Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Enemies Are Fated to Meet

It took Ah Meow less than two minutes to return with a fat hare in its mouth.

Hans was impressed. "This ocelot is better than a hunting dog."

Li Du gave it another piece of dried fish and said proudly, "Of course, the ocelot is the king of the jungle."

Ah Meow held its round head up. "Meow."

It was energized after eating the dried fish. It led the others to the mountains. Suddenly, it slowed down its pace and carefully jumped on a tree.

Li Du and the others slowed down too; Big Quinn listened carefully and whispered, "We are lucky today. There are more wild boars."

They hid themselves behind the bushes. When they popped their head, they saw a pack of wild boars on a slope near them.

Li Du counted: there were ten wild boars in total. Two of them were adult wild boars while the remaining ones were smaller, younger wild boars.

No wonder the authorities wanted to hunt wild boars. They were damaging the environment: these ones had turned the slope into nothing but muddy ground.

There were colorful flowers and plants surrounding the slope, but the ones closest to it had been eaten by the boars. A few young wild boars were digging the ground to eat the roots.

Li Du loaded his bow and raised it, aiming at the nearest big wild boar; he whispered, "Ill attack first, follow my lead."

"Are you sure?" Hans whispered. "Will you miss the target?"

Li Du smiled sourly. "Ill show you what a good shooter is!"

He raised the bow. His eyes, his aim, and the wild boar were in a straight line. He drew the bow slowly. As he drew the bow, he used his "Time Deceleration" power.

Then, everything around him slowed down.

As he drew the bow and released the arrow, he was shaking. For a moment, he shook the bow too.

Li Du steadied the bow quickly. As he released the arrow, he kept his eyes, his aim, and the ears of the wild boar in a straight line.

After the arrow was released, he stopped using the special power. Almost at the same time, the big wild boar took a few steps backward and made a miserable cry.

He had hit the target!

Li Du threw his fist into the air.

The other three men started to shoot quickly. Big Quinn shot the other big wild boar, while Hans and Godzilla shot the young wild boars.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshots were continuous, sounding like someone had lighted a small firecracker.

Li Du immediately realized something was wrong. They only had three rifles and they were self-loading riflesthey couldnt shoot continuously. But the gunshots were continuous, so where was the sound coming from?

The two big boars were dead on the ground. They had killed more than half of the young boars, and the rest of them escaped.

One of the wild boars was panicked and it ran toward Li Du and the others. Ah Meow jumped from the tree like a fierce tiger, ran towards the young wild boar, and knocked it down.

At the same time, they head another gunshot. The bullet hit a small rock, near Ah Meow and the young wild boar.

Li Du became nervous; he yelled, "Stop shooting! There are people here!" He then got up and started running toward the other side of the slope.

Hans and the others wanted to follow him, but Li Du gestured at them to remain calm. Both groups of people had guns. If they started running together, it might cause a misunderstanding.

After Ah Meow grabbed the young wild boar, it pinned it down with its sharp claws. It bit and tore the skin of the wild boar, making a big wound on its neck.

Blood spurted out of the struggling wild boar, and Ah Meow stepped back.

Ah Meow went toward the boar again after it fell to the ground. The young wild boar was trying to get up but Ah Meow pinned it down again with its sharp claws, another wound forming on the creature.

During the whole process, Ah Meow was confident and proud. It showed how powerful an ocelot could be: the king of the jungle.

Then, a few men walked from the other side of the slope. They were dark-skinned, brown-eyed, and they had strong facial features. They were Native Americans.

There were seven of them. One of the young men looked at Ah Meow enviously. "Hey, whats up with this ocelot?"

Li Du gave him a friendly nod. "This is my pet."

The young man swallowed hard. "Your pet? This ocelot is your pet? Stop kidding me, only Native Americans can tame this animal."

Li Du waved his hands and Ah Meow jumped into his arms. This answered the question.

The young Native American smacked his rifle with his fingers and said slowly, "Well, I see. Im envious of youyou have a good pet."

Li Du smiled. "Thanks for the compliment."

The young man said, "We have to settle an account. You took our prey away. This isnt right, Asian. You cant take a Native Americans prey."

He threw a significant glance at a strong man standing behind him.

The strong man got his hint and stepped forward. He said grumpily, "Nobody takes the prey of a Native American away, Asian. Are you challenging us?"

Li Du stopped smiling and said sourly, "What do you mean?"

The young man said, "Nothing, we just want to set things straight. You took our prey away, so you must apologize."

Li Du couldnt help but laugh, "Are you kidding? All of us are hunting. Is this your territory? Is this your private property? How could they be your prey?"

The young man said, "Of course they are. This mountain is the territory of Native Americans."

Li Du knew he was being unrealistic, and didnt want to talk to him anymore.

Another strong Native American said, "No more nonsense, Asian. According to our rules, whoever has a gun will have the final say."

Hans walked over from behind a tree. He was holding a rifle. "We have guns too, man."

Seeing that Li Du was not alone, the Native Americans started to become doubtful. They stopped smiling.

But the young man insisted, as they had more people. "You took our prey away. You have to apologize."

Li Du smiled and pondered for a moment. "How should we apologize? Do you want to take my ocelot? Is that how we should apologize?"

The young man laughed, "Oh, Asian. You are a clever guy. Give us your ocelot and this will be the end of the story"

"Hugo, whats wrong?" a loud voice interrupted him. Then, more Native Americans walked from the forest behind.

The man standing in front of them was a short thirty-year-old.

Li Du laughed when he saw him: he had met with another acquaintance. As the saying goes, Enemies are fated to meet!