Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 239

Chapter 239: We Are Partners

"Valerie, this must be a joke!" Hans said.

The plump lady frowned. "No, this isnt a joke. Big Fox, youve only had one earning more than 100,000 dollars, and this was that time."

Hans could not help but laugh. "How can that be? Last month, we had one deal from Arizona State University in Tucson from which we got 200,000 dollars. No problem with that earning, right?"

The plump lady nodded and said, "Yes, no problem, but the income distribution ratio between you and Li is 40-60, so you did not get 100,000 dollars."

Hearing this, both Li Du and Hans were stupefied!

They looked at each other. Mr. Li said, "We changed the distribution ratio."

Hans said softly, "I-I-I had wanted to put it on record, but I think I forgot to."

The plump lady said in surprise, "Isnt your distribution ratio four to six?"

Li Du gave her bitter smile. "Nopreviously it was, but we changed it to equal parts."

Valerie said cautiously, "My apologiesI checked the database, and theres no new record, so"

She glanced toward Hans in regrethis heart was breaking!

"Why? Why? Why, oh God! Why are you torturing me? Like my father, I serve you, I respect you, I trust you faithfully"

"What are you doing?" Li Du said angrily.

Hans had knelt down, and was shedding pitiful tears like a child. "Why am I so unluckytwice! Twice! Missed two chances to join the Hundred Thousand Club!"

Li Du helped him up, spread his arms out to give him a hug, and said helplessly, "Forget about it, bro, we just have to wait until next time!"

"Next time? Is the next time possible?"

"Of course, no problem, that day will come soon," Li Du consoled him, "just like last timewho would have thought we could get our hands on a storage unit worth more than 300,000 dollars?"

Hans considered this and accepted the truth in disappointment.

The main thing was that he had needed to accept the fact that he couldnt enter the Hundred Thousand Clubif he didnt accept it, nothing could be done.

Valerie said, "Li, please fill out this particulars form."

Li Du shook his head. "No, Im giving up the chance to join the club this time."

"Huh?" Hans, Valerie, and the staff around them were all taken aback.

Li Du shrugged his shoulders. "Big Fox and I are partnershow could I desert him and join the club alone?"

Hans was moved by his words; he grabbed Lis arm and said, "Hey bro, dont be f*cking stupid. Join it, quick, this is a rare opportunity!"

"If we join it together," Li Du laughed, "then its a rare opportunity."

Hans shoved him. "Is your insanity acting up? D*mn! I dont need you to wait, or are you just pitying me? You can join it first!"

Li Du said, "If you dont understand me, then you can continue to try and persuade me."

Hans shouted, "You really have got mental illness?"

"Yes," Li Du said, "when you were infected with genital warts, I contracted mental illness."

Hans burst into laughter. "Yes, were really the best of partners."

"Maybe Hollywood will use us as the blueprint to film a hot-selling movie in the future," Li Du said, "called the Best of Partners."

Hans said excitedly, "But I think the name The Golden Pair is better?"

Mr. Li rejected this idea firmly. "Nothats a no go!"

Both of them continued to joke, then bade Valerie goodbye before walking out of the main door of the associations office.

Before leaving, Hans told her, "Help us to change the distribution ratio back to equal partswe changed that a long time ago."

Valerie smiled. "Ive already changed it. When you get 200,000 dollars next time, then you will both join the club."

"I will prepare champagne for you," one of the staff members said with a smile. "Both of you are true partnersBig Fox, you know what I mean."

Hans patted Li Dus shoulder, smiled, and said, "Of course, of course!"

Back at Flagstaff, they had to clear out all their junk, and went to the field to do so.

There were a lot of things in the carit would have been too taxing for Godzilla to do it alone.

Li Du called the huge man Big Quinn, who drove his old pickup to the field. The children in the surrounding area dispersed once he got out of the car; even the dogs that were playing with each other ran off in fright when they saw Big Quinn.

Big Quinns face and body were definitely astoundinghis fleshy face was already scary enough, but he had angular eyes, as well as a scar on his face.

Especially since night had already fallen, he looked even more menacing in the dark!

Li Du was sure that if it were the hottest part of the day, the hot perspiration on his body would turn to cold sweat.

This feeling affirmed his determination to win over this chap.

Godzilla was the fastest at gaining Big Quinns friendship. He had a big bag of grilled sausages with him, and offered Big Quinn a share immediately. "Have your dinner."

Big Quinn said courteously, "Thank you, partner, but Ive eaten."

Godzilla said, "You ate too little."

Big Quinn twitched his nose, took a grilled sausage, and wolfed it down.

Li Du said, "Actually, you can come tomorrow. Its a little late now, and we dont plan on tidying up."

Big Quinn spoke as he ate the sausage: "Oh, I know. I just swung by after work to take a look, make a plan. Mister, you know that the execution of something is always better with a plan."

Li Du said, "Two ways of collaborating: 400 a day or 200 a caryou choose."

Big Quinn quickly said, "200 a carI can deal with them myself."

Li Du laughed, "Thats not necessary. Godzilla can also help. When will you be free tomorrow to come back here and finish unloading and organizing everything?"

The reason for getting someone to help was not just because there were many goods in the car but also because it was a troublesome task.

There were four cars of goods in total, and they needed to unload everything. After that, they needed to sort out the pure rubbish and load it all back into the cars before sending it to the dump. The remaining goods would be left for the people from the flea market to choose from.

Upon reaching home, they saw Rose, who had just finished work. She was holding some rice boxes in her hand as she waited for the elevator.

Li Du saw her and asked in surprise, "What nonsense are you holding in your hands? When Im not at home, you eat this stuff?"

Surprised at hearing his voice, Rose turned around happily. She pocketed her cell phone, came forward to give him a hug, and said cheerfully, "You finally came back."

At this sight, the residents waiting for the elevator grinned, and someone said, "What a loving husband and wife."

Li Du was speechlessdid he have a strong husband look? How had he been misunderstood again?

He pushed Rose away and said helplessly, "Watch your image, lady cop!"

Rose said, "Im too happy. When you were not home, I could only eat takeaway. D*mn, the takeaway in Flagstaff has suddenly become so awful."

Li Du was not sure whether to feel happy or depressedher words should be considered compliments for him. As Rose was used to his cooking, she would find poorly-prepared takeaway food naturally disgusting.