Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Promotion For Two

The party at the cabin was a huge success. Big Quinns barbecue skills had exceeded the expectations of Li Du. The police officers who had tasted all kinds of barbecue meat were full of praise for him.

Cape Town roast lamb, Moroccan grilled venison, rosemary venison roast, Oaxaca venison rolls, peanut powder roast veal cutlet, and so forth. There was a wide assortment of choices to choose from.

Big Quinn got the most out of the dinner party. He had a vicious-looking face that had given him a bad reputation. But after eating his barbecue, everyone who had come to the cabin had gotten the opportunity to get to know him better.

Besides the mouth-watering barbecued treats, the Amishs organic, pesticide-free vegetables were a hit as well.

The Amishs vegetables, when compared to commercially-planted vegetables using machines, had a much better taste, and the nutritional value was much higher.

Some of the police officers had been able to discern a difference in the taste of vegetables with just one bite.

After having their fill of the food and drinks, the police officers went back to their homes.

Rose acted in accordance with Li Dus advice by personally seeing them off. She also gave them some venison and organic vegetables as gifts. These were inexpensive, but they could earn her some goodwill and popularity.

When Alison was leaving, Rose secretly gave her a watermelon.

"The Amishs watermelon?" asked Alison.

Rose laughed cheerfully and said, "Yes, you can let Jerry and Millie have it. This one tastes so much better than watermelons from the store."

"Aww, youre such a sweetie." Alison beamed with joy; she and Rose had become very close.

The night was deep and quiet; when Rose walked back into the cabin, Li could hear her footsteps. "Saw all of them off?" he asked.

"Yes. Thank you, Li, for helping me today." Roses smile was unrestrained, wide and cheerful.

A tipsy Hans popped his head out from the second floor and said, "How will you thank him? If I were you, Id give him a good time. Hes still a virgin"

"Scram!" both of them yelled in unison.

After Rose yelled at Hans, she also wanted to go up the stairs to teach him a lesson. Li Du hastily stopped the violent girl. "Hes drunk, spare him his life."

"He has to thank me for being in a good mood tonight," said a fuming Rose. "Otherwise, I wouldnt care that hes drunk."

Even though she said that, she poured a glass of lemonade and placed it on Hanss bedside table.

Li Du and Big Quinn had prepared the food while Hans, who had the gift of gab, took care of the social aspect: entertaining the guests. He knew how to make the guests feel good and had kept the atmosphere very fun throughout the whole night.

Hed gotten drunk because hed been busy livening up the dinner party. The partys success was also partly due to Hanss ability to make everyone comfortable and merry. Thirty percent of the credit was owed to him.

Godzilla and Hans stayed in the cabin. Li Du, Rose, and Big Quinn went back to their homes.

Just before he left, Big Quinn stretched his head out from his pickup. "Boss, I will need to get my resignation settled so I wont be coming in tomorrow. Can I officially start work the day after?"

"You can follow your plan. Were not in a rush here," said Li Du. "There arent any good storage units to tidy up over the next two days."

"Okay, thanks Boss."

"Lets go."

When Li Du went to the cabin on Monday, he saw a red Ferrari parked by the side of the road.

He knew that the Playboy must be here. Sure enough, when he reached the cabin, he saw the Playboy dressed in cool, light clothes, drinking a chilled beverage under the shade of a tree.

"Morning, Akkalou," Li Du nodded.

"Morning, Li. Youre up early," the Playboy laughed. "What happened to that dude inside? Hes slept like a tranquilized pig!"

Li Du shrugged his shoulders and said, "Let him sleep, he had a long night."

"How many girls was he fooling around with?"

Li Du laughed a mischievous chuckle. "No, he was fooling around with a bunch of men."

The Playboy grinned like the Cheshire Cat. He raised his eyes in disbelief and said, "That dude must have had a good time."

The two of them were joking around when Hans walked out of the cabin, yawning. His was tottering down the path, his eyes were dull and lacklusterhe was in a terrible state, suffering from his hangover.

"Whats up?" said Hans in a lazy tone. "If theres nothing, I need to get back to bed. I went to bed too late last night. I need to make up for the loss."

The Playboy replied, "Nothing important. Your purse was sold for 320,000 dollars, how about that?"

Hans jumped upon hearing the sentence. He immediately perked up, now full of vitality, eyes sparkling. "Sold at 320,000 dollars? Whos the moron that bought it?"

The Playboy laughed in amusement. "Lucia Laurie, a socialite in Phoenix," he disclosed. "I went to her as she became close to a mysterious tycoon recently and has plenty of cash to spend."

Hans fist bumped him and exclaimed, "Awesome, Akkalou! Youre really awesome! Youre worthy of being a Hundred Thousand Club memberyou have great connections!"

As if stating a fact, the Playboy commented, "You both will be joining the Hundred Thousand Club very soon."

Li Du laughed bitterly. "The road to join the club has been rough, but maybe this time we will be able to enter it successfully?"

Hans shook his fist and said, "Definitely, brother, we are all members of the Hundred Thousand Club!"

Li Du waved his hand to calm Hans down. "If I were you, I certainly wouldnt want to attract too much attention and be in the limelight," he said. "I will personally be more prudent before we join the Club."

Hans blinked and sat down. Indeed, a phobia after the two failed attempts to join the club lingered in him.

After washing up, Li Du went back to retrieve the purse and the three of them drove to Phoenix to close the deal.

The journey was smooth, as the Playboy served as a guide. They entered a mansion, where a sexy lady with a curvaceous figure received them.

This lady had a heart-shaped face, long legs, a full chest and voluptuous hips that curved very widely.

Hans secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva when he saw her; Li Du threw him a warning glare, reminding him that this was not a place they could behave rashly.

Lucia Laurie examined the purse, took a few shots with her phone, and sent them to a friend. Not long after she received a call.

After she ended the call, she had a satisfied expression and declared, "This purse is genuine. I like its style. So lets deal according to the agreed price, 320,000 dollars?"

"Of course," the Playboy nodded with poise. Li Du and Hans concurred with silent smiles.

A wallet that was sold for more than 300,000 dollarsLi Du would not have been able to imagine it in the past. He could get a small villa in Flagstaff with this amount!

Such was the luxury goods world. In the United States, bags were often valued more than clothing, shoes and jewelry in the fashion industry. This was why prices of the top designer bags were steep!

They said goodbye to each other after getting the money. Hans paid ten percent of the proceeds to Playboy as per their agreement. Then they went straight to the Association of American Treasure Hunters, Phoenix branch.

When the duo walked into the building, the plump girl, Valerie, handed them the application form that she had prepared in advance.

"Congratulations," said a smiling Valerie, "on joining the Hundred Thousand Club together. This is a happy occasion."

Some of the staff gave the two men a round of applause. They were warmer to Li Du and Hans than they were to the other Hundred Thousand Club members. This goodwill was earned by Li Du because his friendship with Hans was what made people envious, not the title of a Hundred Thousand Club member.