Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 271

Chapter 271: The Brilliant Big Fox

When Hans called Li Du, he heard the wails of a raccoon coming from the phone. He asked curiously, "What are you doing over there?"

"Im teaching Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles some manners!" Li Du said angrily. "These two b*stards learned how to steal food!"

Although Ah Meow acted as if it were wronged, it wasnt exactly free of guilt; from the way it had been acting in the video, it had wanted to steal some fish as well.

However, Crispy Noodles did it, and Ah Meow didnt.

He recounted the incident to Hans, and Hans burst into laughter. "Sorry, I cant believe it. I dont believe that they are so intelligent."

"I wasnt counting on you to believe it. So, what are you calling me for?" Li Du asked.

"Ive heard of a club that hired a few young Japanese girls, most of them around 20. Theyll melt with just one touchhow bout it? Wanna have a go?"

*F*ck you, you horndog," Li Du shouted, "are you crazy? You called me for this? Im not interested!"

"Haha, Im just playing with you," Hans laughed. "I have good newsthe distilling boiler that we got, Ive found us a buyer."

"My God, that fast?" Li Du said in surprise. "Youre getting really quick at this!"

Although they had procured the distilling boiler a few days ago, it was only yesterday that they realized that it was made of silver. They could not sell it at the original, much lower, price that they thought it was worth.

"Yeah, yeah, Im as fast as The Flash," Hans said. "Come quickly. This time, Ive really outdone myself. Man, you have to come over and see!"

Li Du dropped the slipper he had been holding and pointed to Crispy Noodles and Ah Meow. "Count yourselves lucky todayI have something to do nowbut dont think this is over! You guys are grounded for the day!"

"Meowww!" Ah Meow whimpered as it looked at the cage that Li Du was carrying over.

After stuffing the two into the cage, he waited outside for a taxi.

He realized that he needed a car for himself. It was too troublesome to be in this business without one.

Also, he had found out last night that Sophie couldnt even drive. If the two of them were to go out on a date, neither of them would have a ride, and that wouldnt do.

As he stood in the rain, the desire to purchase a car became stronger.

The rain was heavy, so there were only a few cars on the road. Taxis would be even more scarce.

After waiting for half an hour, he hadn't even glimpsed the sight of a taxi. Li Du was feeling desperate, until a Honda pickup drove over. The person in it lowered the window, and said, "Hi, Li, what are you doing there?"

Li Du glanced at him. It was Stephens classmate. He quickly remembered his name: Clyne. They had first met during Hannahs birthday. The guy had even helped them bid for a unit in an auction.

He said he was going to Hannahs place, and Clyne opened the door energetically. "Hop on, Ill take you over. In this God d*mn weather, youre still trying to flag a taxi?"

Li Du said with a bitter smile, "Thanks, I think I need to buy a car."

Clyne shrugged and said, "Of course you should. Why havent you? You cant survive in America without a car, buddy!"

When they reached Hannahs place, Hans started complaining at the sight of him. "What took you so long?"

"I couldnt get a taxi," Li Du said helplessly. "In such heavy rain, you cant expect me to just walk here. Cut the crap, and lets talk business."

When it came to business, Hans switched to his chirpy self. He rubbed his nose and said, "Okay, after waking up, I went to buy a kit to test the silver. Guess how it went?"

"Those columns are all silver," Li Du said.

Hans shrugged, and took out a small, red bottle. He gestured Li Du to come over. "Here, let me show you."

"This is a special silver solution. Its made with at least 95 percent silver powder, nitric acid, mercury, and some other materials. Its used to test the purity of the silver."

He lifted a knife, scratched a tiny bit of the column, and added a few drops of the solution on it.

Li Du observed closely. The solution stayed on the column, but there wasnt any sort of chemical reaction.

Puzzled, he asked, "How long do we have to wait? Why is there no reaction? It cant be that this isnt silver?"

Hans burst into laughter and said, "Are you serious? There wont be any reaction between the solution and silver, because its there to protect the silver! Its a solution that was invented so that it doesnt harm silver!"

"Then, how do you use it to validate?" Li Du asked in a diffident tone.

"For this, the higher the purity, the more the silver mixes with and sticks to the solution," Hans said. "Fake silver does not mix at all, and the solution simply flows away."

As he spoke, he took a stainless steel spoon and dabbed some solution on it. The solution was like a raindrop on the surface of an umbrella, sliding off immediately.

As he looked back to the solution still sticking to the column, Li Du was amazed, and said, "Sh*t, the purity is extremely high!"

Hans nodded excitedly. "Yes, the purity is very high. Its high-grade silver. Your eyes were right, this is 999 silver, also known as pure silver."

Having heard the confirmation, Li Du was even more impressed. "I really didnt expect the Amish to be so well-off that they could afford to use pure silver for making the columns of a distilling boiler!"

Hans snickered, and said, "Who said this was made by the Amish?"

"Its not?" Li Du asked. "Didnt Goatee Garter say it was something he obtained from trading with the Amish?"

"If you were the Amish, and you used 999 silver to make a distilling boiler, would you trade it away?" Hans asked. "If you knew what it was made of, would you trade it so easily?"

Li Du creased his brows. "Of course not, thats why I cant figure out whats going on."

"This distilling boiler was made by a rich person who was particular about his lifestyle," Hans continued. "To improve the quality of the beer, as well as disinfect it more, he used silver to make the columns of the distilling boiler."

Li Dus face was full of confusion. Where did he get that info?

Hans resumed his explanation, "This tycoon, after coming to where the Amish lived, found himself in need of an item, and thus performed a trade with this distilling boiler.

"However, the Amish did not realize the materials used in it, and neither did the tycoon say anything. Oh, that tycoons name, is Brigham Young."

"Brigham Young? Are you sure?!" Li Du exclaimed in shock.

This name was not known much in other countries, but in America, he was a famous historical figure. He was a religious leader, and is called an "American Moses" in some churches.

Brigham Young was a Mormon, which was a follower of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon headquarters was located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, with 150 million believers and 60 million living in America, it was the fourth largest religious organization in America. It was also currently the worlds largest new major religion.

The founder of this religion was Joseph Smith, and the one who brought Mormonism to its popularity was Brigham Young.

Anyone who was versed in the history of Christianity or Judaism would know that the prophet Moses led the Israelites to the Desert of Paran, and along the way, he split the Red Sea. This was one of the impressive feats written in the Book of Exodus.

In the history of Mormons, Brigham Young had performed similar feats saving the Mormons from destruction. He led his fellow believers on a long journey to Salt Lake City, where they resided.