Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Buy It

"B*tch?" Li Du asked him in response. "I think its a beast."

Hans nodded and said, "Of course, based on the name Hellcat. Oh partner, this is definitely a resident beast!"

If the Germans were the best in the world at manufacturing cars, then Americans were the best at playing with cars.

The best car manufacturing skills came from Germany, but America was where true automobile culture could be foundin terms of this area, they called the shots.

Being the first country to popularize family cars, Americas automobile culture had its own unique distinctive characteristics: the Americans had injected violence, martialism, and enthusiasm into the soul of its automobile culture.

The most iconic car types were naturally the American muscle cars.

However, muscle cars were of little relevance: everyone adored them, but the majority of people were not able to use them. They were hefty carsin both size and pricewith a huge displacement, high fuel consumption, and unfortunately, low functionality.

Therefore, as time passed, muscle cars had to evolve and change; many car models began to use the lower displacement turbo-charged engines to reduce prices, fuel consumption, and the owners costs.

The Dodge Challenger was one of the most classic American muscle carsout of this series of cars, Li Du had his eyes on the SRT Hellcat model.

"Like other American car series, the entire Challenger series has a dazzling variety of models, with Hellcat being the most powerful.

"Just the Hellcat alone is being divided into four series, with the differences between them in the engines. Pentastar V6 is the first series that carries a 3.6L, 305 horsepower naturally-aspirated engine."

Carlson pointed to the car as he was introducing it. "This car is from the first series of Hellcatdoesnt it look aggressive?"

"How about the other series?" Li Du asked as he stroked the cars body.

"The other three series include the HEMI with 5.7L 375 horsepower and a naturally aspirated engine V8 engine, the HEMI with 6.4L, 485 horsepower and a naturally aspirated engine V8 engine, and the Ultimate Hellcat which has the 6.2L HEMI engine supercharged V8 engine. It has 717 horsepower!"

Hans had become excited. "Choose the fourth series, the ultimate muscle carthe 717 horsepower ultimate muscle car!"

High horsepower meant fast speed. Li Du had no idea how much horsepower the racing cars on the F1 tracks had, but the 717 horsepower engine was definitely one of the most powerful engines that he had seen.

He was slightly stirred by this, but remained hesitant717 horsepower was too high, and could be dangerous.

Next to him, Carlson was still introducing this car series. "The term Hellcat originated from an American fighter-plane in World War II. When America first entered the war, the F4F Wildcat was no match for the Japanese army, and the Hellcat was used as an improved Wildcat model.

"In the later part of World War II, it performed well in battle. Hence, Hellcat became a nickname that signified power and strength in America. The Dodge Challengers flagship model borrowed the name for this series of fighter planes so as to publicize the brutal power of this series of muscle cars.

"Think about it, buddy. It has a 6.2L supercharged V8 ignitor and its maximum power is 717 horsepower. It also has a terrifying 881 Nm torquedo you know how long it takes from to get from zero to the speed of sixty miles per hour? Three-point-eight seconds!

"With the ESP turned off, this guy can easily burn its tires drifting. It isnt a pony, it isnt a Wildcat, its a HellcatI bet that its Americas most powerful muscle car!

"The Hellcat series is owned by Dodge Challenger, but everyone should own one! Its hard to come by a car like this."

Li Du sighed, "I admit it, buddy. Im swayed by what youve said. Lets go and take a look at this car."

"The 717 horsepower of the Ultimate Hellcat?"


The name of this series was extremely famous, but its fuel consumption was huge.It had not sold well in Phoenix, especially since the economy was in a downturn. Other than rich kids, very few could afford this type of muscle car.

The automobile shop only had one Ultimate Hellcat; it was being displayed at the core position of the muscle car exhibition. Surrounding spotlights illuminated the pitch-black car body and made it look even more aggressive.

"The length of this car is 5,020 cm; the width is 1,900; height, 1,450; and the wheel-speed can reach an alarming 2,946 rotations per minute. Based on its length and wheel-space, even an SUV would need to back off!"

As Carlson continued his introduction, he took out an exquisite-looking pouch. He opened itinside there was a manual featuring this car model.

Li Du opened the door and took a seat; the comfortable seat was made of real leather wrapped around memory foam. Coupled with a layer of suede on its upper exterior, the texture was superb.

He placed both of his hands on the steering wheel, then noticed that this car had two keys. "Why are there two keys?"

Hans laughed, "Only the Hellcat has two sets of keys. Use the red key to ignite, its highest horsepower is 500. But if you turn the black key, partner, then youll really open the door to hell!"

"The black key can fire the 700 horsepower?" he asked.

Carlson nodded his head and said, "Yes, but I think unless you plan to go big, 500 horsepower is sufficient for use, right?"

After hearing the introduction, Li Du began his test drive.

There was a test-driving area behind the shop. Hans insisted on driving the car, and said, "This cars too dangerous, Li, let me test it out. You take a look first."

Li Du peered at him from the corner of his eyes. "Since the cars very dangerous, then lets not buy it."

Hans instantly let out a whoop of laughter, "Buy, buy, buy! You will test-drive the car. I will take a look."

Li Du nodded his head contentedly. He sat in it, and drove to the starting point. Someone came over with the instruction, "Dont exceed the speed of 60 miles per hour.If the driver causes any damage, then it will be bought by him, okay?"



As it was an automatic car, Li Du did not have much to bother about. He stepped on the accelerator and the indicators on the dashboard began to swing crazilythe car whizzed off with a woosh.

Li Du felt a powerful force in his spine as the car accelerated.

He subconsciously tapped on his time-decelerating ability, so that he could react and control the car effortlessly as he sped off in it.

Sixty miles per hour was childs play for this car; it became more stable the faster it went. The sound of the engine became crisp and high-pitched.

The others who were also test-driving cars had seen him driving the car, and came running forward to applaud him. Some even took out their cameras to take photos.

Li Du was very pleased with the attention. He got out of the car after he had driven two rounds and said, "Alright, lets buy this car."