Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Everyone has Assembled

Li Du held him back, and said, "Are you crazy? Its Rose, its Rose! I bet that the one in the vehicle is Rose!"

"Rose!?!" Hans yelled. "Whats she here in a police vehicle for? Why does she have the siren on?"

The police vehicle drove onto the property. The door was open, and a lady with her hair tied in a dashing ponytail peeked out. She shouted, "I got a tip-off that someone is making moonshine herewho is it!"

Li Du reached out his arms to stop her and said, "Stop joking, Rose, youre scaring Big Fox!"

The female cop laughed charmingly. She jumped out of the vehicle and said, "Theres nothing wrong with what Im doing. You guys are secretly making alcohol. Its illegal, of course he should be scared. Why arent you?"

Hans grabbed onto Li Du and said, "Waitshe already knew that we were making liquor. How does she know?"

"Is the answer important?" Li Du asked.

Realizing that he hadnt answer directly, Hans immediately questioned back, "Did you tell this chick that we were making liquor?"

Li Du raised his arms innocently and said, "She asked me if she should bring some liquor, so I told her that were making our own"

Hans glared at him. "If this chick goes crazy and brings her colleagues over to arrest us, well go to jail."

"Yeah, you should also know she would only do that if she were in her crazy state. The Rose now is a normal person," Li Du exclaimed.

The female cop walked over with her arms crossed, and asked with a cheeky smile, "You guys seem to be talking about mewhat are you saying?"

"Youre scaring Big Fox. You knew that we were making liquorwhy did you turn on the siren?"

"Forget it, forget the whole thing," Hans said. "Lets stop talking about it. Everyone is here, right? Okay, lets start the party! Were gonna party the whole night!"

"The whole night? I think theres something wrong with your choice of words," Li Du said.

Hans gave him the middle finger. "Its not an exam, who cares what words I use?"

The spiral tubes continued producing alcohol. Rose provided her help in this area.

She took a bottle out to collect the alcohol. Hans saw her accentuating figure as she bent down. He momentarily forgot all the unpleasantries that he experienced just now, and delightfully closed in.

Li Du was spreading out the tablecloths and preparing the food, when he heard a painful groan from Hans. He turned back quickly to look, and found that that guy had fallen forward, with his head almost in the fire.

A good thing that Godzilla had a lightning-fast reaction and he managed to pull Hans out. If not, he would have become bald.

"What is it now?" Li Du asked tiredly.

Rose had a cold expression, and said frigidly, "Yeah, whats going on? How could you be so clumsy to have fallen into the fire? Did you wank off so much that your legs turned weak?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Whatever you say," Hans said with an extremely forced, pitiful smile.

Li Du didnt need an explanation to guess what had happened.

Hans must have seen Roses beautiful figure and then instinctively made a move. But, who was Rose? She was a female cop who would carry her gun even when showering.

That was exactly what had happened. Hans had wanted to lay his hands on her, but just went he showed that intention, he was sent flying by Rose.

The capacity of the distilling boiler was large, and produced six bottles of whiskey for this batch. These were all high in alcohol content; six bottles would be sufficient for the night.

Li Du believed this was the first time Sophie and Rose had met, so he said, "Here, ladies, let me introduce"

Rose interrupted him and reached out her hand. "Hello, Dr. Martin. Nice seeing you here."

Sophie smiled sweetly, and took her hand. "Hello, Officer Rose. Nice seeing you too. Are you and Li from the same country?"

"Theyre living together," Hans said with a scheming smile.

Rose raised her leg to threaten him, and he immediately backed off.

Li Du said regretfully, "Why didnt you throw him into the fire? You should have at least cleansed that mouth with the fire!"

"Yes, its my fault," Rose said coldly, "but I believe there will be another chance."

Sophie looked at the two in shock, her finger shaking as she pointed at them. Her eyes were widened, almost like an owls.

Li Du explained, "Dont listen to his nonsense. Hes drunk. Im renting a room from Rose. Shes my landlady."

Sophie was relieved. "Oh, thats what he meant."

"Im curious how you two know each other," Li Du said.

Sophie smiled, her eyes looking like two crescents. "Of courseweve met several times. The hospital and the police have close relations due to our line of work."

Hannah served a plate of piping-hot, grilled apples. "Come on, lets get the party started! First, have a taste of my grilled apples. There are several flavors!"

Li Du was about to take one, when Hannah and Sophie closed their eyes as they held each others hands. They started praying, "Oh Father in heaven, thank you for gracing us with this wonderful meal, thank you for"

Rose was instead, focusing intently on the grilled apples. She said quietly, "The one in the middle, does it have chocolate filling? I smell caramel. Dont touch it, its mine!"

Li Du brought it over and said, "No need to snatch itit belongs to you now."

Rose stopped showing her icy facade and smiled brilliantly. She almost seemed like an innocent young girl.

The grilled apples had unique flavors, and there was a variety of them as well. Li Du ate one of the ice cream apples; a fusion of hot and cold, it was a delight for the taste buds.

Sophie took an apple that had some ice cream. She cut it open and dabbed some more ice cream on it. She then gave a slice to Li Du and said with a soft voice, "I made this."

Mr. Li was momentarily taken aback by her consideration and hastily replied, "Thank you. I know itll be the best out of all."

Sophie curled her lips to the side and smiled lightly, her cheeks showing a light red.

"Aww, so sweet," Hans pouted. "A pity that Im single. No one will be giving me any apples."

Rose gave him a slice and said, "For all the effort that youve put in making the liquor, here."

Hans smiled, and munched on the apple while saying, "This is quite a surprise. I swear, this will surely be the sweetestF*ck!"

He had only chewed for a moment before spitting it out, and then yelled as grabbed his neck with his hands.

Li Du was stunned. "Whats going onwas that slice poisonous?"

Hans clasped his neck as he struggled with his eyes wide. He was wheezing, and his face soon turned flushed like a boiled lobster.

Godzilla handed a bottle of whiskey to him, and Hans gulped downed half the bottle.

Hannah quickly stopped him and said, "Are you crazy? Thats the whiskey you guys made! Its super concentrated!"

After taking a few big mouthfuls, Hanss condition somewhat became better. He yelled with a hoarse voice, "What the hell did you give me? Did you put ash in it?"

Li Du smelled the breath from him, fanning his face. "I think its wasabi."

Hannah shrugged. "There are some wasabi flavored apples. I stuffed some of them with it."

Rose giggled and said, "You said you like extreme flavors, right?"

Hans didnt dare antagonize her, so he looked toward Hannah and cried in despair, "You crazy woman, why did you make wasabi flavored apples? You were about to lose your dear brother!"