Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Cant Stop the Rogue

The onlookers curled their lips in disdain, and looked down on Harris and Hugo for their shamelessness.

But neither Harris nor Hugo cared. They kept staring at Li Du. Hugo deliberatelyused a provocative tone and challenged: "Hey, cheating boy, do you dare take up the challenge?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Theres no need to goad me into it. When I learned how to stand and p*ss, this trick stopped working on me. As for your new suggestion, to be honest, I still don't want to say yes."

Looks of disappointment were apparent on the faces of the Native Americans when they heard that. Someone started to insult Li Du by yelling, "Weakling! Coward!"

Li Du continued and said, "Look, the reason I dont want to agree is because I dont want to have anything to do with you and your people. What will you do if I win again? You'll have another new excuse, wont you?"

Hugo hastily clarified, "No, nobody saw how you hunted in the previous round. This time well compete fair and square. And if I lose, well acknowledge our defeat without saying another word!"

Li Du yawned idly and said, "Okay, looks like Ill have to take my nap later."

Then he took the sum of money from Hans, removed 20,000 dollars and handed Godzilla and Big Quinn 10,000 dollars each.

"Whats the meaning of this?" Harris questioned.

Li Du replied in absolute confidence, "Im splitting the money in advance. Its a sure win for me. These two men work for me, Im just giving them a little bonus."

Big Quinn held the 10,000 dollars like a hot potato, his big hand clenched, loosened, and clenched back again. His facial expression was that of fear and anxiety.

Godzilla immediately stuffed the money into his pocket and continued to eat his chips, completely nonchalant about it.

Big Quinn spoke in a low voice, "Hey pal, is this really okay?"

Godzilla casually responded, "If Boss says its a win, hell definitely win."

The onlookers felt a sense of admiration toward Li Du. Americans appreciated confident men, and Li Dus confidence had won the applause of the crowd.

Harris felt like vomiting blood. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Fine, you like to act all cool? Okay, hope you dont become an idiot later! Hugo, make sure you win!"

The Native American youth held the gun; he also gnashed his teeth and replied, "Rest assured cousin, I will teach him how to behave!"

The two men walked toward the woods. Some nosy parkers followed them. The Native Americans dispersed, as they were in charge of finding prey and driving them to the two.

Suddenly, a frightened wild hare leaving a tree hole and toward some bushes.

The group saw the hare almost at the same time as Hugo and Li Du. Hugo was rejoicing over the sight; he calmly raised his gun right before trying to shoot it.

However, just as he had lifted the muzzle, a cold flash of light appeared. Swish! The sound of a flying arrow sounded right as it shot the hare, nailing it to the ground!

Immediately there was a cry of surprise: "Oh my God, this guys so fast!"

Li Du smiled at Hugo, raising the crossbow in a greeting.

Hugos heart missed a beathe knew he was in a dangerous situation.

He was an expert in hunting. He received elite combat training when he was with the Marines. Li Dus proficiency and accuracy with the crossbow made him fearful and uneasy.

The crossbow was a very discreet killer. The weapon produced little noise, no gunpowder smell, and when used at night would not create any spark. It was therefore very suitable for night combat.

When Hugo was still with the Marines, he had seen experts using crossbows, but he didn't remember anyone who displayed Li Dus talent!

There were a wide variety of wild birds in the forest. When more people came into the forest, some birds flapped their wings and flew up to the sky.

Hugo speedily lifted the gun; the wild bird flying in the distance was not far from him. However this was not an easy target to hit as the bird was small, the forest was lush, and the branches and leaves could obscure the view. Hugo aimed after raising the gun.

Swish! He heard a sound and that wild, gray bird fell from the sky.

Hugo turned to look at Li Du in horror, and saw Li Du smiling at him, with the crossbow raised high up.

"D*mn, you cant be so fast!" cried Hugo, feeling powerless.

Li Du laughed, "If youre not blind, you should know that Im that fast."

A chestnut-bellied sandgrouse appeared on a pine tree. Hugo hurriedly lifted the gun and aimed. At that instant, the crossbow string vibratedanother arrow flashed past!

In the distance, the chestnut-bellied sandgrouse had started to run away, but an arrow sprouted from its back before moving one foot!

Martin and his friends were shocked at the sight. The group of elderly men looked at Terry and asked, "Have you ever seen a marksman like this?"

Terry answered with certainty, "When I was fighting in Iraq, I met a guy from the Navy SEALs who was a good quick shooter, but even he didn't have this kind of speed!"

They continued walking and finally, the Native Americans found bigger preya deer. They were driving it in Li and Hugos direction.

Hugo raised the gun, feeling full of confidence this time. Taking the size of the deer into consideration, he could hit a target over 600 feet away. As for the crossbow, the power of the arrow around 600 feet would have already been weakened. This time, he could seize the opportunity!

Li Du had already thought of a plan to counteract this: he immediately released the little bug to fly to the barrel of Hugos gun to absorb the time energy.

The barrel of the gun had rifling, which was often describe as the soul of the gun barrel. It gave the projectile the ability to rotate and kept it facing in the same direction after being loaded.

If the rifling had worn off, the barrel of the gun would have to be replaced. Otherwise, it would not be able to shoot accurately.

The little bug absorbed the time energy of the barrel and the spiral-shaped rifling quickly degenerated.

When Hugo fired the shot, the bullet entered the barrel with a high temperature and high-pressure gas. The gas became the last straw that crushed the rifling. Hence, the rifling got damaged and worn out.

Without the rifling as guidance, the bullet missed the target significantly. The deer was sprinting toward them. Hugo fired three times but none of the bullets hit it!

The group of Native Americans cussed in disbelief when they saw that: "F*ck!"

When the deer entered his shooting range, Li Du raised the crossbow and pressed the trigger continuously.

This time he performed a manual load of the crossbow bolt. After a shot, he immediately inserted arrows into the top of the crossbow and stretched the crossbow string. Another arrow fired!

Four arrows were fired one after another, hitting the deers head and its chest.

When he finished shooting the arrows, Li Du flung the crossbow and quickly pulled the pistol from his back. Both of his hands held the gun as he ran forward.

When he pulled out the gun, he used the "Time Deceleration" ability. When his eyes, his aim, and the deer were all in a single line, he repeatedly pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sparks appeared repeatedly at the muzzle as he fired the shots. He was now very close to the deerno more than 30 feet away. The bullets had undoubtedly hit the animal.

After being continuously shot by arrows and bullets, the deer fell to the ground, lifeless.

Li Du placed the gun to his back nimbly. With one foot on the head of the deer, he glanced at Hugo coldly, asking, "Still want to continue?"

The crowd who followed them not too far behind were stunned beyond words. A single-syllable word was cried out: "Cool!"