Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Grand Opening of the Site Business

After the chemical analysis was out and the quality of the essential oil was deemed satisfactory, Hill began negotiations for the final offer.

Siguaraya had always been a reputable company. There would be standards that they would follow for prices.

Hill showed them an official price list. After reviewing with the price list, he stated his offer, "Every ounce would be 774 dollars. You guys have a total of 164 ounces of rose oil. Thus, the total value would be 126,936 dollars. Any problems?

Hans glanced at Li Du. He nodded and told him, "You make the call."

Hans was still quite unsatisfied with the offer. He said, "Weve only heard the prices from your company. Buddy, I just checked. Premium rose essential oil is worth more than just 1,500 dollars per ounces.

The market price of rose essential oil had been fluctuating a lot lately.

Li Du thought that this stuff seemed more expensive than liquid gold. One thousand five hundred dollars for an ounce, what kind of powerful effects did it have to have been branded such a price.

Many things were unimaginable to ordinary people. Expensive rose essential oil was never targeted at ordinary people, so it didnt appear on the counters of normal commercial malls.

As for the Hollywood stars and financial big-shots who needed stress relieving, such prices were not an issue to them.

Hill explained, "I understand what youve just said, but the info youve found is the final price of the rose oil, not the price that we would buy it at."

"I understand," Hans said, "but this gap is simply too wide. These essential oils dont need any more refining and can be used immediately."

Hill shook his head and smiled. "Youre thinking about things too simply, my friend. Were second-tier suppliers, so the prices of these oils will still have to be decided by the big brands. Our words dont count."

Hearing that, Li Du stepped in. "They only decide on the quantity, because theyve even handed the production lines to you guys. Apparently theyre very trusting of your company."

Hill was taken aback by those words. "What do you mean?" he exclaimed.

Li Du smiled. "Raise the price a little, buddy. Let us both have something to gain from this."

Hill creased his brows. "What do you know about this?" he asked.

"I dont know anything. Im just saying, that the best result for a deal is when both parties win, right?"

Hill tapped on the table with his finger. "An increase in 30 dollars for every ounce. Thats the most I can go."

"Make it 31 dollars," Li Du said.

Hill pondered his words for a while. He then stretched out his hand and said, "Alright, we have a deal."

Hans and Li Du glanced at each other. Both of them chuckled and respectfully shook hands with Hills.

"Pleasant doing business with you," Hans said.

"Thank you for your willingness to negotiate," Li Du said.

One hundred sixty-four ounces of rose essential oil was sold for 132,020 dollars. With almost a negligible initial investment, this deal was extremely worth it.

The contract was signed, the goods and payment exchanged, and they parted ways. Li Du and Hans left LA with over a hundred thousand dollars.

On the return trip, Hans spoke as he sipped on some fruit juice, "When did money become so easy to earn?"

"Since you started believing in God, I guess," Li Du said.

Hans acted as if he were really a faithful believer and drew a cross over his chest. "Oh God bless. Bless me with more opportunities to strike it rich. Hallelujah!"

Each time they had a big turnout, Li Du would give Big Quinn and Godzilla bonuses. At the end of this trip, he gave them a thousand dollars each.

After the two left, Hans said, "Thats not a good way to lead the team. Youre too generous, buddy."

Li Du glanced sideways at him and said, "Who am I most generous to?"

Hans fondled with the bayonet at his waist and said weakly, "Youre also too generous to me."

"Godzilla and Big Quinn are our best helpers in this business. Theyre not just simple movers for us, you understand this?" Li Du asked.

Hans nodded. The two had reduced the troubles for them with their presence.

Big Quinns looks and Godzillas past, however, would also attract trouble to them.

Li Du continued, "Im using this strategy of motivating the subordinates with high pay. They dont owe us anything. They dont have to work for us. The motivation for them to stay loyal is a high salary."

Once the two had become accustomed to the high salary, there would be no doubting their loyalty any more.

To Li Du, this money was just a small amount, and if he could capture the loyalty from those men with just a small amount of money, it was a worthy investment.

Besides money, they also brought back a whole truck of old goods from LA.

The sky was already dark. They returned back to their respective homes after alighting. The next, they met up at the cabin and started organizing the goods.

Most of the things were bottles and canisters that had been used for extracting the essential oil. Big Quinn carefully moved them out, and Godzilla sprayed them with water.

Hans squatted at the side and examined the containers, saying, "Li, how about we change our profession and start making some essential oil? I feel like wed make even more money by purifying rose essential oil than by attending storage auctions."

"Dont be foolish, buddy." Li Du rolled his eyes. "Didnt you hear what Hill said? The essential oil we found was made with over twenty tons of rose petals. How much effort do you think wed have to spend just collecting those petals?"

"Youre right," Hans sighed, "money is really difficult to earn."

Big Quinn glanced at him and said, "Big Fox, are you happier after saying this hypocritical stuff?"

"Honest men dont say cheap words," Godzilla said.

With the old goods placed outside, some old goods treasure hunters rushed over to see if there was anything worth grabbing.

The item that drew the most attention was the fire extinguisher, which was a combination of an engine and a high-pressure water jet. This had been stripped straight from a firetruck. All it needed was a water source to be used.

The fire extinguisher was functional. They had tested it before any treasure hunters showed up.

People were constantly asking what they could trade for this fire extinguisher, but Hans just shook his head to reject them. Li Du went over to ask him why.

"None of them have anything valuable to exchange for it," Hans exclaimed. "Well take it to the old goods auction. This fire extinguisher is popular and could sell for thousands of dollars!"

Besides the fire extinguisher, there were also other useful things like furniture, functional appliances, glass apparatuses, and an alcohol burner.

One treasure hunter spotted the alcohol burner and said, "I like this. I have a truck tire, wanna trade?"

The Iron Knight had a spare tire, and they didnt drive it that frequently. There was no need to change the tire. Thus, Li Du felt that he had no use for it and declined the offer.

That was when Goatee Garter slipped onto the site. He was also interested in the alcohol burner and said, "Hey, buddy, your offer is lame. A tire? Ha! You havent learned enough about this trade yet."

Seeing this guy again, Li Du couldnt help but laugh. No wonder everyone hated him. Everything he said was meaninglessly rude.