Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Get Ready, Grab Your Weapons

After resting for the night, they woke up early the next day and drove to Desert Coastal Storage Co., Ltd.

"Which one shall we start to work on first?" Big Quinn asked, munching on his sandwich while Godzilla was busy gobbling his breakfast, unable to speak.

Li Du replied, "Unit 16. May God bless us with good items."

Hans snickered, "Weve gotten some good items this trip. Theres already a large sum of money to earn here."

He was referring to the Spirit of Ecstasy and the umbrella. Both items were new; if handled properly, they could combine them to sell for a price of 40,000 dollars easily.

Hans was very pleased with their 40,000 dollars in items, as he had made this trip merely to join the Hundred Thousand Club.

Li Du unlocked the storage unit. Big Quinn and Godzilla finished their sandwiches and started to work.

Two people worked faster than one, and more efficiently as well.

Big Quinn used to be a cleaner, always dealing with junk and heavy lifting, so he adapted quickly to the job, and even had more experience than Godzilla.

Unit 16 contained a vehicle chassis and the frames of some machine, which were difficult for one person to carry. The two of them worked together, however, which made the job easier.

Hans crouched at the door to study the items in the unit. Li Du asked, "Did you figure out anything?"

He shrugged and replied, "Nothing, these things are not worth much. They are mostly outdated ATV chassis and car frames that can't be assembled. Even if assembled, there isnt a market for it."

Hans kicked the car frame in front of him. As the frame had not been taken care of, it was rusty and almost fell apart from his kick.

Li Du pointed to the back where a big wooden box sat, and said, "Open that big boxIm interested in whats inside."

Godzilla and Big Quinn went up to open the wooden box, and a thick black cannon barrel appeared before them.

The two of them unanimously cried out in surprise: "Boss, cannon!"

Li Du walked briskly toward them. "What cannon?"

Godzilla carried the barrel out with his muscular arms with some difficulty. The barrel was purely made of steel and was particularly heavy. Although Godzilla could carry very strong items, his face was red after moving the cannon barrel.

Seeing the cannon barrel, Hans's eyes flashed with excitement; he exclaimed, "Oh God, this is good stuff! Quick, quick, this is good stuffthere should be other accessories, where are they?"

The four of them worked together, and the steel parts, gun carriage, and wheels were found.

Looking at these things, Hans stroked the cold surface of the barrel and said, "Oh my God, this is a real cannon. This is not a model for or a toythis is a cannon!"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, this is the god of war. I think it looks like the early days of the trench mortar. What do you think?"

Godzilla confirmed Lis guess. "Its the Minenwerfer. Popular before World War I, but seen less often after."

"Assemble it first, everyone," said Hans. "Assemble it and see if its okay. I mean if we can assemble it into the complete cannon, we'll be rich!"

The four men quickly started, even though they had never come in contact with a cannon before. Assembling the Minenwerfer, however, was not a complex process. The small components of the cannon were intact. They just needed to assemble the larger parts they found.

They assembled the base, set it on the wheels, and installed the barrel.

While they were assembling the cannon barrel, a knife fell out of it.

Hans took the knife out of the scabbard; the blade inside was still shiny with a thin layer of oil, apparently well-maintained by the former owner.

"What kind of knife is that?" Li Du asked.

Hans replied, "Bayonet."

Li Du wanted to roll his eyes. Of course he knew it was a bayonet by looking at the grip of the dagger. He did have basic knowledge of military weapons.

The knife's hilt was hollow and could be inserted on a rifle. It was sharp with a row of jagged teeth that look brutally fierce.

Li Du took the bayonet, studied it and handed it to Big Quinn. "This dagger is a perfect fit for you."

Big Quinn touched his head in embarrassment and replied, "If I walked the streets with this knife, I might be mistaken for a terrorist and get disposed of by the police."

Bam! They were joking around with each other when suddenly they heard a loud sound coming from outside the storage unit. The Iron Knight, sitting outside, shook violently for a moment.

Li Du got anxiousa vehicle must have hit the Iron Knight.

He ran out from the unit in a hurriedly and saw a worn-out blue Multivan that had collided with the front of the Iron Knighta headlight was smashed as a result.

The Multivan was a multi-purpose MPV (Multi-Purpose Van), was relatively rare to find in the United States. Although it belonged to the category of a business operation vehicle, it never enjoyed a high status. It was simply known as a van or a minibus in the United States.

In particular, the older Multivan was less valuable and was rarely used for business purposes.

Seeing that such an old vehicle had crashed into the face of his brand new truck, Li Du felt his heart ache, and yelled, "Hey man, what's going on?"

The door on each side of the Multivan was pulled open; more than ten tall, well-built young men with deep-set eyes and prominent noses jumped down from the van. A hairy, brawny guy got down from the passenger seat and strode over slowly.

Seeing these people, Li Du had a bad feeling.

Hans followed Li and saw the large group of men that had seemingly come out of nowhere. He asked curiously, "Sh*t, is there a portal in that Multivan? Where did all these people come from?"

The hairy man spat, then pointed to the Iron Knight, "Whose truck is this?"

Li Du replied, "Its ours. Why did you crash onto our truck?"

"Did we hit your car?" said the brawny man, who spat again. "Are you trying to blackmail us? Your truck has gotten in our way. Its obviously your responsibility, understand? Your responsibility!"

Li Du understood and smiled coldly. "What do you want?"

The brawny man did not beat around the bush. "We want justice!" he roared in anger. "Youve seen itour van was smashed by your car. Youve got to pay for the repair fees!"

Li Du narrowed his eyes and asked, "How much?"

The brawny man lifted one finger and said, "A reasonable price10,000 dollars!"

Li Du wanted to laugh. This was outright extortion. Besides the fact that they had crashed into the Iron Knight, even if Li Du were the one who hit their vehicle instead, the sum of compensation would not be 10,000 dollars.

Vehicles were really inexpensive in the United States. This type of old-fashioned Multivan could never be sold for 10,000 dollars. Not only that, if it got sold for 1,000 dollars, it would be because of Gods blessing.

Hans took off his top and said, "Well, youre looking for a fight, right? Then stop this nonsensejust come at us!"

The young men behind the brawny man were restless. Someone shouted in stiff English, "Brothers, Smash this place! Smash them too!"

This matter could not be settled by peaceful means. It was obvious they were not here for peace talks.

With that, Li Du immediately gave his command and shouted, "Godzilla, Big Quinn, get your weapons ready and come out!"

Clink Clink Clink! The sound of metal wheels was heard rolling on the cement ground.