Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 228

Chapter 228: The Final Methods

Unit 35 was the highest bid of the day. Unit 28 was the runner-up. These two were the most expensive units; to get them Frank and York had spent over 200,000 dollars.

From the looks of things, the treasures that they had spent all their cash to get, had now turned to trash. This auction had forced them to make a loss of over 200,000 dollars!

The two were devastated.

They had actually spent over 200,000 dollars. Even if they were members of The Million Club, it didnt mean that they had millions of dollars in liquid funds. The 200,000-dollar loss was a heavy blow to their finances.

Frank flipped into a mad fury again, kicking the boxes and other junk around him, yelling, "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! F*ck this f*cking place! D*mn it, d*mn it!"

York tried his best to keep calm as he held his partner back. "Calm down, brother, storage auctions are always a dangerous business."

Hearing that, the treasure hunters understood the situation, and started chatting again:

"Oh, sh*t, what did they lose this time? How much did they get this unit for? A few hundred thousand?"

"My God, whats going on? Theyre guys from The Million Club, and have two failed units?"

"Two hundred and twenty thousand dollars in loss? If it were me, Id be bankrupt!"

"York was right, fellas. The storage auction business has always been a dangerous trade."

Hans was ecstatic, and said while laughing loudly, "Dogsh*ts from The Million Club. I was wondering how good they actually were. Seems like karmawhats the Chinese saying for this kind of situation, Li?"

Li Du said without hesitation, "There are too many to count. Good will be rewarded and Evil will be punished.God will strike when the time is right!Grass is afraid of frost, while frost is afraid of the Sun.There will always be someone to punish evildoers!Kindness and evil will always face the consequences of their deeds, no matter how fast they run from it!"

"The Chinese culture is grand," Hans said, "although I dont understand what you just said. But in English, there are also similar proverbs, such as: vicious dogs will die by the stick!"

Olly said, "My pastor is French. In French, there is a saying: Happiness isnt a reward, its a result. Sufferings arent punishments, but retribution!"

"Heres one in German: You reap what you sow," Reeves added.

Frank and York became enraged listening to the group, and glared at them viciously.

Seeing such, Turs waved and said, "Dont misunderstand, fellas. These guys arent trying to provoke you intentionally; they were just flaunting their different cultures."

After he finished speaking, he laughed, and continued, "I should share a saying of my own: Those who swim in guilt and sin, eventually drown in the depths of misery!"

The treasure hunters roared with laughter. One of them said, "These fellas from Flagstaff sure have balls of steeltheyre going right up against Frank."

"Theyve gone against him from the start, but indeed, they are some tough fellas!"

Frank expression twisted; he was about to explode into another rage again.

Seeing that, York held him back again and forced a smile. "Dont listen to these sons of b*tches, dont we still have unit 3? That pottery is fine, weve seen it!"

Frank gritted his teeth and said, "Thats right, unit 3, unit 3! Lets go to unit 3!"

Li Du had guessed correctly: The black man with dreadlocks who had bought unit 3 was one of their men.

Hearing that they had unit 3, the owner of the drone was elate; he went to them and said, "Thank God, so that unit was bought by you guys, can I have the drone back?"

A cold look flashed through Franks gaze, but York stopped him with a look. He warmly patted the shoulder of the owner of the drone, and said with a smile, "Of course. What belongs to you, will naturally be returned to you."

Li Du creased his brows. In unit 3 was all just decorations: pottery, toys, and sculptures. There were no antiques in there, so what in there was so valuable?

Soon, someone asked, "Unit 3? Whats so valuable in there?"

Frank looked disinterested and said lifelessly, "Youll know when you get there."

Unit 3 was opened. Unit 1 and 2 at the side were all being fervently cleared up.

Seeing that the treasure hunters had arrived, the buyer of unit 1 shouted excitedly, "Guys, look at what Ive found!"

Someone asked curiously, "What is it?"

The buyer of Unit 1 whistled, and a man walked out of the back of a truck and carried out a slab of polystyrene splint. On it were odd and complex patterns, which looked majestic and mysterious!

"Minas Tirith is in my hands, fellas!" the buyer shouted joyfully. "I am the King of Gondor!"

The treasure hunters were amazed; they knew the worth of what he was holding.

Someone said, "A pity that Frank and Yorks Terminator motorcycles were fakes, and that their armor from Troy was spoiled. They could have been worth a lot more than these splints."

York opened the entrance of unit 3. He pointed to one of the wooden shelves and said stiffly, "Even if the previous two were busts, so what? We still have our royal porcelain!"

Hearing that, Li Du sucked in a breath of cool air. He said in surprise, "Sh*t, there are antiques in there?!"

His surprise was not an act. The flying bug was not attracted to any of the porcelain. By logic, if they were antiques, the bug would have been attracted to them.

Frank looked at him with disdain and said, "Antiques? You thought that only antique porcelain would be valuable?"

He walked over and patted on the wooden shelves, showing a proud expression. "A lesson for you guys today. Before an auction, do some more research, then you wont miss out on some of the good stuff."

"Whats so special about this porcelain?" The treasure hunters were baffled.

Frank patted even harder on the wooden shelves and said, "To refresh your memory, in the "Harry Potter" movies, Hogwarts had many porcelain decorations"

The crowd had a sudden realization: the porcelain on the wooden shelves were all from the "Harry Potter" movies!

Li Du asked, "Is the porcelain from the movies that valuable?"

As he spoke, he wordlessly let out the bug.

The bug landed on the shelves, and began sucking out all the time from the wooden shelves.

"Quite valuable," Hans said. "Many kids are fascinated with the world of magic. The porcelain from the movies would be an amazing present. Since there are lots of these things, if they wait untill Christmas or Halloween, rich folks would gladly buy these at a high price as gifts for their children."

"Seems that you have some knowledge at least!" York stood beside the wooden shelves. He, too, patted on the wooden shelves and added, "In fact, we have already contacted"

Creak! He hadnt finished speaking, but with a couple of his hits, those seemingly sturdy wooden shelves suddenly creaked eerily!

Then, before the others had even reacted, the supports of the wooden shelves suddenly snapped, and they suddenly collapsed!

All the porcelain slammed onto the concrete floor. Followed by ear-splitting sounds from impact, the porcelain was smashed to pieces!