Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Kikujiro

There were 14 pictures on the desk. There was a Chinese couple holding a baby girl in the first picture. As the pictures went on, it appeared that the baby girl grew into Rose.

By the eighth picture, there was a baby boy with the family, making the family of three a family of four.

After Rose had become a beautiful young lady, there were no more pictures.

Li Du stared at the pictures attentivelythey were probably Roses parents and brother. But the lady cop never mentioned them.

After Rose put away the tableware, she saw Li Du staring at the pictures when she walked into the room. Her expression changed immediately and she stood in front of Li Du.

Li Du said, "Im sorryI might be interfering with your privacy."

Rose flipped her hair and said softly, "Its alright, theres nothing private about this. Can you help me move this bookshelf please?"

The atmosphere was a little tense, the lady cop looked upset. It seemed as though the pictures had brought up bad memories.

After moving the bookshelf, Li Du left the room. He made a pot of fruit tea by using red dates, honey, and black tea.

Li Du knocked before entering the office. "I have no idea what youve been through, Rose. But like the British say: Theres nothing that can beat the sunlight and a cup of tea."

He put the teacup on the table and smiled. "Try this cup of fruit tea, it tastes good."

Rose smiled back, but her smile looked forced. She held the warm teacup and said, "Thanks, Li. You can call me Luo Qun."

"Is that your Chinese name?"

She nodded and said softly, "Actually, I like my Chinese name very much. But I havent liked to be addressed that way for some time."

Li Du asked, "Do you want me to stay and listen?"

Rose took a sip of tea and said, "Please leave me alone. I want to be alone."

Li Du shrugged and left the office.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles followed him. Before leaving, they ran toward her and patted her legs using their paws. They used their furry little heads and rubbed her hands lightly.

The sadness in the lady cops eyes started to fade and she smiled slightly.

Li Du said, "They want to stay with youwhy dont you let them stay? Perhaps they will make you feel better."

That night, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles slept with the lady cop.

Li Du had no idea what happened, but from that night onwards, the lady cop treated the animals much better. She allowed them to jump and play around the house.

The next morning, Big Quinn joined them before his shift ended. They headed to the empty land in the forest to sort the items from the auction.

Godzilla and Big Quinn worked without shirts on. Hans was giving them instructions, so Li Du had nothing to do. He held a bottle of beer and wandered around the forest.

Hans was not happy when he saw this. He yelled, "Can you please get the h*ll out of here if you have nothing to do?"

Li Du said, "Im f*cking giving you mental support here!"

"Fuck you," Hans said angrily. "You are killing our spirit and wasting our cold beer!"

Li Du glanced at the skyit was already afternoon. He had nowhere to go and he decided to call Sophie. "Hi, Sophie. Are you busy?"

Sophie laughed, "What a coincidence! I was about to call you. Im having a day offor, I should say, Im off for the afternoon."

Li Du was delighted. "Why dont we meet up for afternoon tea? I make wonderful fruit tea."

He felt embarrassed after saying this; he had made fruit tea for Luo Qun last night and now he was about to make some for Sophie later. If the girls knew about this, they might not want to drink his tea anymore.

Sophie said, "Alright then. Ill see you later."

Li Du wandered around the forest for another half hourHans was very annoyed.

After they sorted the things in the car, they realized that the items were not mostly garbage, most of it being unwanted film props and equipment. One of the most valuable finds were a few chandeliers.

After Big Quinn took a look, he said that the chandeliers were in good condition.

There were five pendants and a light yellow, hanging crystal in the middle of each. The surface area of the large lampshades on top was about six square feet.

There were four branches with chains hanging off them around each lampshade; there were small lights on the chainsa few hundred of them!

The chandeliers were magnificent and looked like they had been used in a castle.

Hans took a picture and showed it to Kevin, the owner of the general store. He said these were valuable chandeliers if they were usable, and could sell for at least 20,000 dollars.

Li Du was satisfied with the price. He had used 10,000 dollars to buy the unit trying to deduce Franks strategy for bidding; he hadnt expected to make any money off of the chandeliers inside.

This was a pleasant surprise.

At 1:30, Sophies shift ended, and Li Du picked her up on his motorcycle.

The doctor had taken off her white coat and changed into a trendy outfit. She wore a tight and lacy blue top to show off her curves; her large chest and flat belly created a huge contrast. Her waist was slim and the high-waisted burgundy skirt she wore suited her well. Her heels were also burgundy.

She looked elegant and beautiful.

When she saw Li Du, Sophie walked toward him with small steps. She took off her sunglasses and flipped her hair.

When the sunlight shined on her hair, the curls fell over her shoulder like a golden waterfall.

"Youre too beautiful," Li Du complimented.

Sophie smiled shyly; she tugged her skirt and said, "Kanali suggested I dress like this I actually think the skirt is a bit too short."

High waisted skirts often fell above the knees. The doctors knees were fair like the rest of her skin. Apparently, she didnt show her knees often.

Without saying a word, Li Du took off his jacket and wrapped it around her waist, "Its okay nowcome on, hop on."

Sophie giggled and sat on the motorcycle. If there were no jacket to cover herself, she couldnt sit on the motorcycle wearing this short skirt.

Kanali had finished her shift too. When she saw them, she waved and said, "Good luck, Li. A thoughtful man is very attractive."

Li Du laughed and rode away.

The sunlight was hot, but there was a big acacia tree in Sophies lawn; the thick green canopy made it comfortable to relax in the afternoon.

Li Du entered the kitchen and sorted the black tea and fruit he had brought. "Why dont you take a rest? I will prepare the fruit teait will be tasty with some ice."

Sophie asked, "Dont you want some help?"

Li Du smiled. "No, I can take care of it."

Sophie thought for a moment and decided to remove the cloth from the piano. "Let me play you a songdo you like Kikujiro?"

Li Du was thrilled. "Of course, I love that song."