Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Below the Clouds, Above the Mountains

Li Du saw that the familiar person was Harris, the Native American who had previously tried to set him up at his casino under Ricks instructions. In the end, Li Du won more than 5 million dollars from the casino.

Harris was small in stature. He was blocked by the Native American in front of him and couldnt see Li Du, so he shouted, "Hugo, whats going on? Why did you shoot?"

Seeing Harris and the others, Hugo turned even more fearless. "Cousin Harris, someone tried to snatch our preywe need to make them pay!"

Harris was also a vicious man. Once he heard that, he roared, "What? Snatching prey from us? Who? Who is it"

That was when he saw Li Du and Hans. He quickly swallowed his remaining words.

Li Du smiled at him and said, "Mr. Harris, how are you?"

Harriss face convulsed in an amusing manner. First, it flushed red with anger. Then, it turned palebut it soon returned to normal with a slight smile.

Hearing Mr. Lis words, he greeted back, "How are you, buddy!"

Hugo hadnt expected that the two would know each other. He was stunned for a moment, and then said, "Cousin Harris, you know this Asian?"

Harris turned around and gave him a slap, reprimanding, "What Asian? This is Mr. Li. Have you properly greeted him?"

Li Du felt that Harris wasnt really correcting his cousin. He could tell that Harris had a belly full of anger toward him, and he was using Hugo to vent that anger.

Hugo was even more enraged now. He had been slapped for no reason; the veins on his forehead were popping out from anger.

However, he didnt dare offend Harris, so he could only hold back his temper and say, "Mr. Li, nice to meet you."

Li Du lazily said, "I dont feel that it was nice at all, buddy. You were threatening me just now. Im frightened."

Harris raised his hand and slapped the young man again, scolding in a harsh tone, "Apologize to Mr. Li! How could you have done that!"

Hugo was about to explode with anger. He yelled, "It was he who stole our prey! Cousin, he stole the prey of our people!"

Harris glanced at Li Du and asked, "Is that true?"

"Of course not," Li Du replied. "Those boars were discovered by us first. We fired the shots first, so it was you guys that tried to snatch our prey."

Harriss expression turned grim and said, "Mr. Li, the Native Americans hate liars. We, too, would never lie. My cousin said that you stole our prey, so that must be what happened."

Hans couldnt hold back his laughter as he said, "What a load of bull. Thats the dumbest logic Ive ever heard."

A large Native American man exclaimed, "You should be thankful that were trying to reason with you guys with logic. If not, we would have been using force to make you two go on your knees!"

Unfazed, Li Du replied, "You think that only you guys can use force?"

Li Du whistled. Godzilla and Big Quinn came out from the bushes behind him and walked forward together.

Seeing the two buff men both over six feet tall, the Native Americans unconsciously gasped.

Big Quinn was even more imposing when he took off his shades to reveal the scars around his eyes and cheeks.

Li Du glanced at Harris and said with a cold smile, "You guys have more people, but our brothers here have the strength of ten individuals. Want to have a go?"

Harris gulped, his face revealing a new smile again. "What is this about? Mr. Li, were good friends, arent we? A go at what?"

"Nothing, it was just a joke," Li Du said.

With that, Harris immediately burst into laughter, "Hahaha! Thats funny! Hahaha!"

Big Quinn said quietly, "Boss, that guy seems like a lunatic."

Flagstaff was a small city. The Comanche Casino and the Native Americans from there were well-known. Most people from around the area would have been able to recognize them.

However, to Godzilla and Big Quinn, Harris and the others were unfamiliar.

Godzilla had just moved to the area recently. Big Quinn had also just moved to this city not long ago. Also, he was just a janitor, and had nothing to do with casinos.

Li Du nodded, "I know, Ill handle this."

After he finished laughing, Harris said, "Since were all friends, then it doesnt matter who tried to snatch it, right?"

Li Du didnt want to have too much interaction with these people, so he nodded and answered, "Right. How about this: since there are lots of wild boars around, well split them. Well treat it as if we had been hunting them together."

Harris nodded grimly with a smile. "Alright, well do that then."

Hugo was displeased with the result. He said anxiously, "Cousin, he has an ocelot with him."

Harris gave him a cold stare and said, "What? Is there still a place for you to say something here?"

Hugo gave a disgruntled glare at Li Du and grudgingly walked away.

Li Du nodded to Big Quinn. The latter walked to the boar that had been shot in the head. Using his hands to grab onto the front and hind legs, he braced himself and lifted the boar.

Godzilla lifted two small boars, one in each hand. His muscles expanded his outdoor jacket, as if it something were trying to burst out.

The Native Americana silently watched them as they left, their gaze as docile and peaceful as sheep.

Big Quinn and Godzilla hung the boars on a tree, while Li Du prepared for lunch.

They were unfamiliar with the region. To make the meals, they would need to find a water source. They decided to backtrack and return to the bank of the lake to make their meal.

Hans agreed, "Its a good place for a picnic. Maybe you could even bump into your father-in-law."

"Buzz off, if we really do meet, then shut your trap!" Li Du exclaimed. "If something troublesome happens, I wont forgive you!"

Besides the boars, their kills for the day were a rabbit and two fowls. It was clearly not enough.

Big Quinn laughed and said, "Ive hunted spotted deer too. The meat is good, but its quite a distance away from here."

Li Du shook his head. "Then forget it, well surely find something on the way back.

Ah Meow led the group. Along the way, they found a herd of goats. They were all grey and white.

Li Du aimed at a young kid. After carefully creeping close, he stood and swiftly fired.

He used the "Time Deceleration" ability again. The arrow went accurately into the goats head; it fell to the ground.

Big Quinn and the others fired their guns soon after, and another goat dropped. As for who hit it, no one was sure, but the important thing was that they had secured food.

Carrying the two goats, they returned to the lake near the foot of the hill. It was already noon by the time they arrived.

The greenery was luscious, and the flowers were blooming in red and indigo. Birds and butterflies were hovering around. The atmosphere and environment were perfect for a picnic.

Hans found a flat piece of land by the lake, and the four started preparing lunch.

Li Du raised his head and saw the clouds rolling in the sky. He looked down, and saw the clear waters of the lake. The reflections of the clouds were rolling on the waters surface. It was a pleasant sight.