Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Battle of The Lunatics

The exchange between the ocelot and the Rottweiler was very quick. Hans and the other treasure hunters couldnt even clearly see the details of the fight.

But they had a rough understanding of what occurred. The Rottweiler was chased away, and immediately someone shouted, "My God, that cat is a monster!"

Someone scoffed and said, "Cat? Thats an ocelot! A top predator in the food chain! Its capable of killing almost anything smaller and equal to its size!"

"The Rottweiler was lucky that it ran quickly. Id bet, if it didnt run, that ocelot would have killed it!"

"Bullsh*tdont you know who that Rottweiler belongs to? That ocelots in trouble!"

Of course, Li Du could guess who the owner of that dog was: it had to be Frank.

Sure enough, after the Rottweiler retreated, the sound of Franks shouts came. "Doby! Doby! D*mn it, Im gonna kill all of you! How dare you hurt my Doby! Ahhh!"

Frank ran toward them as he roared. York held him back, while the poor Rottweiler continued to shiver on the ground.

Li Du saw it clearly. In the first encounter, Ah Meow had already severely hurt the dog its claws had ripped a gash from its forehead to its nose.

The nose was the most vulnerable and important parts of a dog. Nerves were concentrated there, and any trauma to the nose would cause great pain to the dog.

Frank, as a dog lover, knew this. Seeing that the nose of his own dog had been ripped in almost two halves, it amplified his rage and he continued roaring madly.

"Let me go, let me go! I want this Chinese man dead! This yellow monkeyhes dead! How dare he hurt DobyIm gonna kill him!"

Li Du was also angered, and said to York demandingly, "Let go of him! Let that son of a b*tch come over! Using a dog to harm otherswhat a scumbag!"

Frank pointed at him and shouted, "Go screw yourself, Chinese monkey! I wasnt hurting anyone, I was just walking my dog!"

Hans was also enraged. "Youll die from your rabies soon! Walking your dog? Wait for the cops! My car has a camera, and the whole scene of your dog attacking has been recorded!"

Many of the treasure hunters were still there in the parking lot. Thus, many people had witnessed the incident.

Someone said unhappily, "Frank, dont be unreasonable. Your dog almost harmed someone just now!"

"You cant run from the blame, Frank. We heard the whistleyou were intentionally commanding your dog to harm others."

"Hes a lunatic! Wed better stay away from him!"

It took all of Yorks might to drag Frank back. "Now, the more urgent task at hand is to get Doby to a vet!" he shouted. "Frank! We have to treat him!"

Hearing those words, Frank could finally somewhat calm down. He pointed to Li Du and snapped, "Listen, you Chinese monkey: today, youve angered me! Youre dead! I swear to God, youre dead!"

Li Du flashed a middle finger at him with an indifferent expression. "The next time your dog comes near again, Ill make sure its dead!"

"F*ck you!" Frank exploded in rage again.

Hans dialed 9-1-1. "Were at the Warner Brothers storage facility, and theres been a vicious attack from a dog! We suspect the dog has rabiesyes, weve been attacked"

Hearing those words, Frank spat at him. He carried the whimpering Rottweiler onto the car and speedily drove away.

Ah Meow watched the fading silhouette of the leaving car, its eyes full of scorn. It let out a despising cry: "Meowww!"

Hans gave it a thumbs up. "Boss Meow, awesome!"

Crispy Noodles blinked a few times, and was innocently curled up on the seat. Ah Meow boarded the truck, and Crispy Noodles humbly followed behind Ah Meows butt.

The little raccoon understood the power of the ocelot. Although it had a resemblance to a bear, its actual combat strength was nothing like one. The ocelot was different: it could dominate the jungles despite its small size, and was worthy of its resemblance to a tiger.

Due to the valiant actions of Ah Meow today, Li Du rewarded it with a plate of tuna, and even spent 120 dollars getting yellowfin tuna from a sushi restaurant for it.

Ah Meow noisily munched on a piece, its green, glossy eyes flickering. This stuff is great! Much better than salmon!

The Los Angeles police didnt take their time. After receiving the call from Hans, they immediately sent a team over to investigate. They made a copy of the recording from the car camera, stating that they would investigate the incident.

On the second day of the auction, Frank and York came late, arriving in the mid-afternoon.

The two wore solemn expressions, and their glares toward Li Du were full of hostility. However, they were not provoking him anymore.

Unit 28 had some valuable items: some shields and traditional weapons hidden in Styrofoam boxes.

Unit 11 also had weapons, which were made of wood and plastic. This unit was different. In it, the shields and traditional weapons seemed to be just models. However, the exterior was wrapped in some steel or bronze layer, looking almost like the real thing.

Li Du had searched on the web, discovering that these models came from one of the films from Warner Bros., "Troy."

He used the ability of the bug to replay the scenes of the past. He saw one of the scenes depicting a bronze-layered shield with a black Pegasus drawing on it, held by the movie star, Brad Pitt.

Thus, he knew that those props were valuable. If they were sold to a movie fanatic or some fan of Brad Pitt, it would definitely make a lot of money.

The starting bid was 2,000 dollars. This was a large-scale storage unit. Hans participated in the competition, and raised the price all the way up to 15,000 dollars

At that moment, no one was making any more offers. Li Du thought the unit was theirs, but then, Frank opened his mouth and said, "20,000!"

Seeing the twisted expression from Frank, Li Du felt anxious. He realized that it would not be so easy to get this unit.

Hans remained unfazed and continued to bid, shouting, "21,000."

"Twenty-two thousand," Frank scoffed.

"Twenty-three thousand!"

"Twenty-four thousand!"

The price quickly rose to 30,000, and Frank continued to raise the price.

Li Du coldly smirked, and butted into the bidding. "Fifty thousand!"

The treasure hunters on scene cried out in surprise.

"Those fellas are really rich50,000 dollars for a unit!"

"Of course! Frank is one of the members of The Million Club!"

"What if this unit is worth 100,000 dollars? Theyve definitely seen something that we didnt!"

"Dont be dumbwhat they saw, we did too. The two are just competing against each other!"

"Thats right. Last night, Frank sent his dog to attack the Chinaman. In the end, the Chinese fella had an ocelot, and it almost killed his beloved dog!"

"It doesnt end there. Big Fox called the cops. Frank and the others were detained by the cops that night!"

The treasure hunters fervently discussed the situation. Franks expression turned hideous. "Sixty thousand!"

Li Du scoffed, "100,000!"

The treasure hunters were unsettled. "That boy from Flagstaff is a tough one!"

"Frank has finally met someone even crazier than him!"

"Stand back guys, stand back! Its a battle of the lunatics!"