Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The Gentleman Knows Martial Arts

Half an hour had passed. Li Du started to make his way back.

It was coincidental that Hugo was also on his way back, the two of them saw each other, and walked one after another.

Hugo had taken off his top, revealing the exaggerated lines of his muscular upper torso; there was beast blood on his face; he carried a gun on his back and a deer slung over his shoulder, which Li Du had to admit looked cool.

Besides the deer, there were hares, wild birds and the like, hanging from his waist. Smaller prey like sparrows and pigeons were hanging from his neck.

In short, from his appearance, he looked like a super hunter.

By stark contrast, Li Du had maintained a refined appearance; his assault jacket was spotless, his hand was only carrying a crossbow, and there was only a bulging camping bag.

Hugo stared at him with a condescending grin. "Hey dude, did you take a nap?" "

Li Du yawned and said, "Ill nap later. I do feel a bit sleepy now."

They arrived back near the lake. A few Native Americans came over to help Hugo offload the game on him. Harris wore smug look and said to Martin and his group of friends: "Listen clearly: it's a grave matter to snatch a Native Americans prey!"

Because the two groups of men had a competition going on, there were many people who had come over to see what was going onthere were even women and children. It seemed that those resting by the lake had come over as well.

A burly Native American man came up to pick up the four stacks of bills but was shoved by Hans. "Whats the rush?" said Hans with a jeering smile. "Are the results finalized?"

The burly man sneered, "Of courseyou still think youve got a chance?"

The crowd started to make a commotion as some people asked for money from the person who had taken bets from them.

Li Du put down his camping bag and asked Harris, "How much game have you got?"

Hugo held his head high, his demeanor proud and haughty. "Four hares, twelve wild birds, and one deer," said Hugo. "D*mn. It's a pity that thirty minutes is so shortIm just starting to warm up."

The crowd was amazed to see the amount of game hunted and started to comment:

"Seventeen animals hunted within thirty minutes, that means an average of less than two minutes to hunt one animal. The speed is incredible!"

"The Native Americans are fine hunters, pal. They hunt well."

"Sh*t, if I had that skill, I could make quite a lot of cash with just hunting alone. It pays a lot more than working."

"How much game has the Chinese man hunted? From his bulging backpack, there should be at least ten creatures."

Li Du opened his camping bag to show everyone his game.

"This is a black rail, two Bohemian waxwings, two northern cardinals, eight turtle doves, oh, theres six more pigeons

"Four hares, but I cant tell their specific breed. Theres nine possums,ah no, theres ten of them. Heres two western scrub jays, three American crows, four great grey shrikes, four chickadees..."

Harris, Hugo, and their group of men were stupefied as they looked at the neatly-arranged wild birds. The onlooking crowd was astounded as well!

At the end, Li Du shook his camping bag twice, and a few more wild birds fell out.

He was lazy to count and casually said, "Theres around fifty to sixty prey. According to the rules, I won, right?"

Harriss eyes were large. He did not know what to say.

Hans was cackling with unbridled laughter. He collected the 40,000 dollars on the ground and shouted, "Wow, so much cash. This hunting trip is really rewarding."

Hugo behaved as if he had seen a ghost. "Bullsh*t, bullsh*t, bullsh*t!" he shouted. "It's impossible! Nobody could hunt so much in such a short period of time!"

Li Du said, "Well, I warm up relatively faster than most people, so I hunt more as well."

The onlookers gasped and exclaimed. Martin and his friends were grinning from ear to ear. Terry marveled at what he saw. "This young man is a born hunter, too powerful!"

Martin gave Li Du a fist bump, his laughing eyes narrowed into a line. "Good fellow, does my lil Sophie know about your superb hunting skills? She has never mentioned that."

Li Du grinned. "Sophie is around wounds and blood very often. I feel that she wont want to know too much about hunting-related matters. So Ive never mentioned that to her."

These words made Martin even more elated; he gave a few hard pats on Li Dus shoulder and said, "Li, youre very considerate. Thank God that Sophie has met a good man."

Mr. Li was overjoyed to hear that from Sophies father. He felt that he had won the approval of Sophies parents.

While they were overjoyed from the win, Harris and Hugo looked livid with anger.

Hugo shouted in disbelief, "Impossible! Hows it possible! No way he could possibly be so efficient!"

Harris glared at him fiercely and said, "D*mn it, arent you always bragging about yourself? Are you not the strongest hunter in Flagstaff?

"He must have cheated," Hugo snarled. "You see, most of the game he hunted are birds. Thats not hunting. I swear he must have used bird nets to catch them."

"It must be so!" shouted a few of the Native Americans. "Otherwise, how did he do it just by using a crossbow? Come on, this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster! He must have cheated!"

The rest of the other Native Americans followed suit and shouted that Li Du had cheated.

The crowd looked on with much contempt:

"Ugh, these guys are sore losers!"

"Have you been to their casino? It's not the first time they've been sore losers."

"What Marine is that? Hes not as good as the Chinese boy and hes behaving like a jerk: this is too shameful!"

"Li won. Martin and the group won. Harris, stop behaving like a loser!"

Harris ignored the cries of the crowd and turned to Li Du. "We do not believe that all this was hunted by you. You must have cheated. Did you use bird nets?"

Mr. Li had cheatedAh Meow and Crispy Noodles had helped him hunt. But the Native Americans had not thought of that, and speculated that he had used bird nets.

"Just admit that youre a sore loser," Li Du said with a wry smile. "You think I used bird nets? There were only 30 minutes. I might have had time to open the bird nets, but did I have enough time for all those birds to fly into them?"

Martin clenched his fists and shouted, "Don't be sore losers! Dont do things that bring shame to your families!"

Harris tried hard to stay calm. "You cheated, Li. This wager doesnt count. If youre not a sore loser, lets have another round!"

Martin and his group were enraged; they seemed ready to fight again.

Li Du stopped them and said with a smile, "Lets listen to what they have to say, everyone. Gentlemen will always fight better than rogues. They cant win against me."

Harris turned to look at Hugo. Hugo quickly thought for a moment and said, "Well hunt together, so everyone can watch and oversee from afar. Let everyone see what actually happens."

Li Du said, "What do you mean? If everyone goes together, the prey will be scared away."

Hans curled up his lip. "Are you an idiot?"

Hearing that, Hugos shame turned to anger. "Of course not, my people will drive the prey into our vision and well hunt them together. Lets have a face-off!"

Li Du suddenly grasped what Hugo had in mind. "So its to compete who shoots farther and whose speed is faster?"

Martin cried out, "D*mn, don't fall into their trap! He uses a sniper gun, and the range and speed are faster than the crossbow!"