Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Let Me Step On The Uneven Road

On hearing Hanss introduction, Li Dus mind suddenly recalled where he had heard this mans name.

The first time Godzilla had been in Phoenix, they had been chatting in the Steampunk Hotel about this Frank Boll.

In addition, he also remembered that this guy had a formidable partner, but he had forgotten his name.

Carrying the Rottweiler, Franks expression grew more ferocious. "Are you all f*cking deaf? Who bullied my dog? Hey, Chinaman, was it you?"

Li Du was speechless, and thought of the saying, The fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the moat. He was only an onlooker and had been dragged into the matter; these Americans were not at all friendly to Chinese businessmen.

Without him needing to speak, Hans explained on his behalf: "Buddy, this has nothing to do with us."

Rick felt that this was a chance to get closer to Hans and Li and so chipped in, "Frank, it has nothing to do with them."

Having excluded Li Dus and Ricks people, then, by deduction, the incident had to do with Rambis and his party.

Franks face darkened, and he looked at everyone angrily. "I am f*cking asking: who did it? Who bullied my dog?"

As the leader, Huron had to step out. He gathered his courage and said, "Frank, partner, your dog grabbed my friends burger first"

Frank pointed and him and hollered, "F*ck you! Who the hell are you to be my partner? It was you, wasnt it?"

With Frank yelling at him, all the courage that Huron had mustered earlier disappeared into thin air.

He shook his head in a panic. "No, no, no, not me. I swear to God this matter and me"

"Then why the f*ck did you speak?" Frank interrupted him angrily.

Li Du whispered, "Is there something wrong with this guy? It was just a kick to the dog, and the dog had been at fault. Whys he so agitated?"

Hans gave him a look, indicating that he should stop talking. "Heard he has bipolar disorder. Shhhlets just watch the show."

The middle-aged white man standing next to Frank said, "Mouser, this has nothing to do with you. Get lost."

Huron was not without self-preservation. On hearing that, he waved his hand and said decisively, "Lets go."

The treasure hunter whose burger had been grabbed and who had kicked the dog panicked and said, "Huron, buddy, dont goyou guys cant leave me behind!"

Frank went up to him and gave him a violent push, and howled, "Son of a b*tch, it was you who kicked my dog?!"

The middle-aged white man held Frank back and said solemnly, "Calm down bro. Do you want to get chased out? Today were not here for a fight, but to make money!"

Frank struggled as he shouted, "To the hell with making money, Ive got plenty of money! Son of a b*tch, you had the nerve to kick my dog? The nerve to kick my dog?"

Aggrieved, that treasure hunter said, "It grabbed my burger first. I didnt kick it with force, I only wanted to scare it off"

"F*ck, son of a b*tch, shut up! Im gonna get you!" Frank was still yelling. Many treasure hunters had started to come over due to the commotion.

As more and more people came over, the middle-aged white mans irritation grew. He dragged Frank away and nodded at a muscular youth standing next to him.

The muscular youth walked up to the treasure hunter, grabbed his shirt collar and said, "Buddy, lets find a place to talk."

The treasure hunter looked toward Huron and everyone else with panic. Some treasure hunters had displeasure written all over their faces while others were looking at Frank indignantly. But no one dared to stand up to seek justice.

Finally, a burly guy wanted to step up and help. As soon as he took a step forward, Huron blocked him with a grave face. "And offend Frank and York?Are you sure? They are maniacs! Rich and powerful maniacs!"

Turis whispered angrily, "What tyrants. Frank Boll, what a jerk! Really tyrants!"

Reeves was also furious. "It was his dog that started it. Olly was only defending himself!"

Looking at Ollys fearful, helpless expression, Li Du shook his head and walked over. He blocked the muscular youth and said, "Buddy, lets be reasonable. You know its not his fault."

The muscular youth looked at him coldly. "Get lost, monkey!"

The middle-aged white man York turned his head back and shouted, "Robinson, hurry, bring him over!"

Li Dus face darkened slightly. "What did you just call me?"

Hans made a call and then stood next to Li Du. He told the youth, "Mind your smelly mouthnext time, dont forget to brush your teeth after eating dogsh*t."

The youth Robinson viciously pushed Olly to the ground and then walked over with an icy expression, wanting to take action. A more aggressive and tougher-looking figure could be seen running over swiftly.

Godzilla, who was in the car, had received Hanss phone call and dashed over.

Upon seeing the fierce-looking, King King lookalike Godzilla, Robinson paused somewhat fearfully. But he was not afraid, and pointed at some people standing close by. "Move away!"

Li Du said, "Apologize to me first, then let this guy go, and well leave immediately."

As though he had just heard a joke, Robinson burst into laughter. York asked his men to hold on to Frank, while he walked back to say to Li Du, "What do you want?"

Li Du said, "Nothing, we have a saying back home: Even if the road is uneven, someones gotta step on it. So, now, I am stepping on it."

As he spoke, he went to help Olly get up from the ground, and also helped him pat the dust off his clothes.

The flustered Olly looked at York and Robinsonhe wanted to leave. But when he saw Huron and his party cowering there, he ended up standing behind Li Du after some hesitation.

York laughed out loud, "You wanna be a hero? Very good, ha! Theres a hero here, guys," he pointed in the direction of the storage units and continued, "who can help me go have a look in the storage. There is Supermans red underwear in storage unit 4. Help me bring it over, and let this mister wear it on the outside of his pants."

Some treasure hunters laughed while the treasure hunters from Flagstaff were filled with anger.

York came up to pat Li Dus shoulder and said, "You are not the same as other Chinese softies. Young man, I quite admire you. On account of your courage, lets end this with an apology."

Li Du smiled, "Yes, end this with an apology. But its not us apologizing, its your man apologizing."

"Are you nuts?" York said, stunned.

Li Du said, "You know whos nuts. Let me give you a suggestion: bring that buddy of yours for a check-up at the mental hospital. Otherwise, he will get into trouble sooner or later."

On hearing their conversation, the treasure hunters surrounding them started to murmur:

"Kid, do you know what you are saying?"

"Dont act tough, it would be terrible to get your bones mashed up!"

"Does this idiot not know Yorks status? He would regret it if he knew!"

Olly, who was standing behind Li Du, tugged at his clothes, and whispered, "Thank you, Li. Forget about the apologywe cant continue this."

Li Du told him, "Were here to make money from the storage auction, and not to be insulted like clowns! We must still maintain our dignity while making money. You sure you want to give up your dignity for others to trample on?"

Ollys eyes reddened; it looked as though he was going to cry from being victimized.