Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Made By Blizzard

Godzilla took out the box which was used to hold the gun.

Hans blew the dust off of it and said, "Sh*t, this box doesnt match my precious gun at allI need to get a nice box for it!"

The treasure hunters eyes followed the M1887, watching with amazement until Hans shut the gun box; they had a disappointed look once it was closed.

One treasure hunter sighed. He wished such amazing luck like this could be his. "This cant be a coincidence. Li, Big Fox, you both must have known about this gun and gone after the house."

The treasure hunters were not dumb. The duo always claimed they simply had good luck; while luck could have been a factor for a few auctions, it was as if they had good luck at every auction they attended.

Another treasure hunter asked, "How did you know about the gun? Im sure it was not kept in the openabsolutely not!"

"Li, do you have X-ray eyes? Ive heard from many that you have X-ray eyes!"

"I dont believe this is luck!"

Li Du shrugged his shoulders. "If I had X-ray eyes, I wouldnt be doing this. I would go to Las Vegas and make a killing at the casinos. Then Id go back to China with that huge sum of money!"

Everyone seemed to agree with that, nodding their heads. Preciselyif one had X-ray eyes, wouldnt it make more sense to go to a casino and win some easy cash? one of them thought.

Li Du continued, "Even if I didnt go to Las Vegas, I would have gone to East Asia to gamble on emerald and jade. With the X-ray eyes, I could earn a few billion in just a few days time!

"Or, I would go search for a mineral deposit, buy that land, and be the owner to a MineI could earn so much more!"

Troy asked, "Okay, how did you know the gun was in there then?"

Li Du laughed, "I didnt notice the gun. Getting this house was pure luckI just wanted to tease our treasure tycoon Freddy."

Freddy had been using "Treasure Tycoon" to address both Li and Hans. And everytime he had used the term, it was full of sarcasm and disdain.

When Li Du used it on him, it felt like a slap in the face for Freddy.

The treasure hunters still did not entirely believe Li Du. They felt something was amiss, but could not offer any explanation either. They stared at him in doubt.

Li Du shrugged. "Okay, believe it not, I was really not bent on getting this house, but I did see something in hereif my guess is correct."

Li turned to Godzilla and said, "Did you find anything I told you to look out for?"

The big Mexican guy nodded and carried a big box out from the Iron Knight.

A few treasure hunters gasped when they saw the big box. "You lucky b*st*rds, theres more good stuff in there?"

Godzilla opened the box. There were small, hardcover cases of various game titles stacked neatly inside.

Li Du laughed, "Cool! That means we made the right judgement. When Big Fox and I entered this house, Big Fox was telling me that it had belonged to a nerd.

"Then I saw game posters on the bedroom wall, and we reckoned there might be some game-related stuff in there. God bless, we guessed it right!"

Li took the discs out from a game case. The game discs and their boxes were well-kept.

The game title read, "Diablo: Hellfire."

He took the game discs out of another case. The picture on the case was two profiles of two different characters, and between them was a sword: one was a ferocious orc revealing his sharp teeth, while the other was a bearded knight glaring fiercely at the orc.

The game title of this box was, "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade."

Hans was curious, and also went through the various game titles and muttered, "F*ck, Rock n' Roll Racing!"

On the cover of the box, a game character sitting on a big, red racing car, holding out one arm a thumbs up. The racing car had big wheels and a glossy looka typical portrayal of the American muscle car in cartoons. There was even a rocket launcher drawn on the car.

Hans flipped the box over and immediately he saw the name of the game maker in obvious print: "Silicon & Synapse."

He continued looking through the game boxes and took out another game. The cover was of three bearded characters wearing horned helmets, carrying sharp swords.

The game title read, "The Lost Viking."

Hans flipped the box again, and saw the words, "Silicon & Synapse."

Li Du had never heard of Silicon & Synapse. But some treasure hunters had caught on to what Hans was doing.

They gasped. "What kind of fellow lived in this house? Big Fox, the games in here dont tell me theyre a complete set from Blizzard Entertainment?"

Hans was surprised the treasure hunters knew what he had been doing. "Yeah, youre right. These two are the earliest games created by Blizzard. If someone could get these two, the rest wouldnt be a problem!"

The thought of a collection of all Blizzard games did not come across Lis mind. He did not know how many games Blizzard Entertainment had produced so far either.

What Li knew was that Blizzards games were definitely good stuff. He had thought that even if they could not sell them for a good price, he wouldnt mind taking them for himself and playing the games instead.

Now that he knew it was most likely a Blizzard games collection, he was interested to know the value of all these games.

Li Du asked casually, "How much would it be for such a collection?"

Hans replied, "Well, we need to do a detailed check of the games Blizzard has produced over the years. If this is indeed the complete set, it is definitely worth a good price."

Besides the glum-looking Freddy, all the other treasure hunters were envious of them. They started to disperse and walk away.

Hans imitated Freddys aloof expression and his signature posture of crossing his arms over the chest, and stopped Freddy from walking away.

"Are you convinced now? Weve managed to get some amazing units worth over 100,000 dollarsthat news isnt fake."

Freddy replied, "Congratulations to you, Big Fox. But I also have good houses, inside there"

"Forget it," Hans interrupted. "Dont go astray by listening too much to insider information. Treasure hunters depend on their eyes for a livingthis pair of eyes.

"Dont learn from Dog Ears. Learn from him, and you wont be able to make money."

Freddy wanted to argue, but Hans continued to prattle on. "Still unconvinced? Fine, just go ahead and pack up your trash house. Let everyone see what is there besides trash."

Godzilla was still busy with house 15. So, Hans and Li Du went along with Freddy, as onlookers, to the former mayors house.

Some treasure hunters who overheard the conversation earlier tagged along, while some of them rushed over when they heard Freddy would be clearing house 10.

Freddy and his team needed to do some cleaning up first, as the house had been left untouched for a long time.

Hans and Li Du then relaxed under some trees, sipping their cold beer contentedly while watching Freddy and his friends perspiring from all the cleaning and moving work.

Although house 10 was well-furnished, that did not mean the family members had left all their valuables in the house.

In fact, they had brought all their valuables with them, including the safe.

But due to the amount of household appliances being left behind, and the many cobwebs that had blocked some of the view, it was not easy to tell if the safe was inside or not.

When Freddy and his pals finished cleaning up the house, they were tired and covered in dust.

Besides the old vintage furniture, and the household appliances (which had been gnawed on by rodents), there was nothing valuable in the house!

Hans threw away the empty beer can and smiled. "Wheres the signature of The Carpenters?"

Freddy was so furious that he kicked the old sofa beside him, scaring some little mice that came scrambling out of the sofa, squeaking as they ran.

That made the surrounding treasure hunters cackle loudly, including Hans.

"Young lad, you wanna step on us and shine? Its not so easy." Hans shook his head.

Another treasure hunter added, "Yeah pal, dont keep dreaming of being in the limelightyou got to be more practical and down-to-earth!"