Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Lets work together

Li Du was ready to fight back. Godzilla raised his gun without hesitation, while Hans was trying to run

He had said his lungs were exploding earlier, but then he was running quickly. He leaped and boundedLi was impressed when he saw him.

Li Du thought that there was no point running. But since Hans was running, he didnt want to confront the wild boar anymore. He shouted, "Climb up the tree, Godzilla!"

After he shouted, he used the "Time Deceleration" ability. The speed of the running wild boar, the climbing Godzilla, even the speed of the blowing wind, all decelerated.

Therefore, Li Du was able to climb up the beech tree beside him quickly.

Ah Meow responded quickly after it saw everything. It jumped into the air after running and climbed up the tree, laying in his arms a few seconds later.

Hans was stunned; he shouted, "Help!" He just kept running, the boar behind him.

The wild boar looked scary, with four short, strong legs, and weighing around 300 pounds. Its tusks were big and sharp, and it had fierce-looking eyes. There was stone and gravel in its furit was definitely a fierce, wild beast.

When Li Du climbed up the tree, he realized that the wild boar had been shot in its back. Its wound was bleeding.

Moreover, they were not the wild boars target. It didnt even cast a glance toward them when it passed by, just continued running forward.

He could see clearly what was happening as he was positioned in a high place. He saw a burly man chasing behind the boar

"F*ck!" Li Du exclaimed instinctively.

The bald, burly man was wearing a whitish cowboy shirt.His face was round and fleshy under his sunglasses. He was holding a shotgun in his hand, looking more brutal than the wild boar!

As the brawny man approached them, he could see his face clearly and he recognized him. He was the strong, black cleaner.

He shouted as he saw him, "Hey, Big Quinn? Quinn, man! "

Big Quinn was panting when he ran toward them. He looked up after he took off his sunglasses, showing his piercing eyes and ruthless glance.

But his voice was calm as usual. "Oh, Boss Li, why did you climb the tree? Please wait for a moment, Im chasing after a wild boar."

Li Du pointed. "It ran in that direction. Shout Big Fox and follow the voice. Youll find the wild boar."

Godzilla said from the other tree, "Boss, lets kill it!"

Li Du was astonished; he thought, Well, there are so many of them with many guns. Lets hunt the wild boar.

He jumped from the tree without hesitation. He told Godzilla, "Come on, lets kill it. But whats that position? Looks like you are tangled in the tree."

The brawny Godzilla was hugging the trunk of the tree like a koala, and if he had more body hair, he would have looked like one. His arms and legs were entangled to the trunk.

The three men, the cat, and the raccoon, chased after the wild boar. Li Du shouted while he was running, "Big Fox! Hang in there! Where are you?"

As he finished his sentence, they heard a gunshot in front of them.

They were shocked; they ran toward the sound and saw Hans panting as he sat on the wild boar.

The fierce and brutal wild boar was dead; it lay in a downhill position, its blood flowing like water.

When he saw the three of them, Hans said sourly, "What are you doing? Are you afraid of a wild boar? Big Fox killed it with only one shot."

Big Quinn shrugged regretfully. "Youre the one who killed it. Its yours."

Li Du saw the bullet hole left by Hans in the wild boars head.

As he approached him, Hans said with a smirk, "Man, I thought you said you were going to attack. Is this how you attack? By letting it run at me?"

Li Du said impatiently, "If you hadnt run away just now, we would have defeated it already."

"I ran away?" Hans asked him with an exaggerated expression. "Im the one who killed the wild boar. The king of the guns in Flagstaff, the king of wild"

"Enough, stop bragging. Look at your shaking legs. Whats the matter? Do you have Alzheimers disease?" Li Du teased.

Hans grinned sardonically. He had seen Li Du climbed up the tree just now, and was frustrated because there hadnt been enough time for him to climb up one. The wild boar had been coming after him.

He hadnt known the wild boar was running away from Big Quinn, and had thought he was in a critical situation; that was why he had aimed his gun at the wild boar and shot it dead.

The wild boar was right near him when it died; it was killed with only one shot.

Big Quinn used a rope to tie the wild boar up. "Give this to the forest authoritieswe can earn 500 dollars."

Li Du asked, "Is this why you hunted the wild boar?"

Big Quinn smiled. "Yes, the hunting season has begun. I want to make some money by hunting wild boars."

Wild boars were not protected animals, and didnt belong to the national park. They were the descendants of domestic pigs who had run away from farms.

It was tough to kill a purebred wild boar, but not impossible. These descendants of the domestic pig might have looked fierce, but their ability to fight was average.

But they brought huge damage to the ecosystem. They were omnivores that ate anything, including bird eggs, young offspring, of wild animals, and all of the plants in the park. They were destroying the ecosystem.

They also reproduced quickly. Many states in America organized hunting activities to protect the environment from overpopulation.

Hans was not interested in the 500 dollars, and felt too tired to bring the wild boar down the mountain. He waved his hands. "The wild boar is yours. You can take the money."

Big Quinn shook his head. "No, youre the one who killed it. I cant take your reward."

Li Du said, "The money isnt enoughBig Fox doesnt want to waste his energy."

Big Quinn was surprised. "Its five hundred dollars."

Hans said, "I dont care how much the reward is. Im not going to drag the wild boar down the mountain. Oh God, give me a break."

Delighted, Big Quinn said, "Alright, man. So, can I take the wild boar?"

"Yeah, its yours." Hans waved his hand nonchalantly.

Big Quinn hung the wild boar on the tree. After he finished his work, he said, "Ill bring it down the mountain later. Today could be a very rewarding day. One more wild boar and Ill be able to pay you the 3,000 dollars back."

Li Du had lent him money once, which he hadnt yet returned.

Li Du shook his head when he heard this. "No hurryarent you working today?"

Big Quinn said, "I usually wake up early to do my job in the community areas and street. Ill clean again at night so Ill have time in the day for myself."

Li Du nodded with satisfaction. "You are very hardworking."

Big Quinn smiled. "Its for a living, isnt it?"

Li Du said, "Yes, we are working hard for a better life. But you are getting too little reward for your hard work, man. Im offering you a job againlets work together."