Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The Shy Potter

Having known that Hans had contacted a buyer, Li Du asked, "When did you contact him?"

Hans plopped onto the bed and said, "On the way here, of course. Youd think all I did was sleep on the way here? I was looking for clients and contacting them."

Li Du gave him a big thumbs up. "Cool. But brother, why are you lying there? Thats Godzillas bed."

Hans gave him the finger and said, "This is my bed. Let Godzilla sleep in your room."

Li Du immediately understood what this idiot was trying to do. Apparently, he wanted to call a woman to spend the night with him for this LA trip.

Li was annoyed. "I knew I should have just booked three rooms with larger beds."

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were not picky though. They swiftly climbed up to the bed and marked a territory line to separate the bed into two halves, each owning a side that the other couldnt cross into.

The ocelot was enjoying itself; it used its little paws to squish the mattress, trying to make it softer. Felines particularly liked their sleeping areas warm. However, as the mattress were springy, no matter how it stepped on it, the hardness of the bed remained the same.

Crispy Noodles used its front paw to test the pillows. Apparently, the pillows were softer than the mattress. Using its mouth, it carried the pillow to its side, lied comfortably on it, and yawned.

After seeing that, Ah Meow blinked, and did the same with another pillow. When it lied on it, its face showed a disturbed expression. The wise and clever me, actually missed the fact that the pillows were this soft

Li Du went over, picked up the two and brought them aside. He then shifted the pillows and lied on them. "Godzilla, time to sleep. Well go for a feast after that."

Godzilla gulped, and said honestly, "Ill go get some hot dogs first. I cant fall asleep yet."

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles ran to his bed and snatched at the pillows. Li Du had no choice but to give one up for them. "Okay, okay. One for you guys, but you two only get oneboth of you share."


Crispy Noodles shook its head like a rattle drum.

Li Du pulled the two over to him. "Do you two really need one each? How about this: just put your heads on it. Ah Meow, this side is yours. Crispy Noodles, this is yours."

The two gave him a disappointed look, each lying on one side of the pillow, their furry heads almost touching each other.

They slept until nighttime. Hans had arranged for them to meet the client, so they went to prepare the full set of Blizzard games.

The sky was pitch black. Li Du raised his head, and couldnt spot any stars. "Los Angeles has smog?"

"This is considered a foggy state in America," Hans said. "Isnt it normal to have a little bit of fog? Stop looking up. You wont find the Statue of Liberty."

Although the night sky wasnt pretty, the citys night landscape was breathtaking.

Countless street lights illuminated the roads; almost every inch of land had a flickering light. The colorful neon lights amplified the dazzling colors that blanketed the city.

Though he could not see any stars tonight when he looked up, he could see a towering building.

From the base, all the way to the top, the lights from the building were also flickering, kind of like starlight.

The roads were packed with cars, and pedestrians were bumping each others shoulders due to their sheer numbers. Li Du rubbed his eyes and said, "Why do I feel that its even more lively at night than in the day?"

"Of course, Los Angeles is a city that never sleeps. Its so hot in the daywho would come out? Night is when everybody comes alive to enjoy themselves. Lets go, its the start of our night adventure!" Hans waved to their surroundings in exaggeration.

Then, a cab stopped in front of them. "Sir, where would you like to go? Youre flagging a cab, right?"

They stared at each other in silence.

In the end, they still got on the cab; it was a bad idea to drive a truck on these roads.

Getting into the car, Hans said, "Beverly Hills."

"Are we going there to play or meet our client?"

"To meet our client. He lives in Beverly Hills."

"Woah," Li Du said, amazed. "A rich fella."

Whenever Beverly Hills was mentioned, people would associate it with Ferraris, mansions, super-rich billionaires, and Hollywood stars.

Beverly Hills was recognized as a fusion of fashion and exquisiteness. It was a paradise where the rich and the famous resided, a place where celebrities loved to stay.

They passed by a series of skyscrapers, and only after an hour or so, they arrived at the place.

After alighting, Li Du saw an Armani store. The brilliant lighting from the store extended all the way out and illuminated the whole the street. The place was covered in white light, and the crowd of people was thick.

"Sh*t, theres so many people here." After spending too much time in the small city of Flagstaff, Mr. Li couldnt help but be amazed.

Hans laughed, "Welcome to the expensive and snobbish Rodeo Drive. This road goes up three districts, and is one of the most fashionable places in the city. Look at the displays on both sidestheyre all packed with the finest and latest fashions."

Beside Armani was another clothing store called "Zegna." Li Du had never heard of that brand before.

He went up to their displays and looked. In one was a sky-blue coat, priced at 55,000 dollars.

With just that glance, he silently left. He now understood that he was still a poor man in these places. All the money he had was only equivalent to a hundred of these coats

Hans led the way. They passed by some more brand stores: Dior, Gucci, Rolex, LV, Cartier, Tiffany, Patek Philippe, Prada, and more.

Beyond these luxury stores was the even more luxurious residential district.

Hans made a call. After about ten minutes, a young man on an electric scooter rode over. He asked, "Mr. Fox?"

"Yes, thats me."

"Hello, I am Pastorife Potter." The young man with ash-blonde hair smiled and said, "Nice to meet you. Shall we go for a cup of coffee?"

There were many cafes in this area. Potter brought them to an old-fashioned looking cafe.

Li Du gulped unconsciously when he looked at the prices of the coffee on the blackboard. The cheapest was black coffee, at 85 dollars. Besides that, there was nothing else below 100 dollars.

A pretty cashier greeted them and said, "Hi, Potter. Good evening. What would you and your friends like to have?"

"Oh, hi, Kafenie." The cheeks of the ash-blonde youth were slightly flushed. "Just give me whatever. For them, um, Ill just let them pick."

Li Du felt odd. He glanced toward the youth. It cant be, he thought. This kids either too shy, or he has a crush on the cashier? Doesnt seem like it though

They didnt meet for coffee, so they just casually picked a drink and sat down at a quiet corner table. Then, Godzilla opened the box that he had been dragging along with him. In it were all the Blizzard game discs.

Seeing these items, Potters eyes flashed. He asked, "Can I take them out and see?"

"Feel free. Wow-oh, this coffee smells great," Hans complimented as he took a sip.

Potter picked up a disc and examined it closely. He sighed in admiration. "1995Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. They only took ten months to produce it. Under grim market prospects, in just four months, they managed to sell 500,000 copies worldwide. This is good stuff"