Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 329

Chapter 329: A Disqualified Gift

The presence of the emerald jewelry box caused a climax in the auction. The final price of 20,000 dollars made everyone gasp in surprise.

Twenty thousand dollars was six months salary for many families.

Most of the crowd came from ordinary families who had never participated in big auctions like Christies and Sothebys. Therefore, when they saw something like the small jewelry box costing 20,000 dollars, it was an eye-opening experience for them.

According to custom, the most valuable auction items were saved until last.

However, the emerald jewelry box had sold during the middle of the auction. The most expensive items at charity auctions sponsored by this church usually sold for about three to four thousand dollars; that seemed like nothing compared to 20,000 dollars.

The auction went on and more items were sold, but no one was satisfied with the items following the jewelry box.The last item was a set of Swedish royal cutlery. Although it was valuable, it was not as impressive as the emerald jewelry box.

But because of Li Dus surprise, the auction was an absolute success.

After the auction ended, all successful bidders paid for their items while the rest of the crowd went to the square of the church.

While the auction was held in the church, a canopy tent was set up at the square. The volunteers had arranged tables and chairs; they served many delicious dishes and beverages. The atmosphere was simple and relaxing.

Li Dus performance and Sophies emerald jewelry box were the biggest topics. Everyone discussed them as they walked around.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin were very satisfied with Li Dus performance. Both of them were teachers, they liked people with good taste and manners. The old man was smiling happily and he couldnt stop complimenting Li Du.

Li Du was confident and easy on stage; hed combined Chinese poetry with modern jewelry culture. His performance was beyond satisfying.

As he walked toward the tent, Mr. Martin said, "We were right: you have a unique point of view on auctions. We have learned something different about auctions from you. "

Mrs. Martin complimented him too.

"Li Dus taste has surprised me. But his performance on stage was even betterdid you see his confidence and audience control? If he became a teacher, he would be very successful."

Li Du was trying to stay low-profile. He didnt have to deny his capabilities, but there was no need to show off either.

They walked under the canopy tent in the square. Everyone around them gave Li Du a thumbs-up.

"Well done, kid."

"Li Du helped the church a lot today. The 20,000-dollar donation is a huge amount!"

"Li Du is a kind boy. I remember a piece of news that said Li Du had organized a charity auction and the donations were given to a welfare home. The amount of the donations was even more than this! "

Everyone continued complimenting Li Du. He was not pretending to want to be low-profile, he really wanted to be low-profile. Gosh, what I did was just a small thing, how did I become the star of the day?

A middle-aged man put his arm around Li Dus shoulders. "This young mans done a lot of good deeds. One time the road was blocked due to a car accident, blocking the ambulance from reaching the accident site. He was the one who helped with the traffic and allowing the ambulance to move."

Sophie was as excited as a young girl. "Thats not all: he gave the victim first aid too. He was the one who saved the gunshot victim."

Everyone applauded; someone gave Li Du a light punch on the arm, and said, "Well done, good man!"

After Marate paid for his items, he walked from the church to see the scene.

When he saw everyone surrounding Li Du as if he were some savior, Marate became very jealous.

He had to admit that Li Dus performance was great. Li Du had made him looked foolish, but that was okayhe still had his final move.

He held the box that contained the gold bracelet. When the crowd was about to disperse, he walked toward Sophie and smiled gently. "Hi, Sophie. I have a present for you."

The doctor looked at him in surprise. "A present for me? Now?"

Marate glanced around and held the jewelry box high above his head. "I bid on a bracelet made by a master just now. It is beautiful and elegant. I would like to give it to youyou are the only person who deserves it."

Mr. Martin, who was eating ice cream behind them, couldnt help laughing when he heard this. He whispered, "God, this boy has no idea what he just said."

Marates words had insulted everyone around him.

Many people were wondering what he meant by "you are the only person who deserves it." Although we didnt bid the gold bracelet, someone thought, it doesn't mean that we dont deserve it.

Most of the crowd was thinking that way; it was obvious as they looked very unhappy.

Sophie waved her hand dismissively and said, "Im happy to receive your compliment. But I cant take this bracelet, please take it back. Give it to a more suitable person."

Marate emphasized, "You are the most suitable person, Sophie. I specially bid the bracelet for you."

He glanced around out of the corner of his eyes; he expected blessings and applause from the crowd. But where were the blessings? Where was the applause?

Sophie was embarrassed. "Marate, Im not suitable for this bracelet, really, but I appreciate your kind thought."

Li Du was trying to keep his now-attained low-profile. But when he saw the doctor in the difficult situation, he had to step forward.

He said, "This bracelet is not her style, man."

Marate was annoyed when he saw him, and said impatiently, "What do you know? Why wouldnt it be her style? Didnt you want to bid on it for Sophie just now?"

Li Du remained silent for a while before saying slowly, "Actually, I was bidding on it for my mother."

Everyone was laughing around them; there was a man who joked, "Sophie must be upset after hearing that."

Li Du was embarrassedhe shouldnt have involved himself in the situation. Honestly, what he had said was a disgrace to the doctor. He should have taken note how Marate was being humiliated.

But Sophie took it easily, and looked like she was trying not to laugh. "No, why would I be upset? Frankly speaking, this bracelet is more suitable for a middle-aged person."

Marate was stunned. "Cartiers jewelry is not for middle-aged people only. It is more suitable for young people," he said, appearing confused.

A man who knew Marate pulled him away; he whispered, "Dont make everyone laugh. This bracelet is obviously made for a middle-aged person. Why would a young lady wear such an old-fashioned accessory? "

Marate struggled to find the right words. "No, I dont think so"

"Dont be stubborndo you want to continue humiliating yourself?"

The crowd couldnt stop laughing. Marate felt warmth spread across his cheeks. When he saw people pointing and laughing at him, his shame quickly morphed into rage.

He glared at Li Du with hatred in his eyes; he took his phone and made a call: "Bring the guys!"