Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 243

Chapter 243: The Goddess and The Lunatic

He and Sophie sat under the tree until evening, talking about many things.

Sophie had never left Arizona. She used to be a conservative and easily contented girl, but as the years passed by she started to feel curious about the outside world.

Li Du told her about some of the places he had been before. He talked about China, about the forest and snow in Northeast China, the desert and wind in Northwest China, the lake and water in Southeast China, and the mountains and valleys in Southwest China.

Sophie was fascinated by the Chinese culture, and had read books about the countrys history and geography. But what was written in books was different than what was told by a person.

When night fell, Li Du left.

When he reached home, Luo Qun was sitting on the sofa watching television. She was hugging a furry toy bear and laughing happily.

When she saw Li Du and his children, she jumped from the sofa immediately. She was holding the toy bear in front of her and she ran toward them while roaring.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were shocked; they scrambled into the bag which they had just left. Ah Meow was fast enough and kicked Crispy Noodles before entering the bag itself.

Luo Qun stood in front of them holding the toy bear. Crispy Noodles lied on its stomach and stuck its tongue out without hesitation. It closed its eyes and played dead.

Ah Meow popped its head out from the bag, and was terrified when it saw how close she was.

Luo Qun was having fun; she threw the toy bear at Crispy Noodles and laughed, "This was so much fun. So its true that an animal will play dead when its life is threatened."

She hadnt finished speaking when Ah Meow plucked up the courage to jumped out of the bag. It tucked its tail between its legs and leaped at the toy bear, ready to strike.

It used its forepaw to steady itself and it used the other paws to kick the furry bear out of the way.

Ah Meow then grabbed Crispy Noodles by the neck with its mouth and dragged it away.

Ah Meow noticed the bear didnt stand up after it was kicked. It frowned, realizing things were not as simple as it had thought.

It walked toward the bear carefully and used its paws to prod its fur. It then looked up at Luo Qun.

Luo Qun stomped and yelled, "Roaaaar!"

Ah Meow was shocked out of studying the big creature. It jumped high from the ground, showing off its ability to pounce.

When it touched the ground, it ran away quickly and hid itself under the sofa, glaring at the furry bear, fully alert.

Not far from the cat, Crispy Noodles ran toward it and hid together with Ah Meow. They stared at the bear together.

Slowly, they realized that things were not as scary as they had thought. They crawled out from under the sofa and poked the bear cautiously again with their paws.

Luo Qun opened her mouth to scare them again, but they were not afraid anymore. They turned their heads and stared at her cleverly.

The furry bear lied on the floor unmoving. Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles had finally realized that it would never hurt them, and they started to feel energetic.

The two little guys jumped toward the bear like hungry wolves attacking a sheep. They opened their mouths and tore the bear into pieces; it was only a few seconds before the bears head was torn off.

Luo Qun shouted, "Can you please let it go, for gods sake? This is a present I bought for you."

Li Du went forward and pulled Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles away. They were not willing to step back. Li Du said helplessly, "This is a present?"

He was not paying attention, and Ah Meow ran toward the bear again, scratching the bears legs with its claws.

Li Du crossed his legs naturally when he saw this. He decided to train Ah Meow properly as this habit to attack someone by going between their legs was too dangerous.

Luo Qun picked the bear up and said regretfully, "Too badI bought it only an hour ago. This is such a waste."

Li Du laughed, "Why did you buy this as a present?"

Luo Qun shrugged. "I thought they might like it as a new friend"

She sniffed as she said this. She glared at Li Du suspiciously. "Where have you been? I can smell perfume on your bodyits a ladys perfume."

Li Du stepped back immediately. "Your nose is as good as a dogs nose."

Luo Qun poked him with her finger and sneered, "Is that a yes?"

Li Du pushed her finger away and said, "What do you mean? I didnt go anywhere; I just visited a friend."

"A girlfriend?"

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Shes a friend, and this is none of your business."

Luo Qun stared at him and her face darkened. She walked toward the sofa and sat down, hugging her knees and curling up. She looked lonely.

Li Du was shocked. "Whats wrong with you?"

Luo Qun looked up and forced a smile on her face. "Im okay. Youre right, thats none of my business. Why am I being so nosy?"

Her eyes were crystal-clear and there were tears in them. She looked like she was about to cry but kept up the forced smile.

Li Du couldnt take this anymore. It broke his heart seeing this crying girl smiling through her tears.

He sat next to her and smiled. "Hey, I was just joking. Why did you take it seriously? Actually, I went to see"

"Will you abandon me?" Luo Qun looked at him with her big eyes.

Li Du said, "Huh?"

"Will you abandon me to live with her?" Luo Qun asked.

Li Du acted like he didnt understand. "Huh?"

Luo Qun rubbed her eyes and said, "You look silly and innocent now. You are very sillythis was so much fun."

Li Du rubbed his face roughly. "What are you doing? What do you mean?"

Luo Qun was not sad and emotional anymore; she laughed, "I didnt mean anything. I was just messing with you. Look at your silly facedid you think that I was falling in love with you? Did I look like a young woman who found out her husband was cheating on her?"

Li Du wanted to flash his middle finger at her, but he knew that he had to behave like a gentleman.

Luo Qun hugged Ah Meow and laughed, "Now you are the abandoned husband. You are funnydidnt you realize that I was joking with you?"

Li Du said angrily, "Whats so funny about this?"

Luo Qun tossed Ah Meow in the air and caught it, laughing. "Of course its funny. But Im curiousis your girlfriend a doctor or a nurse?"

Ah Meow was angry when it was played with like this. But it didnt dare struggle as it was afraid that Luo Qun might let it fall to the ground.

"What a lunatic," Li Du said helplessly.

Luo Qun tossed Ah Meow in the air again. "I was joking with you. You looked so serious all day, dont be such a killjoy. Come on, is your girlfriend a doctor or a nurse?"

Li Du said sourly, "How did you know? Did you spy on me?"

Luo Qun glared at him in contempt. "Theres nothing to spy on. Other than the perfume from your body, there was an alcohol smell. If shes a doctor, she must be a surgeon."

Li Du looked at her bitterly; this lunatic had some skills.

During his silence, Luo Qun asked happily, "Am I right?"


Luo Qun threw her fist in the air. "Yes! I knew that I had great deductive skills and observational skills!"

"Meow!" Ah Meow uttered a heartrending cry. While Luo Qun threw her fist, she forgot to catch the ocelot, and it fell heavily onto the floor.