Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Bring It On!

The dark cannon muzzle was pointed toward the sky at an oblique angle. The black, thick, stout barrel glimmered under the sunlight. At this moment, it did not have the humbleness of its short and stubby exterior but looked brutal and fierce.

When Li Du shouted "grab your weapons," Godzilla didnt think much and just pushed the trench mortar out from the storage unit!

Big Quinn did not think much either; he ran out with the bayonet still in his hand.

The blade of the bayonet reflected the rays of the sun: white, cold, dazzling!

The group of eager Eastern European young men opposite Li Du was dumbfounded. A small number of them were pulling out baseball bats and metal pipes from the van; they were all blown away by the sight of the cannon.

The brawny leader of the group, who had a cigarette clamped between his teeth, looked confused as well. The cannon muzzle was pointing right in his directionhe was nearest to the artillery as well. He could tell with one glance that this was a real cannon, not a toy!

A young man shouted from the group of ruffians, "Oh my God! Are they going to start a war?"

The cannon brought more shock than fear to the group. They were not stupid. They knew that no one would actually use the cannon in a fight.

And from the look of the appearance of the cannon, they could tell that this was a relic: it could not be used for combat anymore.

However, the shock of seeing the cannon was so great that the whole group of thugs was stunned. They had been in fights when people took out guns, but this was the first time someone had actually taken out a cannon!

The brawny leader was shocked too; when he saw the cannon, he felt that he was not in America, but in a Soviet Union era Crimean barrack.

When they recovered the shock from the cannon, Big Quinn, with his jagged bayonet, brought them a second shock.

This group of young men were a bunch of ruthless people who had seen blood and fire. They had grown up by participating in street brawls. Ever since they had come to the United States, they had been waving metal pipes, fighting for turfs with knives, and boasting that they were villains.

But after seeing Big Quinn, they felt that their images were simply not worthy of the title "villain." They should be called hooligans.

The real villain was like the man in front of them: burly, muscular, a ferocious-looking face, brutal eyes...

The originally heated atmosphere cooled down somewhat; the young men who had been eager to fight became silent.

They looked at the cannon and the four men who were facing them, especially the fierce-looking big guy, with blank expressions.

Although there were only four people against around 15 people, Li Du felt that he had the upper hand.

While the group of hoodlums stood hesitant to start the brawl, he took out the crossbow from the trunk of Hellcat, and loaded it with steel balls. He walked back wearing a dark, gloomy face and declared, "Bring it on!"

The brawny man took a deep breathhe wanted to start the brawl too. The cannon opposite him could only frighten peoplehe was not afraid about the weapon. That the vicious-looking black man was the only one he was truly worried about, after all...

Thinking of this, the brawny man was somewhat frustrated because he had to admit that he was a little fearful of the black guy across from him.

Big Quinn and the serrated bayonet were quite the pair: both had a frightening air around them that forced one to feel despair.

The usually quiet Big Quinn already had an overbearing, intimidating aura. If he were angry, that aura itself could be a murderous weapon.

No matter what, it was definitely daunting to face him!

Li Du grinned to himself seeing the group of thugs before him not making any moves. The advantages of recruiting Big Quinn surfaced in such situations.

If there were only three of them, this group of Eastern European thugs would have definitely started the brawl.

The situation was different because they had Big Quinn. There were not many who could pluck up enough courage to fight against the man, not to mention that he was holding an equally-fierce bayonet.

Li Dus crossbow played a part as well. He reloaded the steel balls, wearing a cold smile on his face. "Arent you here to look for a brawl? If you dont start, Ill start!"

As he finished his sentence, he pulled the trigger.

Clink! A steel ball hit a baseball bat that one of the young men were holding.

The distance between the two opposing groups was not more than ten or fifteen feet. At this kind of distance, the force of the steel balls was especially strong. They could even penetrate a double-layered tin bucket.

After the steel ball hit the baseball bat, the Eastern European young man felt an uncontrollable tremble in his palm from the impactthe sudden, intense pain caused him to lose the grip and the baseball bat fell to the ground.

A second later, another steel ball was automatically loaded. Li Du used the "Time Deceleration" ability and pulled the triggeranother steel ball flashed by.

Five steel balls were fired consecutively, one by one. Five baseball bats and metal pipes were shot down from the hands of five young men.

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk!

As their weapons fell to the ground, the group of hoodlums eyes flashed with uncertainty. Li Dus proficiency and accuracy using the crossbow unnerved them.

Seeing this, the brawny leader quickly snapped, "My brothers, come over here, take out your weaponsouch! F*ck!"

A steel ball was fired at him, brushing past and touching the edge of his ear. Although it was only a brush, he could still feel a sharp pain.

Li Du aimed at the leaders eyes with the crossbow. With a grim face, he said coldly, "Next time, I will shoot apart half of your ear!"

The leader was afraid, but on the surface he tried hard not to show it. "Fine, just come at me, b*st*rd!" said the brawny man bitterly. "Shoot my eyes if you dare! Think I'm scared? I dont believe youll kill mekill me if you dare!"

Hearing him say so, Li Du smiled and said, "You guessed right, idiot. I won't kill you."

He waved behind himself, and said, "Big Quinn, Godzilla, drag him to me!"

Big Quinn hesitated, while Godzilla moved without hesitation to the brawny man. With that, Big Quinn followed as well.

The Eastern European young men were restless and wanted to come forward. Li Du quickly aimed with his crossbow and snapped, "Ill break the leg of the one who dares to take a step forward!"

His remark was not just an empty threat. A steel ball hit the tip of the toes of a thug who attempted to move. It also made a small hole in the cement ground.

The hoodlums were completely deterred. They dared not move and could only watch their leader being dragged away by the two men.

The brawny man wanted to keep resisting but both Godzilla and Big Quinn were taller than him by a head; his size was not enough to put up a fight at all.

Not only that, Godzilla was an expert in brawling. The moment the brawny man raised his fist, Godzilla held him by the arms and gave him a punch in the lower abdomenthe brawny man nearly urinated on the spot.

The two big men dragged the leader over to Li. He took a sharp bolt and slapped the flat end on the mans face a few times, saying, "Youre looking for trouble, right?"

The brawny leader felt so much pain that his mouth was crooked and he bared his teeth. This time he gave up trying to act tough and hurriedly said, "No, no, no, friend, this is a misunderstanding. Were not looking for trouble."

His reply made Li Du feel relieved. If the leader had refused to budge, he really would have had no other way out but to let the police handle the matter.

Fortunately, there were not that many unyielding people in the world, especially the rogues at the bottom of societythey were simply bullies!