Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Ah Ow

Li Du always had a soft heart for small furry animals. Seeing the baby pup in such a terrible state, he instinctively felt pity for it.

Garter had been observing them all the while. He noticed Li Dus change in emotion, and his lips curled into a smile.

Carrying the newborn pup, he said, "A Czech Wolfdog pup for an alcohol burner. A fair trade. Deal or no deal?"

Hans shook his head and said, "Are you crazy? An alcohol burner for some unknown breed. A dog that we dont know will live much longer or not?"

Garter shrugged. "Alright, since you guys arent willing to trade, then I wont take care of this thing anymore. Ill just let it go."

Hearing that, Li Du pointed at him and said, "Hey, *sshole, dont do that."

"Then what?" Garter shrugged again.

"D*mn it, are you serious? You really want it?" Hans said as he put his arm around Li Du.

"If this is really a Czech Wolfdogs puppy, then its our gain," Li Du said.

Hans pushed him away and walked to the back of Garters truck. "Okay, take the alcohol burner. Leave the dog, and this TV too. Leave it behind."

Garter said, "Dream on, youre too greedy."

Hans marched up to him and poked at his chest with his finger, saying, "Whos the greedy one? If you dont want to trade, quickly screw off. Dont take advantage of Lis kindness!"

There was a 30-inch LCD TV in his pickup. It wasnt worth much.

Garter pondered for some time. Finally, he reluctantly handed the dog to Li Du. "Alright, alright. You guys win. You guys made another profit off of me."

The other treasure hunters were unhappy with his hypocritical attitude. They started hounding him:

"Cut the crap, Goatee. Youre the one who's profiting from this."

"Youre really making people want to beat you up right now. If I were you, I would shut my mouth."

"Bullsh*t. When I go back, Im going to find some puppy or kitten too."

"We wont be accepting any more trades with live animals!" Hans warned the crowd. "Even if its a Bengal Tiger or an African Lion, we wont take it!"

Taking the newborn puppy, Li Du brought it to the shade under the trees.

He did not have any experience with newborn puppies. This dog was too young and had not even opened its eyes. He didnt know what to do.

Ah Meow was lying in the tree to rest. He saw that Li Du had brought a small pup. His eyes narrowed to a slit and then opened wide again. D*mn it, why is there another new one?

Li Du spotted the ocelot and gestured for him to come down. "Come down, Ah Meow. Do you know how to take care of babies?"

Ah Meow went up to smell the pup while meowing in a low growl. He then stretched out his claws to attack.

Li Du hastily pushed him away. The ocelot had revealed his claws; if they touched the pup, that would really be the end of it.

Li Du pushed Ah Meow away, and then glanced to Crispy Noodles. He waved and said, "Crispy Noodles, come over. Take care of your little sibling for a while."

Crispy Noodles opened up his legs to show the little bulge in between. The message it was trying to convey was clear: Dad, Im a male, how the hell would I know how to take care of a baby?

Li Du weighed his options for some time. He felt that Sophie was the only one left that could possibly help.

This was mainly due to him knowing a very small number of females: only Sophie and Rose. But Rose was a tigress. If she saw the puppy, she probably would eat it.

Eaten alive whole: Li Du believed that would be the plight of the puppy in her hands.

He started up the Hellcat and drove to the hospital.

Sophie was free at this time. He called her up, and then entered her consultation room.

Along the way, he had bought a bouquet of pink roses. Sophie immediately smiled after seeing him entering with roses in his hands. She said with flushed cheeks, "What are you doing?"

"I have something to ask of you," Li Du said with a dry laugh.

"What thing?"

He placed the flowers on her desk and revealed the newborn puppy. "I managed to get this little fellow, but I dont know how to take care of it. So, I was thinking of asking you for help."

Sophie was shocked by this newborn pup that had not even opened its eyes yet. "Are you working as an animal welfare activist?"

"No, Im thinking of opening a zoo," Li Du laughed.

Sophie rolled her eyes at him., "Youre still in the mood to joke around. Wheres the puppys mother? It needs care from its mother."

"Dead," Li Du shrugged.

Sophies eyes immediately became gentle as she said to the puppy, "Oh God, you poor thing. Let me see My God, did you prepare this bottle?"

"No, its my friends," Li Du said quickly.

"Is your friend trying to kill this puppy?" Sophies tone suddenly turned harsh. "A newborn puppys gut cannot absorb cow milk. It needs to be fed with goat milk!"

"Milk can kill puppies? Thats a thing?" Li Du exclaimed.

"Yes, especially one of this size. They are lactose intolerant," Sophie said. "We need to force it to excrete the milk it drank."

"This puppy is still young. I dont think it knows how to excrete by itself yet."

When he was little, he had taken care of a female dog at home. From the remnants of those memories, he remembered that puppies did not know how to excrete and needed the mother to lick their anus.

Sophie didnt answer. She took out a box of cotton balls and poured a cup of warm water. She tested the temperature of it and increased it by adding hot water. After that, she dabbed the cotton ball with water and gently wiped the puppys anus.

The puppy cried. "Owwuu! Owuuu!" It was different from beforeit sounded more gratified. Sophie used another warm cotton ball to rub it a few more times, and the anus started flowing some green excretion.

Seeing such, Sophie heaved a sigh of relief. "Its ok, this little guys gut is strong. Theres no major issue."

As she continued rubbing, the puppy continued excreting.

Li Du was surprised and said, "A newborn puppy can excrete that well?"

Angry, Sophie said, "No, it's that since this puppy left its mother, no one has helped it excrete. God, it almost died from constipation!"

The little thing was crying even more powerfully. "Owuuu! Owuuu!" Li Du felt that it was amusing and chuckled.

Sophie glared at him. "You still can laugh! What are you sitting around here for? Go get some goat milk, a small milk bottle and some calcium tablets for dogs! Go!"

Li Du quickly ran out. He recalled what had just happened for a moment, and it gave him a fuzzy feeling remembering how Sophie had ordered him to prepare the supplements for the dog. Especially the female doctors gaze: it was like one from a mother taking care of a baby toward an incompetent father.

After returning, Li Du found Sophie waiting for him by the entrance. He asked, "Youre not going back to work?"

"Im leaving early," Sophie said. "This little guy needs some extra care. I cant take care of it while working at the same time."

"Sorry, Ive caused you trouble" Li Du said.

"No, its that youve found me an interesting task," Sophie interrupted him. "Ah, right, you havent named this little guy yet?"

"Do you have any suggestions?"

Sophie gave him an embarrassed smile. "Im not that good at such things. You do it."

Li Du gladly accepted it, and said, "Actually, Ive already thought of a name for it. Its Ah Ow!"

"What?" The female doctor asked with a face full of confusion.

Li Du poked the pup with his finger, and the pup cried out, "Owwwuu! Owuuuu!"

"Thats why. Ah Ow."

"Owwwuu! Oww! Oww!"