Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 288

Chapter 288: The Ferocious Hellcat

To get a good car, they had to go to Phoenix.

While Flagstaff was a wealthy town, it was still a small town with its population only a fraction of Phoenixs. A larger market existed in the state capital.

The two of them rode on a Greyhound bus to the state capital. This type of bus was a scenic route option out of Americas well-developed transport network and could be said to be an iconic symbol in terms of American transportation.

The Greyhound bus stop in Flagstaff had been around for many years. While well-maintained, it looked like it had seen better daysthe tourists regarded it as an attraction to be visited.

Hans was in charge of buying tickets. He flashed a credit card at the window, and two tickets appeared.

Li Dun said in shock, "So intelligent? No need for a code? Just swipe the credit card, and the tickets appear?"

Hans said, "Youre so naive, buddy. Natalie has already helped us book the tickets online. The swiping of the card was only for verifying our identities."

"Natalie? Sophies good friend?"

"Yes, that gal, she has such a slim waist, buddy." Hans was in a daydream recalling that about her.

Li Du grabbed him and whispered, "F*ck, did you have sex with her? You a*shole, dont get me into trouble!"

Confused, Hans asked, "What trouble?"

Li Du frowned, "What did you say? What would you do if you were sick of being with Natalie? Dump her? Then she would go crying to Sophie?"

Hans laughed loudly. "Youre really such a naive fella. We are not a coupleshe was very clear about that. Besides, we did not have sex, and only made out."

Li Du did not believe this guy!

As a bus arrived, the driver shouted, "Get ready to board! Phoenix stop, Tucson stop, Los Angeles stop!"

The Greyhound bus used a station-based approach for transportation. It usually offered long routes that ran through several states, such as Arizona and California for this particular bus.

However, these longer routes were made up by combining shorter routes, with stops at several areas for changing the driver.

This would not affect Li Du and Hans, however, since they were taking the short route to Phoenix only.

The Greyhound bus had evolved with the times; the bus was new, covered with bright blue paint. A large Greyhound in motion had been painted on the buss body, depicting the origination of the name of the bus.

The wide and soft seats were comfortable, and there were sockets below to provide electricity. In addition, there was wifi on the bus, which surprised Li Du.

Hans was also shocked to see it, and asked the driver, "Nowadays, even buses have wifi?"

The conductor replied, "Yes Sir, technological transformation. Technology changes life, hmm?"

"Mhmm!" Hans nodded.

Upon reaching Phoenix, they rented a car and drove to the dealership where Li Du had gotten Hannah her BMW Z4.

Hans had called ahead and when they reached the shop, a young man dressed in a white shirt with a blue tie walked over and said, "Hi, Big Fox, Li, nice to be of service to you both again."

Li Du shook his hand and said, "Thank you Carlson, this time wed like to buy a family car."

When they had bought the Z4, Carlson was the one who had helped with the purchase. The follow-up matters were all handled by him, so both parties were considered well-acquainted.

Hans nudged Li Du with his elbow. "Hey look, theres a celebrity there."

Li Du turned his head around quickly but only saw a row of cars, no celebrity he recognized.

"What celebrity?"

Carlson laughed, "Big Fox was referring to that car, the Chevrolet Impala. Its a celebrity in the world of cars."

Li Du had also noticed the carcompared to the surrounding cars, which had smoothed-out edges and corners, the car they were referring to was more rigid, squarish with thick tires and a wide body.

"This is a classic car?" he asked. "From its appearance, it definitely doesnt look like a modern car."

Carlson nodded. "Yes, this is a full-sized sedan launched by General Chevrolet in 1958. Its name came from the South African impala, and of course, its very powerful, just like an impala."

"It is also very beautiful," Li Du said. "Since the car was born half a century ago, is it still in production?"

The three of them walked over and Hans immediately whipped out his cell phone for a selfie.

Carlson said, "No, this model has long been discontinued. In fact, this was not the first generation of Impalasthis was the fourth generation."

Hans encouraged, "Buy this car, Li, buy it. If you drive this car out of here, youll be seen as stylish. And if you go to the clubs, I bet once you stop there, the babes will definitely follow you!"

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Sh*t, I wont wanna drive such a car to clubs!"

Hans said, "Alright, you can still buy this car even if you dont go to clubs. But this car aint cheapyou may not be willing to pay for it."

Li Du laughed coolly, "Dont use reverse psychology. It doesnt work on me."

Carlson said, "Mr. Li, this cars indeed very expensiveat one point the most expensive passenger car in the United States. The price is much higher than the Ford Galaxy 500 and the Plymouth Fury."

Li Du shrugged. "Alright, then Im not willing to pay."

Hans spread his hands out. "Dont be this way, buddy. This is a great muscle car, dont all men like muscle cars? Dont you like muscle cars?"

Li Du said, "I like muscle cars, but I dont want to drive such an old muscle car. Besides, this is a collectors versionthey might not necessarily sell it."

Carlson smiled slyly. "As long as the price is right, all the cars here are for sale. But if you want to buy a modern muscle car, you have a larger range to choose from."

He walked around with the two of them and continued to introduce the cars.

"This is the all-new Chevrolet Camaro Z28 produced at Buick Boulevard, using the large Zeta mid-size propulsion platform. Its powered by the LS77.0LOHV large bore V8 engine from the previous generation Corvette Z06 ..."

Li Du had his eye on a black car.

This cars appearance was aggressive-looking, definitely the ultimate muscle car. The cars body was long, even longer than the Range Rover next to it, which was amazingthe Range Rover was a huge SUV after all.

However, the Range Rover was a four-door car, and this black car only had two doors, one on each side. One can imagine how wide its doors were and how intimidating it looked!

Seeing that Li Du had noticed the car, Hans laughed, "Wowis that a Mustang? Which Mustang is this? Looks very sturdy."

"Not a Mustanga b*tch! Its called Hellcat!" Carlson laughed.