Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 231

Chapter 231: The Unexpected

After taking a moment to regulate his emotions, Li Du said, "I have nothing but respect for your acting, and I also respect all the hard work youve put in for your acting career. So, I would not cheat youIve got a Batpod here that I think youll like."

"Batpod?" Frances asked doubtfully. "You got it from here? Youre also a treasure hunter?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, you can come with me to have a look."

Hearing this, her bodyguard said cautiously, "If possible, I hope you can ride the motorcycle out instead. Hope you can understand why wed rather not go into an unfamiliar storage facility."

As she was undoubtedly an acclaimed actress from Hollywood, Li Du could understand her worry. There were many nutcases and lunatics in America who were capable of anything.

A beautiful and wealthy woman of status like Frances would naturally not want to take any risks.

He was about to nod his head, but the actress waved her hand and said, "Its fine, Kyle. This is LA, it should be fine if we are more careful. I dont think there is any danger here."

With the actress following behind, they walk to storage unit 11.

Li Du had called Hans halfway there; Hans drove all the treasure hunters out so that nobody would disturb the actress.

It was right for him to take such caution; the treasure hunters started to whistle and yell when they saw the actress:

"Wow, the best actress has appearedits really Frances McDormand!"

"I like you as Officer Marge Gunderson. Can you give me an autograph?"

"That Flagstaff chaps doing well. When did he get connected with the whos who of Hollywood?"

Jim York scolded, "F*ck, these country bumpkins are connected to Hollywood? D*mmit, theyre stealing my contacts!"

Frances waved and smiled at the treasure hunters crowded around. She might have been in her fifties, but she still looked charming when she smiled.

Knowing the actress was here, the treasure hunters who were packing their storage units kept dashing over. The entrance to storage unit 11 was bustling in no time.

Upon seeing the motorcycle, Frances removed her sunglasses and walked over. She reached out to stroke the motorcycle and then took the mobile phone from her bodyguard to search for something online.

After she had completed the online search, she made a call using the mobile phone. Four of five minutes later, she ended the call and then smiled at Li Du. "The Batpod... you were not lying to me. This is indeed the Batpod."

"The Batpod" was the motorcycles name. In the movie, Batman rode on this motorcycle to weave through the streets of Gotham City.

Li Du asked, "Did you confirm its identity?"

York added, "Maybe this was not the motorcycle in the movie, but only a replica used for publicity."

"Batman" was a heavyweight brand belonging to DC Comics. It had huge market potential. The Warner Bros. had started to invest heavily in it. Last year, they had filmed "Batman: The Dark Night," which would be screened this year.

There was still some time to go before the screening date, and Warner Bros. Pictures had been drumming up the publicity for the movie.

Hence, Yorks guess was not unfounded. Under such circumstances, the movie company would produce some replicas of the Batpod for publicity purposes.

This was a question that Hans had as well. Li Du was not concerned, though, as he has used the little bugs time reversal ability to check that this was the original one used in the movie!

Frances smiled and said, "Mister, your words make sense. As far as I know, they produced a few Batpods to be used for the filming. And later on, they created a few more for publicity purposes."

With delight in his heart, York replied, "I have no ill intent, Frances. I thought you might need some advice from people in the knowyou dont want to end up getting mocked at for buying a worthless replica."

Frances said, "Let me finish. Thank you for your kind intentions, but I just asked some professionals. Li is very lucky; what they got is indeed the original from the movie."

"Sh*t!" Frank could not help but curse after this piece of news.

Frances said, "Also, this one is special because it was used specifically for the filming of the Batpods close-ups."

"What does that mean?" someone asked.

Frances said, "This vehicle was specially made for filming close-ups. Compared to the other replicas, the detailing on it is even more apparent."

Ecstatic at hearing this, Hans asked, "That means that this vehicle is even more valuable?"

Frances nodded, "Exactlyyou guys are so lucky to get your hands on this one. It was supposed to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour Archive."

York, consumed with jealousy, said, "You could be wrong, Frances, youd better think this through."

Frances shook the mobile phone at him, and said, "That was not from me, it was according to Nathan Crowley and Chris Corbould.

"Oh, Nathan was the art director for The Dark Knight," the actress added, "and this vehicle was designed by the man himself. Chris was the special effects director."

Her words caused York to mutter with jealousy, "This cant be real."

Ignoring him, Frances started to take a closer look at the motorcycle, saying, "Just like the news Ive gotten, the chassis is made from alloy while the bodys made of silver-grey fiberglass. The tires are 89-cm. Bridgestone custom tires, while the engine is a Honda 750completely exact

"Ha! The back of the vehicle also has two cannons. But theyre uselessmade of plastic, resin, and fiberglass. Completely useless.

"Theres a laser sight attached to the right handle which should still be usable."

As she spoke, she pressed a button on the right handle and a red laser shot out with a whoosh sound.

Hans applauded excitedly, "Woah! Missile launched!"

Although this was a prop in a movie, as Frances had said, it was made with more details than usual.

In addition, there was a radiator and a hydraulic shock suspension under the seat. A braking system was attached to the left handle and left foot pedal.

To increase the riders comfort, black foam pads had been attached to the seat and the knee protection boards.

Frances was an expert in motorcycles. As she walked around the vehicle, introducing its parts, she also thoroughly checked the condition of the motorcycle.

After hearing her introduction, Li Du went straight to the point: "Madam, I can tell you really like this motorcycle. Its really a gem, so Im thinking you would want it in your collection room, right?"

Frances nodded decisively. "Rightyoure willing to sell it? If so, then name your price."

At this time, an electric car arrived at the entrance of the storage unit. A bald, middle-aged white man, who was perspiring profusely, jumped out and shouted, "Buddy, dont sell it in a hurrydont sell it in a hurry!"