Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 268

Chapter 268: A Shocking Past

Li Du wanted to send Sophie home first. However, she argued, "Lets get Rose back home first. How will you bring her in by yourself? Shes still awake."

Rose was indeed still awake, but she didnt throw any drunken tantrums. She was slouched in the backseat while staring blankly at the pitch-black world outside of the window. Time to time, she would take a sip out of the bottle with a blank look.

"That might take out too much of your time," Li Du said after glancing back.

Sophie curled her lips to the side with a slight smile. "Im not working tomorrow, so its fine. Also, I can help to change her clothes after getting her to her bedroom. If Im not the one doing it, Im afraid someone might make a blunder."

Li Du said with a bitter laugh, "I understand what youre trying to say, but dont worry, once you take her clothes off, youll understand why I will never dare to try anything funny with her."

"With her, huh? Then who would you dare to try it with?" Sophie said to him with a mysterious smile.

Li Du angled his head toward her, and looked into Sophies slightly moist eyes. His heart momentarily fluttered, and he felt his emotions well up.

The female doctor had drunk a bottle of beer. She wasnt good with alcohol, so just that bottle alone had made her tipsy. The words she said just now were probably due to the influence of the alcohol.

Li Du didnt care about any of that. He stepped on the brakes without thinking, and said to Sophie without moving his gaze, "You know, Sophie, I"

As he spoke, he leaned toward her. There was only one thing in his eyes, which was the rosy red lips of the female doctor.

Sophie was very nervous. Her long lashes were quivering rapidly. Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were nervous too. They stared at the two, befuddled. What are they trying to do?

They didnt do anything. Rose drank a sip of lemon water, and made glooping sounds as she swallowed; the sounds were amplified in the quiet car.

Sophie pushed Li Du away, and said in a soft voice, "Oh God, this is too crazy. No, we cant do this."

Li Du had only drunk a few shots of whiskey. This was nothing for him.

Thus, he was still able to remain calm. Hearing what Sophie had said, he pulled back.

This made him slightly regretful. Perhaps he should have drunk a little more. If he werent as calm as he was now, with the influence of the alcohol, he wouldnt have bothered with what Sophie had said, and would have done the deed!

The vehicle was restarted. They drove back to their place, and brought Rose upstairs.

Rose didnt throw any fit in the car, but once she got out, she started grabbing onto the door and shaking her head rapidly, yelling, "No, no! I wont go! I wont go in! Im staying outside! Let go of me!"

It was already after midnight. Most of the households had already turned off their lights and gone to bed.

Li Du couldnt let Rose continue making so much noise. If the neighbors woke up and called the police, everything would turn into a mess.

The cops responsible for this district were all Roses colleagues. If they were to see Rose in a drunken fit, ugly rumors would surely spread in the police station the next day.

Sophie, realizing that the situation was bad, gritted her teeth and said, "Li, carry her! Quick, we need to get inside!"

Li Du took off his jacket, turned around, and carried Rose over his shoulder. He hugged her legs to prevent her from struggling and entered the house.

"Let me down!" Rose struggled, and due to his surprise, Li Du gave her a slap on her butt. He said sternly, "Stay still! And shut up!"

Having received a slap, Rose became as docile as a child. She really did stay still, and rested quietly on his shoulder.

Li Du was hoping that she wouldnt stay still. He had just felt the astounding elasticity of her butt, which was probably due to her daily training. That slap had felt good, and he wanted to have another go, but since Rose had turned docile, he couldnt do it again.

After opening the bedroom door, he placed Rose onto the bed and was about to leave, when Rose suddenly pulled him back. She said groggily, "Dont, dont go Im scared."

Sophie took her hand said gently, "Dont be afraid, were all here."

Rose said, "You guys, tonight, can you guys not go? Im really really afraid. Im afraid theyll come back."

"Who?" Li Du asked. "Who will come back?"

Roses oval face revealed a frightened expression and said, "Those bad guys, those murderers."

Li Du was taken aback. He asked, "Whats going on? Is it a murderer that you met during work?"

He instinctively turned to check his surroundings, and gestured to Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles to search the place carefully.

Rose shook her head and said, "No, not me. My father. No, its not my father too. I dont know, Li. I dont know why they would come to my home"

Li Du couldnt understand what she was trying to say. He wanted to say something, but Sophie stopped him. "Its just the alcohol talking. Shes mixing up her memories and reality."

Rose continued mumbling, "I dont know why they came, they shot mom and dad, they killed my younger brother, so I hid, and didnt dare come out"

Hearing that, Li Du felt his heart sink.

The desk in the office that had caught his eye that one timeit had a series of photos on it. One of them was a family photo.

"They killed mom and dad, they killed my brother. The cops said that he was strangled to death, but its not. I know. They drowned him in the toilet."

Sophie looked at Li Du in shock. Li Du was dumbfounded as well. Who were those people? To be so cruel that they could actually drown a child with their own hands.

From the photos, Roses brother had been, at most, eight years old!

"I swear, Ill find them, and Ill have my revenge! Those b*stards! Ill find them!" Rose continued mumbling, "I wont let them go! Ill kill them! Both of them! Ill kill them! Ill kill them!"

When she finished, her tone was cold as ice. The hatred and desperation in her words gave Li Du goosebumps.

Sophie looked to Li Du for guidance, and said quietly, "What do we do?"

Li Du went to hold Roses hand and said, "Good will be rewarded and Evil will be punished, God will strike when the time is right. Go to sleep, Luo Qun. You will surely find them, and you will get your revenge!"

Sophie hesitated for a moment. She then drew a cross at her chest and said softly, "Oh Lord, please give us your blessings, please make this girl happy. If she needs to sin to achieve her happiness, then please, let me share those sins with her!"

Hearing Li Dus words, Rose smiled meekly, and finally closed her eyes. However, she didnt go to sleep, but continued mumbling.

Li Du went out, and Sophie helped Rose change into her pajamas. She did a quick wipe of her face and feet with a warm towel. With that, the female cop gradually fell asleep.

The two walked downstairs, the atmosphere heavy.

Li Du never would have thought that Rose was carrying such a terrifying burden by herself; that she could have experienced such a horrifying trauma.

No wonderregardless of her professionshe would never be without her gun. Now that he understood more about Rose, he felt that if he were to go through such an experience, he might be even more paranoid than she was!