Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Cmon, Show Some Sincerity

York saw that a growing number of treasure hunters were surrounding them and shook his head. "Kid, youre really a brave fool. Youll be in trouble after the auction."

He had wanted to leave with Robinson but Li Du stopped him and said, "Hey, your guy scolded me just now. Hes gotta apologize."

Having been stopped twice, York was angered. He poked Li Dus chest and said, "I was wrong to call you a foolyou are a reckless b*stard!"

Uphased, Li Du said, "Many people have said that, but Im still alive and well. Let him apologize."

Frank hollered from the side, "York, when did you become a sissy? Get this son of a b*tch, and squash this d*mn Chinese softie!"

York sneered, "Robinson, apologize."

Robinson grunted and walked up stiffly. "Sorry monkey. No, I mean, I shouldnt have called you a monkey"

A burst of laughter could be heard from the crowd; Robinson also laughed viciously.

Hans frowned and said, "D*mn him! Lets not attend the auction!"

Li Du stretched out his hand to block him, and smiled calmly. "No, were definitely attending the auction. Hes already apologized, so this matter is considered over."

York continued to sneer at him. "Over? No, not over. You still want to attend the auction? Dream on!"

Saying that, he brought Robinson over to where Frank was. As he walked, he shouted, "These country bumpkins irritate me. Well be grateful to whoever can get rid of my irritation."

Frank added, "I know where in LA can we find a valuable storage unit next week."

Hearing this, there was a commotion amongst the treasure hunters.

In no time, three black men walked out from the crowd, and stood in front of Li Du and his team. They chuckled.

"We are also irritated with you, d*mn yellow-skinned monkey. Come, kneel at my crotch and eat my banana"

"Where did you guys wriggle out from? Tell me the p*ssy number you wriggled out from. Ive made a mark at your mothers p*ssy, just say the number and Id know"

"You wanna act tough, right? Today Im going to f*ck your *ss until it splits open. I wanna see how strong your *sshole is, since you dare talk sh*t here!"

Olly said furiously, "So despicable. Li, Big Fox, dont make any move. Theyre trying to provoke you into a fight!"

Turis held on to a fuming Hans. "Calm down bro, were here to attend the auction. Were here to make money"

Li Du glanced at the triumphant-looking York and Frankhe knew the other partys motive and had a way to deal with this.

Li Du smiled at the three black men, and then looked at Rick and his son. "Did you not want to talk? I guess that depends on your sincerityshow us your sincerity then."

The expression on Ricks face changed. Frowning, he said, "Li, this is too much."

Li Du replied, "Then is not what you did to me too much? If you dont want to show your sincerity, then you better hope that we dont meet again!"

Rick gritted his teeth and turned back toward a burly guy behind Carl. "Hall, help us deal with these three sons of b*tches. I owe you one!"

The burly guy, who had an angry expression on his face, was delighted to hear this. "Okay, leave it to me!"

Lil Rick picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at a young black man. The burly man charged toward the other two. The six of them got twisted into a heap.

Rick and his son usually sent people into battle as they had terrible fighting abilities. The burly man was, however, a master at fighting.

He delivered a flying kick to the young black man, and when he returned to the ground, he managed to dodge the blow coming at him. Then he charged over to punch the young black mans abdomen.

When the young man bent over in pain, the burly man used his elbow to whack the back of his head, causing him to collapse onto the ground. After settling one guy, the burly man charged toward another. He delivered a kick to his waist from the back, which caused him to cry out in pain.

Once the fighting started, the surrounding crowd erupted into frenzied roars and cheers, forming a chaotic scene.

The storage facilitys security was alerted, and ran over with batons. The six of them were pulled apart and the guards started driving them out of the premise.

Two out of the three black youths had been on the ground. Only one was able to walk out of the storage areas entrance, but he was kicked by the burly guy until he dropped to the ground.

The burly guy shouted as he beat him up. "F*ck f*ck f*ck! You sons of b*tches have irritated me long enough! Cmon, keep bullying us, huh!?!"

It all happened too quickly; Frank, York, and their men were stunned. They thought they had gotten the upper hand on Li Du and his team, and had not expected to wind up on the losing end of the fight.

The surrounding crowd was even more surprised; the evolution of the situation was totally beyond their expectations. They did not expect Li Du, this treasure hunter whom they had not met, to have such a razor-sharp retaliating move.

Li Du looked and Frank and his party coldly. "If you wanna fight, then continue to fight, but dont hide behind other people like a bunch of sissies. Cmon, do it in person. Actually, Im feeling the itch myselfits been a long time since I last made any moves!"

Some treasure hunters cheered. "This kid is tough! I like him, wheres he from?"

There were also others who lamented. "That youngster really has no idea of the seriousness of the matter. Hes going to regret it. He really shouldnt offend Frank and York!"

The security chief with a large belly hollered, "All of you shut up and get lost! F*cking move to one side. Whoever causes any more trouble will have to get out!"

Frank flashed his middle finger at Li Du, and said menacingly, "See you at the auctionIll make sure you pay the price!"

Li Du laughed sarcastically.

Under the security guards chasing, the crowd dispersed, but still discussed the matter.

After this, Li Dus fame spread on the spot. Many more treasure hunters started to develop an interest in him.

Carl shook his head and said, "D*mmit, this guys a real troublemaker. Lets leave. Olly, leave quicklydo you really still want to stay here?"

Olly spat at him. "F*ck you. Whos leaving with you? Im following Li!"

Carl said resentfully, "Dumb*ss, then wait to die. Come, lets go."

He beckoned and walked to the back. In the end, only Rambis and his men followed. The others only looked at him disdainfully.

Carl was a little flustered. "F*ck, whatre you all looking at? Why are you still here? Lets go!"

One treasure hunter pointed at him and said, "Get lost, you gutless fella. Im going to follow Li!"

"Im going too also. Carl Carl, youre such a softie! A sissy!"

"We were so stupid to be following this guy. Hes not even from Flagstaff."

"Ricks a big player from Flagstaff, and he also obeys Li. I really dont know where Carl got the guts to challenge Li."

Blue in the face, Carl said, "What do you guys mean? Alright, since you are willing to court death along with him, stay here then. Rambis, lets go."

A bunch of middle fingers flashed his way when his back turned to them.