two hundred!"

"Alright, this fella here is going for 200 dollarsanyone going any higher?"

"Two hundred twenty!"

"Two hundred twenty! This guy knows his stuffwhos willing to pay more?"

"Two hundred fifty!"

"Alright, the price is now 250 dollarshow about 300? Dont let just 50 dollars stop you fellas! Put up your hands where I can see them, who else has 300"

"Four hundred!"

"Alright 400, 400, 400 dollars, this fella is a refreshing one, thats a good price, now anyone wanna go any higher? How about 420? No? Then 400 going once, 400 going twice, and sold!" The auctioneer slammed the hammer, and the first deal was made.

Li Du was surprised. "Livestock can be sold here?"

Hans nodded. "Yeahbesides humans and illegal items, anything can be sold here."

The stuff that followed was more normal, mostly household appliances and furniture.

Half an hour later, a small case was placed on the stage. Seeing such, Hans immediately turned to attention and said, "Okay, brother, Im about get you your present!"