Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 255

Chapter 255: We Are Not Friends

"If your vending machines are special, have character, and are collectibles, I am willing to get them for a good price."

While saying that, Bauer pointed to his room of vending machines proudly.

Li Du knew from the moment he entered the room that he would have to seek another buyer for the two vending machines.

All it took was one look and both knew the vending machines Bauer collected were specialthey might have been similar to the Santa Claus bottle in that they were collectors edition.

Hans had an amazed expression on his face. "What are these vending machines? How come Ive never seen them before?"

Bauer walked to the first machine and said, "Here, let me introduce you to the James Bond 007 edition of the spy vending machine, which can inspire the potential of your inner agent qualities.

"It will request for your name when you want to buy a Coke, then you need to reach a specified location in 70 seconds, and sing the 007 theme song loudly. Once completed, youll receive a 007 movie ticket."

Li Du looked at the enormous vending machine and said, "This is not the regular vending machine right? Its been specially developed to promote the 007 movie?

Bauer nodded. "Yes, it was created for the movie production company as part of their marketing campaign for the movie."

Hans was amused. "This machine is unusual. I only want a Coke, but I need to complete tasks to get a movie ticket. If I fail to complete them, does it mean Ive wasted my money?"

"I have a machine that gives you coke," Bauer pointed to another machine. "No tasks to complete, and no coins needed either. Only one hug for a free coke."

Hans went up to hug the vending machine. Clunk! A red can of Coke came rolling out.

There was the robot vending machine, salt and pepper shakers design vending machine, the dancing vending machine, pinball vending machine, and many more.

Any one of these vending machines placed in the street would attract a lot of attention. In comparison, it was obvious that their machines were too normal for Bauer. Hans did not mention the machines again. Bauer gave them a tour in his villa of his other drink collections and they tasted some beverages that were not easily available before saying goodbye.

"I really like these collectors," Li Du exclaimed. "They really collect anything that they like! We just made 70,000 dollars from selling a dozen glass bottlesits so incredible!"

Godzilla nodded in agreement. "He really likes bottles!"

Hans said, "Whats so strange about that? Godzilla, if you had tons of money, would you collect hamburgers?"

Godzilla firmly shook his head. "No!"

Li Du laughed at Hanss question. "Who would be so foolish to collect hamburgers?"

Godzilla added, "Id collect sausagessausages are delicious. I can preserve them by sun-drying them."

Li was left speechless.

For Li Du, the cola bottles were, by far, the most unconventional item that he had sold. He felt that not many people would believe he had sold the 12 cola bottles for a five-figure sum.

Hans continued the bottle topic. "This is very commondoesnt your country have red wine bottle collectors? Many British and French people are collectors of red wine bottles."

It was true. Many Chinese people were collectors of wine bottles and cigarette boxes, but especially wine bottles. Li remembered he had read a piece of news talking about how old Maotai bottles were expensive.

In this regard, the collection of cola bottles was not so difficult to understand.

Moreover, Hans was right that Coca-Cola had developed unique subculture in the United States. Collectors of Coke bottles were not uncommon.

It was not difficult to find buyers for the vending machines. They found a convenience store and sold the two machines for 2,000 dollars each.

After splitting their earnings, they drove to the Steampunk Hotel.

The moment they entered the hotel, Bedes waved to them laughing, "Look whos here? The heroes came back from Los Angeles! Get over hereI've invented some new drinks, and I think you'll like them."

There were around 30 to 40 treasure hunters scattered around the hall, chatting and drinking as if it were a bar.

When they saw both Li Du and Hans, they greeted the two of them warmlymany treasure hunters were friendlier toward them now.

"Big Li, come over here, were talking about Chinese culture. We thought you might be able to give us some more info."

"Hey guys, we have cold beer over herecome drink with us."

"Its such a hot day, and you both still came to Phoenix? Looks like there will be some big storage units tomorrow."

Hans responded enthusiastically to the crowd while Li Du sat down at the bar.

Nicole, in her usual mens clothing, poured a lime-colored cocktail and handed it to him.

Li Du took a sip; the cocktail had a sweet, sour, minty taste. Although he liked the taste of it, he felt it was familiar.

"Whats this wine? It has a similar taste to my sour rice wine."

Nicole replied, "Dont think too highly of yourself. This is my unique formula, not your sour rice wine. But, uh, wellthe base liquor used is your sour rice wine."

Li Du laughed, "No wonder, but youre right, the taste of your cocktail is richer than the sour rice win. The amount of mint youve used is perfect."

Nicole held her head high like a proud little swan.

During the evening, Li Du and Godzilla returned to their room to rest, but not long after, someone was knocking on the door.

Godzilla opened the door and saw the Ricks standing outside.

Godzilla, who was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and showing his muscular arms, looked like a violent robot. The Ricks gulped, and appeared to compose themselves even further.

Li Du asked, "Good evening, is there anything the matter?"

He had not seen the both of them for some time; their previous injuries seemed to have healed, but Li thought he saw some new injuries as well.

Dog Ears Rick said, "Li, were here to talk to youyou said youd give us a chance, right?"

Li Du answered, "Yes, I keep my word. You helped me in L.A., so Ill forgive you for setting me up in the Casino."

Both Ricks looked glad upon hearing that; Lil Rick blurted out, "So are we friends now?"

Li Du gave a derisive snort and said, "No. I forgive you both for what youve done, but whether we can become friends has nothing to do with this. In fact, I dont think we are suitable to be friends."

The Ricks looked rather disgruntled at what Li said.

Lil Rick furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Li, we offended Frank and York because of you. And you think we cant be friends?"

"Frank and York are a pair of trash, and its true that offending them is equivalent to attracting trouble," Li Du said. "But believe me: they did not notice what you didneither of you offended them."

Dog Ears had a dark and moody face. "What do you mean? Li, youre impossible!"

Li Du said, "I admit Im not a saint, but how am I impossible? I already forgave you, what more do you want?"

Dog Ears pinched his nose bridge and sighed. "We need your help, Liplease help us."