Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 235

Chapter 235: The Sunny Beach

Li Du had seen the conversations in the group chat. A few months ago, they had been worriedly discussing him and seeking news about him. They even asked Su Nan who was in America that could go look for him in Flagstaff.

Later, Su Nan found out that the American University in Flagstaff had closed, then everyone understood why he had not appeared.

Mr. Li looked to be easy-going and simple, but he was actually a stubborn person. His classmates knew that about him and gradually stopped mentioning him.

He was grateful for his classmates thoughts of him and responded: Many thanks for your thoughts, Ive been busy looking for a job and so did not have time to keep in touch.

Yu Wenjie replied immediately: Luckily you appeared. If you hadnt, instead of thinking about you, wed be reading about you!

Song Kaixuan then responded: Dont talk trash, Old Fish. Dont let your thoughts wander. Old Li, are you doing well?

Su Nan replied: Surely well (laugh), weve got faith in your ability. With his enterprising spirit and big d*ck, even if he were a gigolo in America, hed be a star!

Xiao Yafei: (blush) Just came on to see this. Old Li, youve gone professional?

Li Du chuckled and then started to send them photos from the camera gallery on his phone.

Photos of the houses in Venice that he had taken, photos of the trees he had taken in Williams, photos of the bamboo forest in Flagstaff and photos of the spa he had visited in Carpenter Town.

Of course, he made sure to send photos highlighting the bustle of LA and charm of Venice.

With the surge of photos, Cui Zhonghua immediately sent a message: (cry) Hey hey hey. Am out with no data. Dont do this.

For a 2G network, the photos that Li Du had taken were too high in resolution and used up too much data.

Having seen the photos, the group was surprised and asked what Li Du was doing. Yang Jinlong asked: Are you now a photographer?

Su Nan said: Someone is learning from Edison Chen to bring along his camera when doing his hanky-panky (evil laugh).

Li Du said: No, Im now collecting junk in America, and need to travel around. Ive taken more photos since Ive been traveling to quite a few places.

Su Nan reacted immediately: What the hell, storage auctions!?

Li Du: (silly laugh) Yes, thats it.

Su Nan said with concern: Then be careful. My classmate, whose familys also in this line, said that its complicated business. These Americans play selfishly, dont fall into their traps.

Yang Jinlong asked: Whatre you guys talking about? I dont get it, please explain. The others sent similar messages.

As Li Du sipped his beverage, he typed out a brief job description for his former classmates.

He also mentioned his income, but he not only avoided stating his huge wealth but understated it by at least ten times the actual value.

This was to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Most of his classmates, except for the PhD students, were already working. Salaries in top-tier cities were about 4,000 dollars a month while those in second-tier cities was 3,000 dollarshis pay was too shocking in comparison.

Even so, when they knew that his monthly pay was more than ten thousand dollars in renminbi, they were stunnedall of them said they wanted to come to America to collect junk.

Having chatted with his classmates until midnight, Li Du was exhausted. He put away his phone, and snuggled Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles as he slept on the bed.

At this time, Hans and the rest had not returned. They were still having a good time at bars and clubs.

With the morning suns rays shining through the window, Li Du woke up spontaneously. As long as he did not tap into the little bugs ability too much, he would always be filled with boundless energy.

As such, every time he got out of bed, he would naturally feel on top of the world and unbeatable. Pushing his chest out as he stretched lazily, he groaned. Then, he suddenly saw Ah Meows and Crispy Noodless eyes focused on his crotch.

As he stretched, his crotch jiggled.

Ocelots were especially interested in things that jiggleit stared and then jumped up.

"Time deceleration!" Mr. Li shouted in fright, as he used a blanket to cover the lower half of his body, and then crouched down like he was trying to cover his ears from a thunderous sound.

Ah Meow pounced over with its claws extended and immediately tore a hole in the blanket!

Mr. Li broke out in a cold sweatthe saying that "men should not keep cats and women should not keep dogs" was very true. He had been very close to bidding a "happy life" goodbye!

Ah Meow was discontented and kept wanting to claw at him; Li Du exploded, "F*cking cat! Grabbing at everything and scratching at everythingyoure killing me!"

After being scolded, Ah Meow left resentfully. Apparent on its face was its displeasure as well as a look as though it had been wronged.

At noon, Hans and the rest woke up and gathered before driving to Long Beach.

Meandering along the south of LA, Long Beach led toward the worlds third-largest container port, after Singapore and Hong Kong.

This had formerly been an industrial town but had since been transformed. At both the beach and the city center area, hardly any traces of its former industrial roots could be found.

The subway in LA was very accessible. They could take the subway from the city center to Venice or Long Beach. It was quick, and there were many peopleincluding beautiful womento admire along the way.

As they drove along the highway, they stared at the many people on the beaches. Long Beach had many beautiful beachesGolden beach, Sunshine beach, Glorious beach people referred to the different areas of the coast using different names.

As the truck moved along the road, they noticed a few hitchhikers who were young, pretty girls.Upon getting their ride, the hitchhikers were usually happy to chat with the driver over an array of topics.

Often, truck drivers would pick up hitchhikers. In America, truck drivers were well-paid and highly qualified. Hence this was not a job that was regarded as lowly truck drivers were also not looked down upon.

Having arrived at Long Beach city center, they found a motel and bought boardshorts, sunglasses, and all sorts of sunscreen. Then they dashed toward the beach, ready to surf the waves and sunbathe.

They had first arrived as just a group of men. But by the time they finally reached the beach, some girls had joined the group.

Adorable pets are always a good tool for drawing girls. These girls were not here for the menhalf of them were attracted by Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles.

Li Du was not interested in these kinds of romantic encounters, so he did not try to flirt with any of the girls.

This caused Hans and the rest to sigh; what a waste of a brilliant chance!

Under normal circumstances, Long Beachs beach would only have two colors: the sands golden shade, and the green from palm trees and shrubs. But, with the addition of people, it became more diverse.

With the sea breeze blowing, the waves in the distance lapped at the beach. Periodic screams could be heard, coming from those who had been slapped onto the shore by the waves.

A few well-built male and female surfers were riding the waves, as a helicopter hovered in the air. It was not clear if it was a rescue helicopter or one for sightseeing.

There were many tall palm trees along the beach, which were perfect for providing shade.

This beach was a pet-free beach, which meant that pets were not allowed to be brought in, in the event that they dirtied the environment with their excretions.

Li Du was frustrated and was about go in search of a beach which allowed pets. In the end, Hans gave some cash to a staff member, who smiled and handed him a plastic tag. "Have fun."

Mr. Li rolled his eyes.