Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 294

Chapter 294: An Accidental Mistake

Hans was shocked; he asked, "You want to hire him?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I want to expand the business. Godzilla cant do everything himself."

Godzilla raised his chest. "No problem, boss."

Li Du said it in a different way: "We cant tire Godzilla out."

Godzilla sniffled, "Thank you, boss."

Big Quinn looked at Li Du with hesitation. "Thank you for your recognition, Boss Li. But I need to pay my mortgage. I need insurance, I have"

"Thats simple," Hans said. "Well register our company. Then well get you insurance, alright? And regarding your salary, well give you double your current pay. What do you think? "

Big Quinn was still hesitant. "Well, I work many part-time jobs. The reason why I chose to be a cleaner is because I have free time during the day. I can use my time off to work part-time jobs, like a construction worker, porter..."

Hans said, "This job allows you to do that too. We only work around a week per month. Other than that, you will be free during the day and night."

After he heard the benefits, Big Quinn started to change his mind.

Li Du added, "You dont have to pay me back. Thats your bonus for the first month. In the future, youll get a bonus like Godzilla."

Godzilla didnt get any bonus when he first started. But during the previous conflicts, he had acted bravely.

Li Du was satisfied because of that, and had started to give him a bonus. He got at least ten thousand dollars every month, and had made a fortune by now.

Godzilla was a quiet man, but he was very clever.

He knew the reason why Li Du hired Big Quinn. Big Quinn was not only hired to be a porterhe could be a good bodyguard. If they had him during a conflict, he would appear as a fierce fighter alongside himself.

Godzilla wanted to help Li Du, so he whispered something in Big Quinns ear.

Big Quinn looked at him in disbelief. "That much?"

Godzilla shrugged. "Hes the best boss Ive ever had."

Li Du gave Godzilla a thumbs up.

Big Quinn was not hesitant anymore; he answered, "Okay, boss. Ill work for you."

Li Du laughed with satisfaction. This was a huge rewardBig Quinn would be their most powerful weapon.

He clapped his hands. "Alright, lets continue hunting. Our team is bigger now, so well get a bigger reward."

Under the lead of Ah Meow, it was easy for them to hunt.

They walked on the mountain trail for a few minutes. Around the corner of a river, Ah Meow found a herd of mule deer.

There were ten of them, all different sizes. The biggest, and probably oldest, deer among the pack had a huge set of antlers that looked to be almost four feet long. It was very muscular and seemed to be fully alert.

Li Du looked at Hans, who knew what he was thinking; he whispered, "We can hunt it. A mule deer is good prey."

They raised their guns and bow. Li Du loaded it with an arrow so it would be lethal.

Right before they were about to attack, Big Quinn held Hanss gun and whispered, "Dont kill the big one, its pregnant."

Hans was surprised. "Are you sure? Their breeding season is during September and October. They are usually pregnant during April and May. How could it be pregnant now?"

Big Quinn nodded. "Im sure it is pregnant."

Li Du changed his target and aimed at another big deer with large antlers.

After aiming at the deer, he used his left hand to steady the bow and he drew it back with his right hand.

He let go, and the arrow disappeared.

But the arrow didnt hit the target

The Black Mamba C-1 was a good bow. It applied straight-rail technology, and the thick steel wire and the alloys imported from Germany brought more power to the weapon.

But under these circumstances, the firing rate was too fast, and it was difficult to steady the trajectory. Li Du took careful aim, but when he fired the arrow, the recoil moved his arms, and he missed his target.

Luckily the bow and arrow made no sound. The arrow fell into the mud; the deer pack didnt hear anything and they didnt run.

But the pregnant deer was alert, and apparently noticed the noise. It looked up and surveyed its surroundings.

Hans laid his gun down on a log when he saw this. He looked into the rifle scope and pulled the trigger.

The deer pack ran away after the gunshot. They jumped across the river and ran into the woods, not even leaving a piece of hair behind.

Li Du said angrily, "You are terrible at shooting."

Hans shouted, "You have the audacity to blame me? Brother, you are terrible at archery."

Li Du said, "This is my first time. How about you? Is this your first time?"

Big Quinn raised his hands like he was trying to surrender. "Hey, fellows. Calm down. Stay calm when you hold a gundont argue, okay?"

Hans looked down at his gun when he heard thishe wore an evil smile. "You dont have a gun and you dare argue with me?"

Li Du pulled a gun from his waist. "Says who?"

Godzilla walked toward them and took the crossbow from Li Du; he aimed at a small pine tree over 100 feet away. When he released the bow, the arrow hit the target perfectly.

"Bullseye, man," Big Quinn complimented him.

Godzilla laughed and passed the crossbow to Li Du. "Boss, you drew the bow too fast."

Hans also laughed. "Durex has longer lasting condoms, brother, to help you slow down. Do you want me to get you some?"

Li Du gave him the finger and asked Godzilla, "Whats the secret?"

Godzilla thought about it. "Experience, you need experience. You have to aim carefully at the prey, and when you draw the bow, you have to make sure your eyes, your aim, and the prey are all in the same spot."

As they were speaking, a grey hare hopped to the riverside to drink.

Li Du hinted at everyone to be quiet. He aimed at the grey hare and drew the bow again.

The arrow flew and fell into the river.

The hare was shocked and it escaped quickly. Ah Meow started to lose its patience; it ran after the hare as fast as lightning.

Li Du threw the crossbow to the ground. He was frustrated and angry. "D*mn it, why is archery so difficult?"

Hans didnt laugh at him anymore. "No one was born to be a good shooter, brother. Ive been shooting guns for twenty years and my skills are still terrible. "

Godzilla said, "You have to aim correctly when you shoot. You must be very calm. Your eyes, your aim, and your prey must be in a straight line. You cant shoot by just aiming toward the prey."

Li Du blinkedit looked like he understood.