Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Missed A Good Chance

The "Time Deceleration" ability was very strong; as the saying went: "To conquer the world of martial arts, speed is everything." Displaying his extraordinary talent, Li Du had turned into a martial arts expert!

Previously, his physical fitness was only average. Ever since he had gotten the little bug, he had been working out religiously, so as to have more stamina to control the bug. In half a year, his fitness level had improved by leaps and bounds.

With Li Du possessing both speed and strength, how would these youths be any match for him? The key to winning a fight was to be faster and stronger than ones opponentLi Du had the upper hand since he had both these qualities.

For the first attack, the young men did not even see how it happened. Struck by Li Du, Marate and the other two young men standing in front ended up on the ground.

Having succeeded in his strike, Li Du hastily retreated and looked at the group half-amused. "Remember, dont call the police later!"

The remaining men became frightened, staring at their friends who had fallen to the ground. A brown-haired youth said in panic, "D*mn, this b*st*rd knows Chinese Kung Fu?"

While Li Du had the advantage in terms of strength, he did not have the absolute power to kill with a single strike.

Marate, who was on the ground, covered his stomach and stood up shouting, "Go, get him! F*ck Chinese Kung Fu! Lets get him together!"

Having just eaten, Li Du was filled with energy.

He slowed down time with the bugs ability, and acted as though he were possessed, landing blows like lightning with speedy movementsthe young men were groaning from being beaten up.

Fully-aware that he would be fatigued once he used up all his stamina, Li Du did not hold back and attacked their bodies strategically.

When delivering punches, he would hit their chins. When using his legs, he would kick their stomachs and joints.

His movements were too quickthe youths had no chance to defend themselves.

Hence, Marate became furious and glared at Li Du with hatred in his eyes. Then he gritted his teeth and removed a dagger from his pants pocket, charging at him with full force.

Seeing this, Sophie, who was waiting fretfully in the car, shouted in shock, "Li, look out!"

Li Du was still using his "Time Deceleration" ability and while Marate was quick, in Lis eyes, his speed was still considered slow.

Now that Marate had whipped out a dagger, Li Du became infuriated.

He decided not to hold his punches. After he had dodged the attack, he lifted his leg for a hard kick at Marates crotch.

With a pitiful cry, Marate looked as though he were a pig on the chopping blockhe fell to the ground, clenching his legs!

Two motorcycles were speeding toward them. They stopped by the road, one in front of another. A scary-looking black man and an even stronger-looking Mexican man got off of each one; a smaller man got off the back of one as well.

Once he got off, Hans pushed the motorcycle to the ground and asked, "Bro, you alright?"

Now that reinforcements were here, Li Du retrieved the little bug and said, "You should be able to tell that the person whos not alright is now laying on the ground."

One of the young men had wanted to catch Li Du unawares and attack himGodzilla pounced on him and caught his shoulders, then threw him as though he were a sandbag.

The youth rolled over twice after tumbling to the ground, knocked out.

Godzilla spat at him, "F*ck!"

The rest of the group remained silent out of fear. Big Quinn stared at them and asked, "Who else wants to make a move?"

While he had not brought the bayonet, with his ferocious demeanor and strong physique, he would be a force to be reckoned with, even if he were only using his bare hands.

After he had joined Li Du, he had replaced his simple and honest-looking blue workman outfit with a black vest, jeans, breathable military boots, as well as a wide leather belt on his waist, just like Godzilla.

Such clothing would make anybody look fierce, especially him.

Flinching at Big Quinns words, the men retreated in fear; one of them waved his hands and said, "I-I-were going to call the police, well call the police if you continue this!"

Without waiting for them to do so, Li Du made a phone-call hand-gesture to Sophie and she called the police.

The police arrived and arranged for Marate and the young man who had been knocked out, thanks to Godzilla, to take the ambulance, while the rest were handcuffed and brought to the police station.

The rest of them also went to the station for questioning. Li Dus car had a camcorder which recorded everything that had happened: Marate and his gangs crimes included provocation, attempted abduction, and public disturbance.

After providing their testimonials, the few of then left the police station. Hans asked, "Why are you always getting into trouble?"

Li Du said feebly, "What do you mean always getting into trouble? As if Im the one starting the trouble... I dont know why everyone wants to fight me."

Godzilla said, "Racism!"

Big Quinn said, "Right, theyre racists. Boss needs to use this against them. When the court case starts, dont let them off."

Li Du drove Sophie home, and they spent another leisurely afternoon together.

Sophie played the piano while he made tea. Although the weather was gloomy and humid, their time together was still very enjoyable.

That night, when the four of them gathered back at the cabin, Hans nudged him when he arrived. "Did you win over little Sophie? Your performance today was fierce enough."

Big Quinn gave him a thumbs up. "Boss was really brave!"

Li Du smiled but did not respond to him. He then asked them about what he told Sophie when he had first picked her up. "Was I not right to apologize to her then?"

He had been pondering this question all afternoon but could not derive the answer.

On hearing his question, Hans looked at him as though he were a moron. "You actually apologized to her?"

Li Du explained, "Yes, she said I had offended her."

Hans kicked an empty can as he shouted, "What she meant was for you to confess your feelings for her! Bro, she said ityoure not a couple, so what you did was too muchshe had wanted you to admit that you two are a couple!"

Li Du was shocked. "That was it?"

Hans took out a can of beer and offered it to him. "Have a drinkyouve missed a good chance."

"Never mind," Li Du said. "Ill make the confession tomorrow."

He would be over the moon to actually have a girl like Sophie as his girlfriend. He was emotionally chargedboth Sophie and I are each others first love, how perfect!

Hans waved his hand dismissively. "No, not after today. Buddy, you need the right time to make that confession. Youve missed the boat. Wait for the next chance. Otherwise it could be counter-productive."

Li Du could only drown his sorrows with beer. He had indeed missed a good chanceif he hadnt, he wouldnt still be a singleton right now.

Li Du said, "Anyway, weve got something else going on tomorrow.Ive contacted buyers for the hood ornament and umbrellalets go together."

The four of them sat around the grill, drinking. At midnight, it started to rain.

With the night sky pitch-black and the dark clouds looming, they had no choice but to remove the grill and call it a night. Godzilla and Hans remained while Li Du and Big Quinn returned home.