Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Opening of the Campsite

After placing their order, the factory at Phoenix started work to build the cabin, sending pieces of it over when ready. The factory would be responsible for checking the toughness of soil and other factors that went into assembling the house on site.

While Li Du and Hans were on their way to their land, once again, they saw some Amish buggies cantering leisurely along the road, seemingly unaffected by the warm weather.

"How do they maintain such good moods under the hot, burning sun?" Hans asked.

"The atmosphere seems cool when youre cool, my brother," said Li Du slowly.

Hans leaned forward in the passenger seat and tried to follow this piece of wisdom. "Alrightstay coolmy heart is very calm now, like it stopped beating but the airs still hot."

Godzilla said, "The air conditioners on max."

When they arrived at their land and got out of the truck, they could feel the hot air sizzling around them.

Ah Meow stretched its head out and shrunk back into the truck, refusing to leave, while Crispy Noodles closely followed Li Du.

Li knew Ah Meow wanted to enjoy the cool air in the truck, so he patiently beckoned for Ah Meow to follow. "Come down, Ah Meow, its going to get warm insidelike a toaster."

Ah Meow shook its head. It sat inside the truck, refusing to move a single inch.

Li Du continued to coax and wave, "You silly little thing, Daddys not lying. Its going to be really hot in there."

Ah Meow was snacking happily on a piece of dried tuna, focusing its attention on its dessert, ignoring Li Du.

Mr. Li ran out of patience and reprimanded, "You idiot, I already told you its going to get hot in theredo you want to get sun-baked? Get out now!"

A dejected-looking ocelot got down from the truck, its chubby face filled with reluctance.

Godzilla and Li Du continued to arrange the items while Hans made many phone calls contacting treasure hunters to come check out their storage site:

"No no, no cash transactionif you see something you like, you just need to take away the surrounding stuff. Yeah, its that simple.

"Yup, no cash involved. So come on, will you be coming? D*mn, why the hell are you asking so much if youre not coming? Dont let me see you around, you hear? Im going to beat you up!

"Of course therell be cold beer. Rest assured pal, I have some nice stuff besides beer..."

After Hans made another phone call, he swiped the beads of perspiration off his face and complained, "D*mn, its hard to get people to come in such weather."

Li Du glanced up at the sky. "When is it going to rain? There hasnt been heavy rain for the past two months!"

Hans said, "God doesnt want to p*ss, what to do? Arizona has always been a dry state. It got worse this year, a lot of ranches and farms had to shut down. Live every day as if its your last, bud!"

Li Du inquired, "What was the weather like two years ago?"

Hans sighed and said, "It gets worse as time goes byyou know why I dont wanna get married? Because the world is about to collapse, brother!"

Li said in a firm tone, "I don't agree with you. I think the world will get better."

Hans had an "are you kidding me" expression on his face.

"War, religious conflict, growing population, reduction in arable lands, abnormal climate, environmental pollution, melting of polar caps, extinction of species... and you think the worlds gonna get better?"

Li Du waved his hands. "Forget war and conflictget over here and help out."

Hans said apprehensively, "No, I dont feel like doing anything at all. Im unmotivated after thinking about all the problems in the world."

"Whats there to think about? If you dont help Im going to take a nap!"

"Okay, okay," Hans laughed. "Lets get down to work."

He hadnt been helping for long when they saw a Chevrolet pickup drive into the field. Two bearded, tough-looking black men descended from the pickup.

That gave Hans an excuse. "Well, customers are here, I have to entertain them."

Li Du waved and said, "Go."

One of the bearded men pulled on his belt and remarked, "Big Fox, this is your site? Its full of trash?"

Hans replied candidly, "Didnt we rely on trash to earn money?"

The other bearded man cackled in agreement. "Youre right, pal. If our eyes could only make out trash in here, then we wouldnt earn much from this industry."

The three of them chatted for a while and then walked toward Li Du.

"Hello, Big Li, were glad to visit your storage site."

Li Du wiped his hands, shook hands with them, and laughed with the two bearded men. "Welcome, pleased to meet you both."

Hans pointed to the taller bearded man and introduced him: "This is Lloyd George and this is Wright George. I think you can tell from their names that theyre brothers."

Li Du answered, "Of course I knowyoure the George brothers from the old goods auction. Ive heard your names before. Youre famous."

Hans would regularly share with him information about the storage auction industry. This industry also included second-hand goods auctions, house auctions, pawn shops, and other related businesses.

The practitioners of these professions were also known as treasure hunters. They also networked with each other as business contacts. Some of them worked across the industries and were therefore familiar with each other.

The younger George brother shook hands with Li Du and said humbly, "Our fame is nothing compared to yours. Just a few days ago we heard about what both of you did in Los Angelesfrankly speaking, were astonished. Great job, Big Li!"

"Were all capable men who make money," Hans said, starting his sales pitch, "and if you want to make more money, you should look for treasure here. Therell be more people coming soon."

The older George brother laughed. "Seems like youve invited quite a number of people."

Hans replied wittily, "Cant be helped. I have too many friends."

The George brothers were veteran treasure hunters. Although they had not made a lot of money, they had been in this line of business for long enough to know a good item if they came across one.

They looked around the place and saw a broken crystal chandelier. One of them pointed at it and asked, "So, can I bring this back?"

Li Du gave a cordial nod and replied, "Yes, as long as you also clear the rest of the stuff where the lamp is located."

The crystal chandelier was found alongside rotten furniture, broken cabinets, and many other trash items.

The older George was lazy to clear the trash and offered, "Can I just buy this? Im willing to pay for it."

Li Du shrugged his shoulders. "You need to talk to Big Fox about that."

Another pickup pulled in; a young man with a goatee hopped out. He whistled and said in a patronizing tone, "Hey, George brothers, youre here too?"

"Were Big Foxs friends, of course were here," the older George sneered. "But Im surprised to know that the little goatee has friends too?"

The young man flashed his middle finger at the George brothers; haughtily, he said, "There are many things you dont know about. I went to the Amish village before I came here, and I found some nice stuff."

His pickup did contain quite a lot of items that attracted the group of mens attention, including Li Du.

Li walked over to the young man. "Nice to meet you palyoure familiar with the Amish?"