Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 336

Chapter 336: The Storage Unit with An Attic

Looking at the list of storage companies with plans to hold auctions, Li Du decided to stay in LA for the rest of August. With so many storage units, there would be a lot to gain here.

He gave Godzilla a call to get him to drive over, and to also bring his crossbow along.

LA was Frank Boll and Yorks territory, and he had previously offended these two peoplethere was bound to be trouble if both parties were to meet.

They woke up bright and early and headed for the first storage company to check if there was anything valuable.

LA, the most populated county in the United States, was a metropolis. With the vastness of the place, it was difficult to move about without a car.

The first storage company was located next to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and was called "Devout Heart Storage Company." It was average-sized and held more than a hundred storage units.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was one of the most famous cathedrals in LA. It was similar to Flagstaffs Chapel of the Holy Cross, only bigger and grander.

The cathedrals design had incorporated Gothic elements into its bold and modern style. Built less than ten years ago, it was still very new and magnificent-looking.

Big Quinn was a devout Christian; so when they arrived at the storage company, the two of them went to check on the storage unit while Big Quinn did some sightseeing.

Devout Heart had put only five storage units up for auction. Li Du let the little bug out to take a look around, before saying decisively, "Lets go, theres no money to be made here."

The five storage unitswhich were ordinary home storage units filled with domestic items all stacked updid not stir Li Dus interest at all.

Having left the storage company, they stood in front of the cathedral. Li Du thought about it and said, "Lets go into the cathedral too."

Hans asked, "Whats happened? Have you entered Gods embrace already?"

"Stop talking crap here,"Li Du replied, "you could get bashed up!"

The cathedral, built in 2002, was filled with an artistic air. Upon entering, he saw the soft rays of light coming through the alabaster windows, illuminating the cathedral and making it seem extremely serene.

Behind the pulpit, someone was playing the pipe organ. Big Quinn was kneeling before a Virgin Mary statue and praying with his hands clasped.

As Li Du walked over, he heard whispers.

"Mother Mary would not forgive himI bet he must be a killer!"

"The type who works for the mafia."

"Regardless, may Mother Mary and God absolve him of his sins."

Li Du did not know whether to laugh or cry; these Americans were really good at judging people based on their appearances.

When he had entered the church, he saw that there were complimentary postcards available for mailing. He wanted to find two nice ones to send to Sophie.

It turned out that the postcards were not unlimited. There was a daily quota, which had already been reached for that day.

Next to him, some tourists were holding and admiring a few of the postcards. Li Du went over to ask politely, "Could I possibly buy your postcards from you?"

A man, who looked he could be the tour guide, shook his head. "Sorry, these are our souvenirs, and we have no intention of selling them."

Li Du shrugged disappointedly, and asked, "Do you know where I could buy these postcards?"

Hans indicated for him to hold on, and said calmly, "One for ten dollars."

"No, youre mistaken Mister, we came to LA from Argentina just to."

"Twenty dollars for one."

The tourists next to him started to waver. Hans did not want to waste any more time, and said, "50 dollars for one!"

Immediately, someone passed him the postcard hed been holding. "Okay."

In no time, Hans had bought six postcards. Li Du selected the most beautiful two and wrote a greeting on each. He sent one to the hospital Sophie was working at and another to her home.

He did not want to waste the other four postcards and so he sent two to Mr. and Mrs. Martin, one to Rose, one to Big Quinns home and one to Hannah.

The second storage company was next to Beverly Hills. It was a boutique storage company with more than 60 storage units, mainly for resident use.

Beverly Hills was filled with rich folk, so it would be relatively easy to find valuable items here. For each auction, the transaction price would be higherunder such circumstances, the storage company would not need to auction off too many units in one go. They were also unable to do so anyway, since they did not have that many units to start with.

There were two units up for auction. Li Du searched around with the bug and found some new furniture, electrical appliances, and a motorcycle. There was some value in these two storage units, so he decided to return later to take a look.

With the traffic congestion in LA, it was already lunchtime when they finished with these two storage companies.

Li Du was planning on finding a place to have lunch when Hans said, "Lets go to the Memorial Coliseum; theres a storage company there. I also know of a great Chilean restaurant there."

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, built in 1923, was the most historical stadium in the city. It had played host to the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics.

Due to the two Olympic events, this stadium had become a tourist attraction. It was packed when they arrived at the restaurant at about two in the afternoon.

"D*mn, why are there so many people in LA?" Hans grumbled. "Is the whole world here?"

Before heading overseas, Li Du had visited Beijing. He laughed at Hanss reaction. How is this crowded? Not at all. There were benefits to the crowds, such as the restaurants operating day and nightthey could enter a restaurant very late and order regularly.

Hans ordered dishes like green Chile peppers, smoked salted onions, Chilean-styled poutine and more, accompanied by craft beers and mint lemonade. The three tucked into a great meal.

After eating, they went to the third storage company, which was larger in scale than the other twothey rented out almost 500 storage units.

The storage company, located between the Exposition Park and the University of Southern California campus, served as a storage facility for both places. With museums also nearby, there could be some really valuable things in these storage units.

Upon arriving at the storage company, Li Du was startled to find that the storage units here had attics attached!

As he looked at the units which resembled villas, he asked, "Why do they come with attics?"

Hans answered, "Probably to increase the usable space."

Li Du released the little bug, and gave a spontaneous laugh. "Why not build high-rise buildings then?"

Hans rolled his eyes and said, "Are you dumb? Build high-rise buildings, and then how does one throw in the useless appliances? Take the elevator?"

Li Du flashed him his middle finger.

The little bug flew into storage unit 22, and saw some glassware in the unit. It all resembled tools used for chemistry, and had traces of having been used previously. Taking into account that USC was just next door, one would assume that chemistry or biology students had rented a storage unit for conducting of experiments.

There were some torn rose petals in the glassware. Li Du searched for a moment and found that they were worthless. There was no need to waste any more energy.

He was ready to leave, but noticed a small attic. Hence, he let the little bug fly up into it.