Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The Bustle Increases

Another truck had arrived. Dozens of treasure hunters surged forward to crowd around it.

Li Du looked over with curiosity, and asked, "Whos here?"

Hans, who was usually very hyper at auctions, had been overly cautious here. He did not even have the desire to take a look, and said lethargically, "Who knows? Maybe some celebrity."

"There really are many chances to see celebrities here in LA," Big Beard said. "The other day, I bumped into Keanu Reeveshe was a friendly chap. Look, we took a photo together."

He whipped out his mobile phone to show everyone. The treasure hunters immediately looked envious.

Keanu Reeves was famous in Arizona, not only for his outstanding acting skills, but also for his forthrightness, gentleness, and generosity.

"You are so lucky, buddy. Such a pity I didnt meet him. I really like this guy."

"I also like him. If I were to meet him, Id ask him if he needed any more stunt doubles. Im willing to stand in as his stunt double."

"You are trying to get ahold of a Harley bike, right?"

To thank the 12 actors who had stood in for him as stunt doubles in "The Matrix" series, Reeves had bought each of them a relatively expensive Harley motorcycle as a gift.

"D*mn you, Turis, Im being honest. Im grateful to him, as my niece benefited from one of the charities he sponsors. Hes a good guy, and even wrote her a letter. I swear that it was written by him personally."

"Your niece had leukemia? That poor child."

Rufus shook his head and said, "Shes not poor. There are good people like Mr. Reeves in this worldshe should feel lucky."

When filming "The Matrix," Reeves had donated 70 percent of his earnings to a childrens leukemia research organization and other charities to help less fortunate families.

Li Du said, "Did you meet him at the central market? We were having dinner there the night before, and he was apparently there, but we were not as lucky as you."

As they were talking about Reeves, Rambis and his brother-in-law Huron brought a group of treasure hunters over. They were eating and drinking as they walked, and looked like they had only just arrived.

Rambis was accompanied by two muscular-looking black men. Next to Godzilla, however, these two men paled in comparison.

Walking over to Li Du and everyone else, he said, "Good morning buddies. What a coincidence to see you here. Li, Big Fox, have you gotten any insider news?"

With a solemn expression, Hans said, "Yes, there are valuables in storage units 1 and 5. You must get hold of themthere will be lots to gain."

Rambis guffawed, "Ill be d*mned if I believe you! You are so full of shi*t!"

Li Du spoke without expression: "Since you dont believe us, then why did you come over?"

Rambis shrugged and said, "Oh, Im just here to have a look. So now anyone can lead a team? This is interesting."

He glanced at Big Beard Carl and Ferris. "You gotta keep your eyes wide open if you want to make money. Are you guys blind or what? Fancy getting these two rookies to lead?"

At this time, Rick and his son walked over. Li Du could not help but frown upon seeing them.

Huron, who was combing his mustache, went up and said, "Hi Joffrey, I knew you wouldnt miss this chance to make money. To meet you here"

Dog Ears Rick breezed past him without expression and then smiled at Li Du. "Li, Big Fox, good morning."

Hans shrugged. "If you hadnt appeared before us, the morning would have been even better."

Huron, Rambis, and the rest were surprisedthey had not expected Rick, a member of The Hundred Thousand club, to take the initiative to greet a rookie.

What they also did not expect was for the rookies to treat Rick and his son with an impatient attitude!

Rambis didnt give it much thought. He thought Hans and Li Du didnt know Ricks status, and said, "Hey, rude fellas, you guys had better show an important man like Mr. Rick here some respect!"

Li Du said icily, "Then can important people like you stay away from us? What an unlucky day it is, to encounter two piles of dogsh*t in a row."

Rambis exploded in anger and shouted, "Barry, I think this chaps skin is too sturdy come over and loosen his skin up!"

His two bodyguards glanced at each other but did not dare go forwardthey knew that Godzilla was there.

Rambis also knew that, but he was only doing this as an act for Rick and his son. He didnt have the nerve to make any moves on Li Du.

After saying that, he looked at Rick and his son and said in a fawning manner, "Joffrey, these rookies know nothing. They probably dont know of your famous dog ears. I"

Having been interrupted by him a few times, Joffrey Rick was getting impatient. He frowned and said, "Whats wrong with you? Who the f*ck are you?"

Rambis was stunned, and said, "I am Anthony Rambis. Carl Huron is my brother-in-law"

"D*mn idiot!" Rick went up to push him away. "Get lost. Are you in any position to speak here?

Both Li Du and Hans folded their arms in anticipation of the spectacle that was going to unfold. They were hoping that there would be a fight between Rambiss and Ricks teams; it was a "dog eat dog," unjustifiable dispute.

Suddenly, a real dog ran over.

Rambis and party had been holding and eating burgers, sandwiches, and grilled sausages. This dog ran up and bit off a burger a treasure hunter was holding. This had scared the treasure hunter, causing him to cry out loud.

The dog that had run over was a Rottweiler, which was a fierce mid-sized dog with valiant fighting abilities. It had scary bite strengtha full-grown Rottweiler could bite off an adults shin bone in one bite!

This was a young Rottweiler, just a half-grown son of a b*tch.

The treasure hunter was furious at his burger being grabbed, He lifted his leg to kick the dog. "F*ck, whose dog is this? Scram, scram and let go off my burger."

Kicked, the Rottweiler retreated and started to howl.

A few men ran over, and leading them was a muscular white man. On seeing him, the Rottweiler scampered to his side and started to whine softly.

The muscular white man glared at the crowd and asked in a fierce manner, "Who kicked my dog?"

On seeing this man, the expressions on the faces of Rick and his son, and Rambis and Huron, changed immediately. With this question, all the treasure hunters from Flagstaff moved back a step.

Having noted this, Li Du understood that this muscular man must be somebody of importance.

True enough, Hans whispered to him, "This should be interesting. Frank Boll, boss of California. Lets see how these idiots handle him."

Li Du thought the name was familiar. "I seem to have heard of him?"

Hans said, "Of course. He was in the news this year. He got his hands on some gold sand, and was able to join The Million Club. What a lucky b*stard."