Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Mister Lis Promise

Li Du had never participated in hunting before, and was actually looking forward to such an activity.

He had wanted to invite Sophie along but she had rejected him. "Sorry Li, I dont wish to raise any guns at animals. Um, but I respect your hobby, I just dont want to do it."

Mr. Li said, "I understandactually, I dont want to kill small animals either. It makes me seem cruel."

At the other end of the phone, Sophie laughed, "Dont misunderstand, Im not some animal rights advocate. I eat meat too, but because at work I encounter too many instances of fresh blood and wounds, I dont wish to see these in my personal life."

She was worried Li Du would overthink matters, and added, "Its good that you guys participate in hunting, this is to protect the ecosystem in the countrys parksmy father has participated before."

Li Du smiled; the lady doctor was really an understanding lady.

In the evening, Rose had just gotten off work. He invited Rose: "How about going hunting over the weekend?"

The lady cop stretchedher uniform immediately took on an exaggerated curve in the chest area, and converted into a flat plain at her lower abdomen.

After the stretch, she said, "Hunting? I rarely get to rest over the weekends, and I go hunting? Am I nuts? Weekends are for resting!"

Li Du answered, "Yes, but huntings a form of leisure activity."

Rose replied with disdain, "But Im hunting every single day, and the prey is that rotten, evil trash. Im sick of it, little child."

Mr. Li flared up. "Why are you calling me a child?"

Rose said, "Because only little children will play with toy guns and be happy with a hunted rabbit or a wild duck. If youre an adult, Ill give you a gun for you to hunt for criminals."

Li Du broke out in cold sweatThis b*tch! Infuriating!

He had no retort to this; Roses job was indeed similar to that of a hunter, just that the difficulty and danger levels of her job were much higher.

Noticing that he seemed sullen, Rose deflated and burst out laughing. She went over to pat his shoulder. "Oh, little friend is not happy?"

"Dont call me little friend again!" Mr. Li was really furious.

Rose patted his face. "Alright, Im wrong, little friend. Actually, I would like to watch you huntwe would have a gamey feast to eat then, right?"

"Eat, eat, eatlets see if youll get to marry if you turn into a plump lass," Mr. Li giggled.

Rose opened the fridge and took out a can of beer, then laughed hysterically, "Marry? No, I wont be getting married in this lifetimeI wont live for long anyway."

She raised her head and guzzled down half a can of beer at one go.

Li Du became stern. "Rose, do you have a f*cking problem?"

"Hmm, did you only realize that now?" The lady cop may have given him a nonchalant smile, but it was actually more bittersweet.

Li Du went over to squeeze her shoulder. "I know youve encountered some horrifying things, and you have lost hope before. Look out the windowalthough its night time, theres still light!"

The lady cop looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "What, making me chicken soup for the soul?"

"With such a negative attitude," Li Du said, "you wont be able to avenge your parents and brother."

The lady cop chucked her beer can. "Shut up! Li Du, shut up! Who do you think you are? You know what? Why not treat yourself as dead"

"The dead will never beat the living," Li Du said harshly. "You think youre dead, you think youre about to dieno matter which scenario, it means youre running away! It means youve got no confidence in the things that you do!"

The lady cop shouted, "F*ck! You dunno sh*t"

"Shut up and listen to me!" Li Du pressed her onto the sofa. "I dont care what you were before, but get your fighting spirit ready in the future. You gotta believe me, youll surely be able to settle this case, and make those b*stards pay for their crime.

"Also, you have to understand that youre not living just for this case, but also because your family is no longer in this worldyou are the only trace of their existence.

"Do you know what I mean? If you die too, then it would mean that there would be nobody in this world who would remember your parents and brothernobody to remember your family of four!"

The lady cop was astounded, and just kept staring at him.

Li Du touched her face. "Ive said this before: Ill help you. Trust me, Ill help you find those b*stards and kill them off. Im amazing!"

After a while, Rose nodded, "Yes, youre amazing."

Li Du said, "Listen to me, change your attitude toward life, and well settle this case."

Rose repeated, "Alright. Change my attitude toward life and settle the case."

She thought about it and then added, "But Im still not going hunting over the weekendIm tired!"

Li Du wanted to thrash her. "Dont go then. Do you think I said all this to you to get you to go hunting? Also, not just your attitude toward life, but also your attitude toward work!

"This time hunting, I will get a lot of prey. Invite your colleagues to come to the cabin, and build a rapport with them. You think this case can be settled just by the power of us both?"

Rose asked doubtfully, "Is there such a need?"

Li Du said, "Of courseyou have to remember that one catches more flies with honey than vinegar!"

Rose gave it some thought and said, "I understand. Life does not always equip you with special abilities, but it is important to know how to use tools to achieve your objectives."

Li Du was shocked. "Youve been living in America since you were young, but you can still remember that ancient prose?"

Rose smiled gloomily. "My father was a Chinese teacher. From childhood, he asked that I learn Chinese, recite poems from the Tang and Song dynasties, as well as read ancient prose."

Li Du said, "What youve just said are words of wisdom. Remember them, and you will never face failure in your work."

After the conversation, he went to make dinner.

As he walked toward the door to the kitchen, Rose stood up and said, "Li, thank you."

Li Du did not turn around but only waved. "Its what I had to do."

Rose said, "No, there was nothing that you had to do. Im very grateful to you, how can I thank you?"

Li Du felt a flutter in his heartthis line, which often appeared in dramas, was always very provocative.

Rose continued, "I know: I wont take your rent, and will also return you the deposit."

Mr. Li replied, "Good! Loyal indeed!"

The next day, Hans rode a motorcycle over to look for him. "Come, lets get you a good gun. We cant hunt without good weapons."

Li Du said, "Not just weapons, a car too. We gotta buy a good car."

Han nodded. "Right, but Im broke."

Li Du was furious. "D*mmit, youre broke again? Wheres your money?"

Hans said feebly, "All given to the welfare center and some for my sister, whos good with money."

"Okay," Li Du said, "then Ill pay for the car, but the car belongs to me!"

"Of course!"