Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Evildoers Will Be Punished

It was obvious from Franks actions that he was bullying Li Du and the others. The Hummer constantly switched lanes on the highway, blocking their path.

Even the mild-tempered Big Quinn was pissed off. He roared, "Ive recorded it, call the police and arrest him!"

Hans said with a cold expression, "No, thats too weak. People will mock us. Crash into him! Crash into that son of a b*tch! Send him to h*ll!"

Ah Meow waved his claws in a ferocious stance. "Meowwww, meowwww!"

The brain of Crispy Noodles was not as developed as the brain of Ah Meow. This was one of the weaknesses of a raccoon. Once the truck started shaking, the poor creature started feeling car sick.

Li Du had no choice but to open the window. Then, the cars that drove past saw the following scene: A long-nosed raccoon poking its head out the window, spewing fruit juice from its mouth.

Now, Mr. Li regretted feeding the little fella all that fruit in the morning. It had all just been digested down to juice and was now all vomited out.

The Hummer slowed down, and the two trucks drove side-by-side.

The car window of the drivers seat rolled down. York revealed his irritating, snickering face, and laughed, "Haha, welcome to the City of Angels! The road is slippery, be careful about getting your car scratched!"

"I now know why Frank is willing to team up with this fool," Li Du said. "Seems like he drives pretty well."

The Hummer accelerated, angling toward them. The engine roared menacingly.

"Hit him! Hit him!" Hans roared.

Big Quinn said despondently, "Cant do, Big Fox. The moment we speed up, theyll evade us. The Hummers mobility is too good."

Li Du had a flash of inspiration. "Dont bother, well speed up. Lets get away from here. That idiot is playing with fireGod will take care of him!"

With a flick of his finger, the bug immediately flew out.

The Iron Knight sped forward to overtake the Hummer, and the bug landed on the front wheel of the vehicle.

Li Du controlled the bug and found the tires air valve. He then absorbed all the time energy of it, using all his force. With that, the valve and everything surrounding it soon decayed to a terrible state.

The Iron Knight was very powerful and could drive very fast. When it came to racing on the road it was unafraid of the Hummer.

Seeing the truck speeding up, Frank yelled, "Buddy, speed up! Finish those country bumpkins! They want to run? They can run to hell instead!"

York slammed on the gas and said with a cold smile, "Watch closely, brother, today I"

The vehicle suddenly drifted uncontrollably to the side.

An SUV beside them quickly rolled down the window to shout to them, "Theres something wrong with that tire!"


The Hummer was going too fast. Although York had reflexively stepped on the brakes, there was not enough time to slow down. Also, due to one of the tires malfunctioning, it became even more dangerous with the sudden braking.

"No!" Frank shrieked.

Yorks face was full of panic. He madly spun the steering wheels and slammed the brakes, narrowly avoiding the Lincoln at the side.

However, as the Hummer could not be controlled anymore, it was swerving in an S-shape on the road.

With that, the two cars beside them were in trouble. A Chevrolet and a Honda were hit, almost flipping over!

The highway was suddenly flung into chaos. Other drivers were braking or hastily changing lanes. One of the cars stopped by and the driver poked his head out. "F*cker!"

Yorks driving skills were pretty good, but clearly, it was still impossible to control a Hummer with a busted front tire.

The Hummer slowed down before finally crashing into a flower bed on the side of the road, with the whole front half buried in it.

From in front, Hans shouted, "Slow down, slow down!"

Big Quinn gently brought the car to a halt, and asked, "What happened?"

Godzilla looked at Li Du in astonishment. "Boss, God did it!"

The Hummers door was opened, and a frightened Rottweiler jumped out.

The dog was shaken. After hearing a series of horns blaring from the cars around, it was even more terrified, and ran into the bushes nearby.

Frank and York stumbled out of the car. Frank yelled hysterically, "F*ck! What the hell just happened? F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!"

York exclaimed bitterly, "Something went wrong with the tires, it wasnt my fault! D*mn it, why!"

A group of people went out of their cars and came over to look. Li Du and Hans rushed to the front.

Seeing the car sticking into the flowerbed, Li Du asked with a puzzled tone, "Isnt this a Hummer? Why is it such sh*t?"

"How so?" Hans asked.

"Look at the hood," Li Du said. "Its all deformed, and the front bumper, its all useless now isnt it? Isnt this supposed to be a military-use Hummer? The protection it gives seems to be just average."

Hans made the religious gesture of the cross over his chest, saying, "Its GodHe abandoned these two sons of b*tches."

Franks temper was triggered by this unexpected crash. He clamped his head with his hands, pacing up and down quickly as he shouted, "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!"

A good Samaritan asked, "Do you need some help, buddy?"

Frank pushed the man aside and continued howling, "Get away from me, you f*cking piece of sh*t! F*ck off, f*ck off!"

Li Du dragged the poor passerby away and said to him, "Stay far away from him. Hes mental, hes capable of doing anything."

Saying that, the group of onlookers backed away.

Someone scoffed at the side, "They deserved it. These two *ssh*les were horsing around on the road. God has dealt justice today!"

"Its just that the judgment came a bit late, since theyre still alive." Hans added oil to the situation.

Having been provoked by his sarcasm, Yorks emotions erupted. He went forward to shove him, shouting, "You country bumpkin, shut your mouth! Shut it! Want to try."

Li Du leaped forward to kick York from the road and into the flowerbed.

He had used the "Time Deceleration" ability. The kick was extremely quick; most of the people couldnt see clearly what happened.

Hans high fived Li Du. "Nice work, brother."

York crawled up miserably and pulled a baseball bat from his car.

Godzilla and Big Quinn appeared before him with grim expressions, like two beasts staring at their next meal.

Raising his head to these two large men, Yorks lips trembled. He swung the bat at the flowerbed to vent, "Piece of sh*tthese pieces of sh*ts from out of town!"

Li Du looked at him pitifully. "Oh, that poor fella has gone mad."

Hans said, "Anyone kind enough to call the mental hospital? Its best that these lunatics are admitted there. If not, who knows, they might commit murder."

A cop rushed over on a motorcycle. The owners of the Honda and Chevrolet quickly went to explain the situation.

The owner of the Honda had a dash cam. He had been driving behind them, thus capturing the whole incident of the Hummers dangerous actions.

The cop called for a tow, and arrested Frank and York.

Li Du waved his hand and said, "Alright, lets go. Looks like well have one less competitor now."