Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 192

Chapter 192: The Heroic Duo

When Li Du opened the backpack, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles came rolling out.

The two of them were biting each other. Ah Meow had its paw on Crispy Noodless head while Crispy Noodles attacked its butt. Both of them were growling at each other.

But the moment both ocelot and raccoon saw Mr. Li, the two animals immediately turned into two obedient pets. They kept their mouths closed and sat nicely side by side.

When Hans witnessed the hilarious scene, he couldnt control his laughter. "Buddy, how did you train them? Both of them look so well-behaved!"

Li Du gave the two furry kids an icy glare. "Well-behaved, huh?"

As if in answer to Li Dus question, Ah Meow had a docile look and nodded its head. Its eyes were big and round; it looked really adorable.

Li did not actually train the two animals. The raccoon had a natural fear of the ocelot, but ever since the little bug had entered Crispy Noodless head, it had made it more intelligent, and even rational.

Crispy Noodles had understood by now that Ah Meow would not take its life. Because of this understanding, the tiny raccoon dared to fight back when Ah Meow attacked!

Li Du was very annoyed when he discovered that the two little animals were always fighting with each other. So Li punished them either with time-outs (by locking them up separately) or having both of them miss a meal whenever he caught them doing so.

From then onwards, the two little ones would put on their best behavior whenever Li was around.

Li then took out a bunch of items from his backpack: two small cameras, a tablet, and two small, black boxes.

Hans pointed at the two black boxes. "What are those?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Youll know in no time."

Li Du proceeded to strap a camera on the heads of Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles via multi-purpose collars. Small headsets came out from the collars and were positioned next to their ears.

Next, he strapped the black boxes on the backs of the two animals. Finally, he switched on the tablet. Moments later, two big faces appeared on the screen.

Seeing his own face on the tablet screen, Hans turned to look at the ocelot and the coati. Both animals were looking at them curiously.

Hans suddenly exclaimed, "Oh my god! Buddy, youre a genius! This is Agent Meow? And this is Agent Coon?

Needless to say, the tablet was connected to the camera on the heads of Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, and the scene shot by the camera appeared on the tablet.

Li put on a headset and asked Hans, "Which house is most valuable?"

Hans replied, "Number 10. The owner was the former mayor of the town. After he died, his children left the town and went to Phoenix. The house has been empty since then; everything should be intact."

Li nodded his head and said, "Okay, well get these kids to go into the house."

They walked to house number 10. When Li Du pointed at the house, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles slipped into the building.

The house had been left empty for some time. The fence was worn out and in tatters. The walls were variegated, and large sheets of it had fallen off. The yard was full of tall weeds.

When Ah Meow entered the yard, it suddenly dashed into the weeds.

From the tablet screen, scenes of weeds were in a blur before a fat mouse appeared, which was suddenly pinned on the groundAh Meow had caught the mouse!

Hans commented, "Sh*t, Ah Meows such a good cat, but there are no more rats in my house for him!"

"Ah Meow, stop playing, go into the house," Li Du said, ignoring Hans.

The main door had an opening at the bottom, which was the pet door. The owner must have had pets in the past.

When Ah Meow heard Li Dus command via the headset, it blinked. Then it went into the house from the pet door, with Crispy Noodles following behind.

Hans said, "Hey, when did you get the headsets?"

Li Du smiled and replied, "When you brought me to the flea market. I had thought they might be useful."

"Yes, theyre really useful! You know what? Youve changed my mindset. Who said that only humans can be treasure hunters? Animals can do it too!" Hans declared.

The house was completely furnished. The furniture looked old but expensive; it must have been there for a long time.

There were cobwebs everywhere: in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and so on. The whole house looked hazy when the bright rays of sunshine were shining into the rooms.

Both Hans and Li Du felt chills looking through the tablet; it was like a haunted house.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were not afraid at all; they ran around and explored the building.

Whenever Hans was not looking, or when Li Du had the opportunity to stand behind Hans, he would give orders to both animals.

The two animals could understand commands such as "walk forward," "turn back," "enter," and "leave."

Although the furniture and appliances in the house were intact, they had yet to find anything valuable.

Hans said, "Look for the safe first. If theres one, this house is considered valuable."

Many towns in the States were far away from the city. They had fewer residents and there were no banks in the town. Almost every household had a safe to store their valuables and cash in.

There was no safe in this house, nor were there any valuables kept away in the cabinets. Li Du released the little bug and found nothing.

They recalled the animal treasure hunters, and moved on to the next house.

House number 16 had been empty for some time too. Scattered papers were everywhere: on the floor, on the tables, and even on the beds.

"This house belongs to a not so well-known painter," Hans said, "but he might have a collection of some famous paintings in here. As painters need to hone their painting skills, they will train by referencing a master artist."

It seemed that the painter had been living on a shoestring budget. There wasnt any valuable furniture or appliances. Either that, or the valuables had been taken away by the owner or family.

Li Du did not find any famous paintings either.

After Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles explored the house and found nothing valuable, he released the little bug to check hidden corners and drawers.

The little bug flew around the house from the entrance, to the bathroom, to the living room, and the bedroom.

The little bug then flew to the kitchen, and when Li Du decided to recover it, the bug suddenly sped up, and dived straight into the wall.

At first, Li Du had thought there was a hidden storage area in the wall. But the little bug continued flying and went into another room, which belonged to the neighboring unit.

In the room, there was a large cabinet placed by the wall. Inside, a big box sat inside the cabinet.

There was a gun inside the boxthe little bug was attracted by this gun!

The design of the gun was old-fashioned, made entirely of wood, with a thin outer layer of silver-white metal with elaborate patterns.

Li Du thought the appearance of the gun looked familiar. Moments later, he managed to recall where he had seen it.

With a slap on his thigh, he thought, Isnt this the gun from Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

He could remember the scene very well: Arnold Schwarzenegger had single-handedly loaded the gun whilst riding a motorcycle. That scene was awesome!

Other than the gun, this cabinet did not contain any other valuables. Li Du then saw another bigger cabinet beside it.

Li controlled the little bug to enter the cabinet. He saw a pile of boxes with a bunch of different labels: "StarCraft," "Diablo," "Warcraft," "World of Warcraft," and many others.

Li Du noticed that the games were all created by the same game makerBlizzard Entertainment!