Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Revenge of the Duo

A short silence filled the atmosphere before the group roared with laughter.

And what was worse for Bart was that the public pools were not far from each other. The patrons from the surrounding pools got curious and turned their heads when they heard the laughter.

Roars of laughter could be heard all around the spa, like the surround sound feature in a movie theatre.

"Hey, talk with your trunks on!" Li Du said.

"F*ck you!" Bart was frustrated and embarrassed. He had to sit back down into the pool. He had to look up to talk to Li Du.

Li Du made a sharp, cutting comment: "F*ck who? With just that little caterpillar of yours? Go f*ck a Barbie doll instead."

"B*st*rd! D*mn Chinaman! I shouldve burned your cat to death!" Bart was so angry that he started to curse and spit and swear.

Li Du sat down on the pools edge, and smiled. "Pal, I swear Ill make you regret messing with my pet!" He said in a threatening tone.

Bart yelled back, "Okay Chinaman, make me regret it then. I, Rodrick Bart, never regret the things that Ive done!"

Li Du nodded. "Very wellyou asked for it."

Just then, Hans and Godzilla showed up; they had left the VIP pool to search for Li Du and Ah Meow as they had grown worried.

Hans saw Li Du sitting by the poolside where the group of treasure hunters was soaking.

"Hey buddy, your VIP pools waiting for you to soak in it. What are you doing in the public pool?"

Godzilla remained silent and quietly sat beside Li Du. Bart gulped when he saw the burly Godzilla sit down.

Godzilla looked like a tall, sturdy tower compared to Li. Bart could not help moving away a bit.

There were a few tourists soaking in that public pool; they left when Godzilla sat down.

Li Du eyed the remaining treasure hunters with a threatening look to him as well.

A few of them could not stand the uncomfortable atmosphere.

"I think Im done. Ill go get some food now."

Immediately another treasure hunter followed. "Im hungry toolets go have a bite."

"Me too! Lets talk about the auction as well. Ive heard some information about the old houses."

One by one, the treasure hunters started to leave the pool. Freddy, who was beside Bart, stood up as well.

Bart, who was extremely nervous, spoke in a low, but desperate tone: "Pal, weve only soaked for 30 minutes!"

Freddy shrugged. "You cant always soak in the waterits a bit too cold now."

Bart wanted to follow and get out of the pool. He stood, and quickly replied, "Youre right, I should look for a warmer pool"

Li Du immediately spoke when he saw Bart stood up: "Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles, tear up his trunks!"

Ah Meow had previously run away after being bullied because there had been too many people in the pool. Now that the young ocelot had daddy Lis support, it only needed to deal with the culprit; its anger was released and it dashed at Bart with lightning speed.

The raccoon had originally wanted Ah Meow to get punished by Li. Crispy Noodles was clever enough and understand that in times like this, they should stand together and fight their common enemy. When it saw Ah Meow hurt by a human for no reason, it wanted to teach a lesson to that human as well.

Those who hurt animals are definitely bad people, the young raccoon thought.

Bart had both of his hands protecting his privates. He could only use his legs to defend himself.

"Get off me! Get off you little b*stards! Sh*t, sh*t! Ouch! F*ck!"

And because Bart used his legs to try and kick the animals off him, Ah Meow saw an opening and tore up the trunks, leaving Bart totally exposed.

Crispy Noodles was busy scratching and tearing at the swimming trunks as well. In no time, large parts of the trunks were in tatters.

Li Du took out his camera, vigorously snapping photos, while Hans filmed the scene.

"I shouldve brought a camcorder along," Hans chuckled. "D*mn, its on the truck!"

Bart raised his legs to kick a few more times, and all that remained of the trunks were two pieces of cloth protected by Barts hands.

Bart was flustered and worked up but he could only sit back in the pool to avoid Ah Meows attack.

Ah Meow snarled at Bart, showing its sharp teeth.

Bart thought the threat would be over by sitting back in the pool. He kept a safe distance from the ocelot and puffed out a sigh of relief.

However, in a split second, the sneaky raccoon in the water had snatched away the remaining two pieces of cloth, tearing them into pieces.

He had forgotten about the raccoon!

Bart was enraged; he attempted to hit the raccoon and yelled angrily, "You little b*st*rd! Im gonna kill you, youre dead meat!"

Li Du continued taking pictures, while Crispy Noodles got out of the pool, successfully avoiding Barts punches as well, as the water had acted like a barrier for the raccoon.

Bart could not hit the tiny raccoon at all.

Bart finally noticed that Li Du and Hans were taking pictures and filming him.

He could only use both hands to cover himself and looked on helplessly at them.

He yelled, "You son of a b*tch! I swear Ill kill you! Im going to call the police! I wont let you off..."

There was a crowd of people looking on as well; they were laughing, giggling, and gloating at Bart.

Some of them were also filming and taking pictures the incident, including Barts treasure hunting friends as well.

Bart felt betrayed and shouted, "Dont shoot! Stop! Stop taking pictures! D*mn, I want to call the police! Help me call the police! Im being attacked!"

Li Du laughed, "Youre being attacked? Who attacked you? My friend over here?"

Godzilla rubbed his hands and jumped into the pool. His muscles were full and hard; the water splashed onto him, looking like waves crashing against a huge boulder!

Godzilla understood Li Du only wanted to scare Bart, so he looked at Bart intently, and cracked his knuckles, but he did not move a single step closer.

Barts anger turned to fear when he saw Godzilla had his attention on him. He shouted frantically, "You wont dare to hit me! Someone! Security! Guards!"

Li Du sneered once again, "Just keep shouting if you want more people taking your pictures."

Bart looked at the group of treasure hunters and pleaded, "Pals, help me! Help me chase that Chinaman away"

"If I were you, Bart, I would just give in and not let this drag on any longer." A treasure hunter said.

Bart looked at Freddy and begged, "Freddy, help me! Give me something to cover myself! I did what you said and burned that ocelot!"

Upon hearing this, Li Du stared at Freddy with a morose expression.

Freddy shrugged and replied, "Thats none of my business, you idiot." He walked away without any hesitation.

Now all of Barts hopes were crushed. He turned to Li helplessly and said, "Li, dont be so meanwere fellow treasure hunters after all, let me off, will ya?"

"What did I do?" Li Du replied. "Im just an onlooker. The ocelot you bullied is seeking revenge, not me."

Li then turned to Hans and asked, "Is it a crime for an animal to took revenge on someone who bullied it?"

Hans shrugged and said, "Who knows? But I know that whoevers lawyer can outtalk the other will win the case. Just make sure our lawyer is better than that a**holes."

Li Du smiled gleefully to Ah Meow. "Okay, Ah Meow, you heard that? If you havent forgiven him, go ahead and attack!"

"I apologize! Ill apologize to your cat!" Bart said desperately.