Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 221

Chapter 221: The Majestic Ocelot

The door of storage unit 11 was opened, and a bunch of bayonets appeared in their view.

Under the afternoon sun, the bayonets shined brightly as they reflected the sunlight.

"Oh sh*t, this is a weapon storage?" one of the treasure hunters shouted excitedly.

Immediately, someone mocked, "Fool, you dont know your stuff. Where would there be real weapons in a movie? These are all propsall of them are worthless."

The crowd queued up to look. After less than a minute at the entranceat most 30 to 40 secondsthe auctioneer would gesture for the group to leave.

"Sh*t, I havent seen enough!"

"Thats not enough time. I just blinked once, and Im already being chased away."

"They could just split up the units and auction them on different days. D*mn it. Are they rushing to meet God or something?"

Treasure hunters kept cursing, but there was nothing they could do since the auctioneer was the representative of the storage organization. If they were to have any conflicts with the auctioneer, they would be kicked out.

Li Du had just stood at the entrance for about 20 seconds. The auctioneer gestured and said, "Times upquick, quick, next group."

That was when he realized the advantage of where Frank and York were at. They were the last group to view, so the auctioneer would not rush them as much.

The auctioneer raised his arm and said, "Come, come, come. There is definitely something good in these unitsthe starting bid is still 1,000 dollars, 1,000, 1,000, whoever wants it come forward."

Hans squeezed to the front and heatedly called out, "2,000!"

"Alright, 2,000, 2,000, 2,000. Is anyone up for 3,000?"

"Ill go for 3,000!"

"Okay 3,000, 3,000, 3,000, how about 5,000?"

Another treasure hunter nodded. "Sure, 5,000."

The price kept rising, and with the auctioneer speedily taking the offers, the price went up to 10,000 dollars.

Hans nodded again. He was the one who accepted the 10,000 dollar bid.

Li Du squatted on the ground and used his phone, seemingly bored by his surroundings.

In reality, he had let out the bug, and was watching Frank and York. He was worried that the two would notice their strong desire for this unit and try to throw a wrench into their plans.

In the end, it was just him being overly suspicious. The two didnt even look at Hans or him; they were just discussing something discreetly and kept glancing around from time to time.

Li Du could only share the vision of the bug. He couldnt hear what they were saying, so he didnt know what they were doing.

But he noticed something strange. The black man with dreadlocks, the one who bought unit 3, was standing beside Frank, and speaking to them occasionally.

He guessed that this man with dreadlocks was one of Franks lackeys, so unit 3 belonged to Frank.

The price of unit 11 shot up to 16,000 dollars before the pace slowed down. The auctioneer pointed to Hans and asked quickly, "16,000, 16,000, fellas, the price is 16,000, would anyone go for 17,000?

After about two seconds, with no one making any bids, the auctioneer waved his arm. "Alright 16,000, this unit belongs to you, buddy. Lets go to next onehurry up!"

Frank and York finally glanced at Hans, and then turned their attention away without much reaction. They quietly continued their discussion.

Li Du heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt helpless. The other party wasnt even paying them any heed!

He wasnt interested in the other units. When it came to unit 21, the sky was already dark.

Everyone, including the auctioneer and all the treasure hunters, was exhausted. This auction was thus over, with the remaining units left for tomorrow.

Li Du was constantly using the bug between intervals, so his energy was drained heavily. As he walked he spoke while trying to catch his breath: "This auction sure took the life out of us."

As long as Hans wasnt fooling around with women, he would always be full of energy. He still seemed energetic. "Ha! Well of course, my brother. When was making money ever easy? Imagine those vampire b*stards from Wall Streetthe pressure they face is extraordinary!"

But by taking unit 11, it was a successful day, so despite the fatigue, their hearts felt light.

Walking to the side of the truck, Li Du opened the door to get in. Suddenly, a black and yellow spotted dog with its mouth open appeared from behind the truck.

Li Du and the others did not notice it, but Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, who were in the truck, saw. Ah Meow jumped out of the car window, and shrieked at the back of the truck, "Meowww! Meowww!"

Hearing Ah Meows warning calls, the few hastily turned toward the sound, and they saw a large, ferocious dog. It had a grim gaze, and looked muscular and strong.

"D*mn, where did this Rottweiler come from?" Hans sucked in a breath of cool air and said.

Someone blew a whistle. The fierce dog growled, and then slowly approached them.

Li Du held his breath, saying, "Everyone, face it directly. Dont let that thing see your back! Godzilla, slowly open the doorthis has to be revenge from Frank and those b*stards!"

The Rottweiler approached with a few steps, like an experienced fighter preparing to attack. Suddenly, its tail and muscles tensed up, and it rushed forward rapidly.

The explosive power of the dog was tremendous: they only saw something flash before their vision, and the dog was already right in front of them. It had suddenly turned into a dire situation!

Everything happened in an instant. Ah Meow, who was leaning on the window in preparation, pounced right as a gust of wind blew, carrying the ocelot with it.

With a series of high-pitched shrieks, Ah Meow slammed onto the Rottweilers head, madly swinging its claws at the Rottweilers face. The impact pushed the large dog away from them.

After being propelled away, it rolled twice on the ground after landing, the growls coming from its throat increasing in volume. It leered viciously and jumped toward Ah Meow.

Ah Meow was swinging its long tail in the air. With an agile twist, it landed silently, jumping swiftly toward the dog. Facing the ferocious attacks from the dog, Ah Meow was not afraid. Not only did it not run away, but it was also counter-attacking.

The Rottweiler was strong and tough, while the ocelot was clever and quick.

In just a fraction of a second, the two began a direct confrontation!

The outstretched jaws of the Rottweiler were about to sink into the ocelot, but right before the point of contact, the ocelot twisted, its fur and muscles rolling like waves being blown by gentle winds, easily avoiding the sharp fangs from the Rottweiler.

At the same time, the ocelot swung its sharp claws, ruthlessly slamming onto the dogs forehead, with one paw after another.

In that exchange, the Rottweiler lost, started whimpering in pain on the ground, as it hugged its head with its paws. After landing, Ah Meow jumped again, about five feet high, and landed on a nearby tree like an assassin.

Upon landing, it jumped again.

It was like a streak of lightning in the night. Ah Meow pounced on the Rottweiler again, its two claws reached toward its neck, and blood immediately spurted out from its thick neck after being ripped open!

The fierce dog that previously had an imposing aura, was now ragged. It tried to get up, wailing in panic with its tail between its legs, and limped away.

The ocelot wanted to give chase, but Li Du shouted, "Come back!"

Hearing his command, Ah Meow reluctantly stopped.

It licked its paws with its tongue, its green and glossy eyes gleaming with a cold light. It stood upright against the wind with its long and smooth figurea majestic sight to behold!